The Fort Worth Classic - Fort Worth, TX - October 25th, 2008

Hello Game Fans, Sanji Himura here with the last tournament that I am throwing for a while.

Venue: The Gaming Center located at 5519 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, TX 76132 (Google Maps)

Start Time: 4pm


Fees: $5 Venue fee. The Gaming Center’s $2 common fee is included with the venue fee.

The Games:

$5 Entry Fees

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Madden 2009
Marvel vs. Capcom 2(IF YOU WANT THE DREAMCAST VERSION, THEN BRING IT! The PS2 version will only be used as a last resort!)
Items Standard Play Super Smash Bros. Brawl

$3 Entry Fee

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
King of Fighters 2006

Prizes: The standard 70/20/10 split.

The Rules:

Gemeral Rules

  1. Tournament formats will be determined at the tournament by the number of registrations for a particular game. Round Robin format will be used when there are less than 7 players in a tournament. Double Elimination format for 8-16 players, and finally the single elimination format for 20 or more.

  2. Prizes for each game will be distributed immediately following the tournament at hand.

  3. A match for all tournaments are best 2 out of 3 games(unless specified).

  4. I am all for casuals, but you must register BEFORE you play.

  5. Any grievous misconduct will result in you being removed from the premises without a refund and any prize money that is won surrendered. This includes, but not limited to, drinking, smoking(in building), gambling on matches(unless it is an officially sanctioned Money Match and only then it will be between the participants involved), and disrespecting and arguing with staff(for both The Classic and the venue).

  6. Hardware macros are strictly prohibited. You may only use the macros that are available in the in-screen configuration menu. 3x punch and 3x Kick options or any other similar options are not allowed.

  7. An accidental pause of the game may result in forfeiture of round at the judge?s digression.

  8. You must bring your own controller for any console that the game is played on. Converters may or may not be offered for any console that requires them(ie: PS2 to DC and PS2 to PS3. If you wish to play pad, you MUST use the console default, or an officially licensed controller(usb cables must be used on PS3 controllers). Even though Wii will be used for Smash, You MUST use Gamecube controllers.

  9. Wireless controllers are strictly forbidden. If you bring one, it will be seized by the tournament director and a corded controller will be provided in its place. Return of the controller will happen if you return the controller that was provided. Wavebirds are not exempt from this rule.

  10. There is zero tolerance for theft. If caught stealing, a police report will be filed with the proper authorities, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

  11. Double Blind selection may be called by the judge for any reason and any game may be replayed at the tournament director?s digression, even if it was the last game in a match.

  12. Equipment failures are subject to a three person panel that will consist of the Tournament Director, the head judge, and one person deemed an expert in the game at hand, using EVO standards as a guideline. If the equipment failure was reported by a player, and the panel ruled against him, the match is forfeited. Judges can report equipment failures on behalf of the player. If the panel rules for the player, the equipment is ordered to be replaced with a padded controller and the match is ordered to be replayed with the same characters and settings. Regardless of what the panel rules, if the judge convenes the panel for the player, the match is ordered to be replayed with the same characters and settings.

  13. Rules violations must be reported the instant the violation is made(within reasonable standards). The Classic will use the yellow card system when issuing rule violation penalties(Yellow card will forfeit the match and a red card will disqualify you). If a player falsely(or ignorantly) reports a rule violation, then they will be issued a yellow card. You will have a clean slate for each tournament.

Game Specific Rules

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Settings: 3 stock, 5 min. timer

Random stages: Final Destination, Battlefield, Delfino Plaza, Yoshi’s Island, Lylat Cruise, Castle Siege, Smashville, Pokemon Stadium 1.

Banned stages: New Pork City, Hyrule Temple, Warioware, Spear Pillar, Flat Zone 2, Origonal Mario Bros., Mushroomy Kingdom

The first stage must be selected from the random list, and any stage that is not banned is open to counter picks by the losing player.

Excessive stalling or abusing the terrain to avoid engaging the enemy is not allowed and you will be given a loss. This will be enforced by the head judge or the tournament director only.

Winner must select the same character, but users of Samus, Zelda and Pokemon Trainer are allowed to change what “mode” they can start with even after a win, but must select the mode before the loser selects their character.

