The Firebrand Mix up/Reset thread

Couldn’t think of a good name so I just went with something basic. With Firebrands low damage output and great mobility options he is bound to have some nasty mixups/resets… especially since he can shove people in the corner in no time. Im hoping to keep this thread organized similar to Viscants Wesker mix up and Reset thread.

Reserved just in case

Can you make this the combo thread too?

No, keep this seperate from combos. Mixup/Resets are a huge part of this character and should get its own thread.

lol Nissan you might have finally gotten that mix-up reset character you had been hoping for.

FireBrand’s litterally Jill, but in the air instead.

I sense great potential from him. GREAT POTENTIAL

Just a simple throw reset…

Cr. L M H, S, Sj. M H Devil’s Claw xxx Hell Dive L, S, Sj. M M H xxx Hell Dive H xxx Hell Dive M, air grab, OTG Dark Fire.

Does 700k total. Does alot for a one meter reset.

Something least expecting…

Cr. L M H, S, Sj. H xxx Hell Dive M, H xxx Hell Dive M, Land, jump, J. M H xxx Hell Dive L, Jump, Air grab, OTG Dark Fire.

Does 680k and I have literally caught everybody with this online at this point. Nobody teched it yet.

**NOTES: **In the corner, when you OTG Dark Fire, you can jump in the air and grab him to do another Dark Fire, which does 410 k. This reminds me of my boy who plays Skrull and he likes to air grab me after an Inferno. So Skrull players, you guys will be right at home.

If you want to do more damage, use an OTG assist like Wesker’s Samurai edge or Hulk’s gamma wave to relaunch and do a full combo.


So the OTG hellfire spit doesn’t work after air throw? What about TKing an air hellfire spit to OTG faster?

It does, but I never tried it. Im pretty sure that OTG assist would be more damage though.

The bad thing about Firebrand is that his shit scales too low. After Bon Voyage and OTG hell fire spit, all you are doing is just getting the combo counter up. You hardly do damage anymore.

That being said, Imma try that TK Hellfire spit to see how it fairs from ground hellfire spit.

Very nice, the awesome thing is thew B&B that I use starts just like this, just instead of the hell dive H I use Bon voyage and then relaunch and then OTG dark fire. Also I noticed you can do an extra hell dive M (timed well & not in the corner) instead of air grabbing and you will cross up, ready to start then combo again. Just makes the (somewhat) obvious reset become a guessing game now :D. Also I’m using taskmaster DHC and I’ve found that after OTG dark fire you can do parabolic arrows and in the reset that kills low life characters ( below 950k, leaves modok with a tiny sliver of life)

EDIT: also about the reset, if they tech forward they seem to avoid the mixup, unless you have godlike reactions and don’t do the hell dive M, although to be honest nobody should tech forward, they will typically be holding back to block.

Yea I noticed this as well. and the extra hits barely gain any meter and do like no damage, but its better than nothing and it wastes time on the clock.

Good shit… Will be doing that more often.

During the wall bounce from a Bon Voyage, you can dash backwards (away from the corner) and hit the opponent with standing L. This sets up a reset situation where you can:

  1. Jump forward and Air Grab. This works against Forward Recovery and No Recovery.
  2. Cancel the standing L into Hell Elevator M and Air Grab. This works against Backward Recovery and Forward Recovery.

K so basically if you want a mix up you need delayed Assists
Some good assist with him would be, Striders Dive kick, Sentinel Drones, Ryu Denjin Tatsu etc. Something that doesnt come out right away and or has a lot of activeness to it.

Basic Mix up right now is to get in call assist, then go for a low or instant overhead, then convert into combo, if they block, air dash ( Im gonna call his dives dashs for now ) forward and cross up, from there if they KNOW youll cross up go ADF ADB hit over head again or go ADF ADB ADD. With a Ryu Denjin assist or a drone like assist you get a good 2-3 Mix ups which almost gets you a free hit. NOW if they push block you you just have to ADf X2 and even then you can mix up from there.

THIS is just an example of most of the stuff I have Ill slowly Leak you guys my info =)

Firebrand has a pretty nice air loop ala wesker.

Situations I use it in are.

Dive kick - hold down forward for a second to get closer, BCS, j.BCS, and you can even get a 3rd loop in if you are fast enough. Easy to get 3 when you are in luminous body.

Regular throw - OTG hellfire, j bcs, jbcs… this one only adds like 60K due to the scaling but it sets up another throw/air loop/dash under + assist left/right mixup

Air Throw… same as dive kick but no need to hold down forward in the beginning.

using firebrand getting used to him. hes a lot of fun.

A very basic and ghetto tick-throw, but I find that H demon missile, S (to fall on them with an attack), into tick throw works very well. And from his front throw he can otg with H fireball into combo…

This is good shit, thank you. I have been working on viewtiful joe/Firebrand DHC combos (dhc-ing into power up super and then landing bon voyage), and the hitstun scaling is too much to get a real combo after it, so this should help.

Nice thread idea. that First reset with the H hell dive into M hell dive is cool, but I dont think itsvery good, because if the opponent Techs back or Forward, he s too high to air throw him without him having a good chance to smack you in the face for it

  • That reset after the Bon Voyage is REALLY good. gotta watch your timing though, as the M hell dive can go under them and they get away if they tech forward, if you reset too high.

  • Here is one simple one I thought up. After a full air combo, instead of OTG dark fire for the Super ender, do OTG Fireball into Luminous Body, then air grab. if you delay the Super cancel a tiny bit, you can see which way their teching and jump accordingly.

Been playing a lot with Hells Elevator. I’ve been thinking of some mixups using Dr Strange Eye of Aggamotto. Here are some throw/resets with hells elevator. I tend not to finish juggles and go for the far mid even low mix up on some situations.

  1. :s: :m: :m: :h: (let both hits connect) Hells Elevator :h: Hells Elevator :m: throw into Dark Fire.
  2. Hells Claw, :m: :m: :h: (hit once) Hells Elevator :m:
  3. :s: :m: :m: :h: Hells Elevator :l: :l: :m:

Hell Dive Whiffs
I’ve only tested this against Trish, Firebrand is able to use his hell dive much like doctor dooms foot dive to go undermiss his opponent. Putting firebrand on the opposite direction on land. From here you can create certain mix ups with other assists.

Hells Claw
I’ve been using hells claw and xx flight with Hells elevator :l: with an assist and crossover with Hells Elevator :m: and into overhead if the opponent is blocking low or going into hells elevator :l: for mixup.

I am still screwing around with this devil, but he feels very assist heavy when using mixup. Especially with the Hells Claw and hells elevator tricks.

Luminous Body
I’ve been trying to find out ways to rejuggle with Hell Elevator and assist variants. While in Luminaos body :s: :h: (Let both hits hit) Hells Elevator :m: :h: Hells Elevator :m: I am not even going to post the possible outcome of this situation with combos, the list is long and from here on out you can mixup with assist and hells elevator crossover.

So to really start giving this thread some life I need to figure out a structure.

I think the first order of business should be to figure out the OPTIMAL times to go for a mixup/reset because Firebrand honestly has so many places he can go for one.

So im thinking for sure one should be off a Bon Voyage near the end of a combo… as it will be similar to Weskers OTG abare because they will always be in the same spot every time.

So Bon Voyage, A, then figure out all his options… I personally think you can

  1. Air Throw
  2. Air Loop - MH(2hits)S, MH(2hits) bon voyage (into another reset oppertunity)
  3. Cross Under left/right (with or without aid of an assist)
  4. Wait till they land into instant overhead or low
  5. If Air throw is teched or loop is blocked then attempt an instant overhead or low


Another area I think is a must for resets is off his air throw/ground throw because scaling rapes the already terrible damage.

Off any air throw go into the following for a better reset oppertunity without the scaling.

  1. Air Fireball H, land, air loop MH(2hits)S, land
  2. Air Fireball H xx Luminous body
    a. Bon Voyage
    b. Air Loop once

Can’t wait to really give this thread some life!