:: The Focus System

I am having trouble getting used to the Focus system or even acknowledging that it exists to use it in my game. Yes, I know that it’s really good and I should be using it. The problem is that I don’t know when to use it or how I should be using it.

So my question is… Are there any training methods or what not to get used to the focus system, offensively AND defensively?

Some of these are pretty obvious but I’m not sure how new you are to the game so whatev.

Off the top of my head:

  • Focusing an opponents move that recovers slowly on reaction/prediction and punishing by crumpling or by dashing forward and hitting/throwing them before they recover (sweeps, heavy pokes, dash punches, flame kicks, wall dives, fireballs after max distance cr.mk, etc).

  • Avoid focus attacking jump-in attacks. This may net you free focus crumples against online scrubs but any decent player will throw/reversal/bashdash to avoid it and punish you.

  • I also see that you play chun, chun’s focus into backdash is a legit defensive tool against jump-in attacks. It beats option selecting attackers and brings you pretty far back so you can punish them if they whiff moves.

  • Are far as training methods go, try to learn you’re characters focus attack speed and ranges(not all are the same, viper’s one is terribly slow but goes pretty far and sagats one is fast but has a short hitbox) as well as studying what moves you can punish with a given characters focus attack.

I’m really not new, I’m just having a hard time getting used to the Focus system lol. Thank you very much for your time and advice.

If you’re not use to it, then you need to start using it to get use to it.

I never know when to use it either.

Good to know I should stop trying to do it to jump ins.

Does it work against vegas flying cross up?

it really depends on the character my opponent is playing and my opponent’s playstyle.

if they’re poking and using lots of footsies then i’ll tend to use FA more. if they’re just running wild then i use it less. if my opponent chooses a character w/ a great armor breaker then i use FA less. if they have a crap ass armor breaker (hello cammy) then i use it more.

It’s a really clunky system that they forced into SF4 to give it an ‘identity’. Generally, if your character doesn’t have a good FADC setup into ultra, it’s not going to be of much use to you.

4r5’s advice is the best. Use it a lot and you’ll figure out what it’s good for.

Focus fireballs to gain ground without jumping and avoid the chip damage.

Walk just into range of their longest poke(usually sweep) and focus. Wait for lvl 2, and if they threw out their poke, crumping them, or backdash if they haven’t

Find attacks that hit once, and do not break armor. Focus can punish a lot of specials. Dash punches, hasansho, wall dives.

Just a few to get you started.