Items allowed in Item play are (Sandbag) (Food) (Warp Star) (Bunny Hood) (Beam Sword) (Lip?s Stick) (Star Rod) (Super Scope) (Fire Flower) (Motion Sensor Bomb) (Freezie) (Smoke Ball) (Pitfall) (Mr. Saturn) (Green Shell) (Banana Peel) (Franklin Badge) (Screw Attack) (Assist Trophy) (Pokeball) (Dragoon) (Metal Box) (Home-Run Bat) (Hammer) (Ray Gun) (Cracker Launcher) (Gooey Bomb) (Hothead) (Spring) (Unira)

Street Fighter Alpha 3

M-ism and L-ism is not allowed. Classic mode is allowed.

Winner keeps same character.

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

Alfred is not allowed in tournament play

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Gill is not allowed in tournament play.

The In game judgement feature will NOT be used to determine draw games, instead a one round “Sudden Death” game will be played with the same characters and settings.

Winner must select same character, but may change super art.

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Settings: Speed= Turbo 1, Damage= 2

A player may not use a glitch to prevent the game from being played. This includes glitches that freeze the game, resets the game, player freezing, etc. Using such tactics will result in disqualification.

Deadbody infinites are not allowed to delay the game.

Winning player must select the same characters in the same order. A player may not use the “Switch Glitch” to change the order.

All players may NOT use the same character twice on the same team.

King of Fighters 2006
Settings: Team VS

Armor Ralph is not allowed in tournament play.

In first before hilarity ensues

First off, wtf is “switch glitch”? If your talking about me switching characters when it shows the three on three characters then you should be more specific about that.

When I get there, there is something I will need to clear up with some of you. Trust me, you guys will need to hear it especially if you are regulars at the gaming center…like me…

Just as I thought, CANCELLED.

NO 3’S whatsoever…and the lame part is that I knew it was coming. There’s no real 3’s competition here in Fort Worth. Everything is in Dallas as expected…

Here’s the thing though, Batou. Everyone in Dallas expects everyone in Fort Worth to come to Dallas to play, but not the other way around. Truthfully, that’s shitty.

lol bastard u beat me to it

one of the best players for 3s in dallas is from ft worth. his name is eddy (orochiryu) so there is no excuse why you cant just hit him up for some games. he travels cuz its not just for him to play games but to see his friends. and i believe ftworth is only like 1 hour… no that much of a drive… car pool.

its a shame i didnt even see this thread earlier but i havnt been around. i woulda have made some arrangements to BRING TEH RAPE on that alpha 3.

you guys should make an effort once and make the trip out here to play some games. but your mostly just little school boys that rely on your grandma to take you some where.

Where were you when I had that HUGE ass tourney … I even made lukus come show support and he had a blast and there was a decent turn out for his SNK games that he ran smoothly.

nuff said… Dont mess with the best unless you GOTZ what it takes to be THE BEST!!~!

Uh, I was working at the convention.

wow, it begins again. lol.

just curious of results too. please post.

What results? I had to cancel the ENTIRE tournament!


This whole experience has taught me that I have virtually no support in any community. Sure that one or two of you have given me some support in these tournaments. This is not only embarrassing for me but above all it should be embarrassing to the community as a whole. You might laugh at me now, but I have offered these tournaments for the community, but the SRK Dallas community laughed at me and passed judgements based on rumor and speculation, often times without my being at your gatherings to defend myself.

I said before if you take time to get to know me you will find that I’m pretty easy to get along with, but it has become pretty clear that you either don’t believe me or you don’t care.

That is a pretty ingorant statement. If I could take the time and gas to actually get a ride to Dallas to just play games, I would. You have to remember that I live northwest of Fort Worth, so rides to Dallas are pretty scarce. I’m lucky to even get a ride to Lake Worth so that I can get to my Dr. appointments on time. That aught to be proof enough that some of us has a life outside SRK.

Thats like the funniest thing Ive ever read on SRK. How old are you? Seriously, if you dont have a car by now or reliable transportation , you’re seriously a loser without a life.:smokin: