The Final Challenge!

I, the very personified incarnation of ownage. I, the supreme and omnipotent master of all that is DOA. I, the unstoppable and ruthless supremee being of all have owned. Through my history in the game DOAU I unleashed uncomprehendalbe ownage on all those who oppose. If you were to take the individual feets of ownage of all the top players to ever exist and put them together it would still NOT be an accurate description of the ownage that I have delt to all contenders and fools.

They say a picture says a thousand words but the thousand words essay of this pic

couldn’t begin to express in a visual form the amount of ownage I have unleashed on this doa world. For I have single handedly laid siegue to the village that is known as online play. I have murdered the fathers and raped the mothers of countless villagers and no maturing male or infeminine female dare seek revenge against I. If this was an RPG then at the final fight the hero has lost and the evil master has tooken over the world with no sequals of young upstarts fighting through a journey to put me to an end.

I have made, packaged, and sent out many a certificate of ownership. A copy of the deed that I hold over all those who has dared to oppose me.

Even the creator of the game ITAGAKI himself fell at the hands of JustOwnin!

But alas, now the game known as Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate shall be no more. For although thier is many a newb for me to own with the upmost of utter ease just like the sega gamegear was killed the nomand doa2u shall be killed by it’s own predecessor Dead Or Alive 4. A launch title the xbox 360.

I would like for this game to end with a beutiful firework like display of lights than just to dim out. I would rather end the long sentence of this games existance with an exclimation mark instead of a period.

That is why I shall give you newbs one final chance. One final fight. One final attempt at my life. THier shall be no rematches until doa4’s release. Thier shall be no excuses. Thier shall only be ownage.

All the fools who for a second even thinks that they can take me out. That think they can choke won’t doesn’t breath. Who thinks they can ice skate up hill. Who thinks they can complete a impossible mission that even tom cruise himself could not.

Then by all means fight me in an ENDURANCE MATCH!

First to 10 games
3 rounds largest health

Already I can feel the small utterances of fear coursing through the viens of those who know my name. Already I can see newbs and scrubs alike running and hiding trying to dodge the ownage. Let all know this.

Thier is no escape from the ownage of JustOwnin.

NickName: JustOwnin
Purpose: JustOwnin
Results: JustOwnin

Things to do after being challenged by JustOwnin
1.) Put your feelings in a safe place, so they won’t get hurt.
2.) Learn to play another game and get a hobby so thier can be life after ownage.
3.) Prepare to be owned.

The above has been a message from the class SSS supervillian

For those who donot know of my previous quests of ownage here they are


He always posts this shit and always gets clowned he enjoys it.

Thanks you answered my Q from ur previous thread about the cartwheel dude and that DOA is more faggoty than will and Jack with ur thread mixed in

I gave up right about here.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, today has been one crazy ass day on SRK. Almost as unique as all that Gay…err, ehhh, Gaia shite a while back.

There should be a sticky especialy for scrubs to post wastless garbage in.

You lost me about here. I think you’ll lose everyone else at about the same point.

Not quite, he lost me when I saw his name.

So what’s the thread about?

I like cookies

Okay, where’s Sorwah when you need him…

Wait, so after posting this crap and trolling over at Doatec and doacental, you had to come here and start the same shit?


insert challenge here I don’t even play DOA, but I’m down for playing the best.

He’s looking for some gay sex.

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Funny this clown wasnt at evo, and if he was, didnt do a damn thing but keep to himself like the pathetic nobody he is.

Good sir, I hate you, I hate your gamer tag, and I especially hate your image macro. You are a pathertic troll. Please go away.

Those were good times.:tup:

<3 Justownin

No… that’s not true!
That’s impossible!!!

Please don’t be the final challenge. I love how you wax poetic. Seriously, you’ve been like the best smack talker of smack in a LONG time.


Ah, but it is. For you see back when ITAGAKI was throwing his MASTER GAMER DOA TOURNY I was sitting in meditation mentally training to take my doa skills even farther when a fellow doa fiend by the name of Sorwah (I Heart Ayane)told me that he had indeed found ITAGAKI and was about to send me a friend request.

The tournament stipulations where that you had to fight itagai and if you won he would let you in the tourney. Of course I, the supreme ace boon coon of doa, does not waist time searching for such things myself but I have my many minions do so.

As expected ITAGAKI was toying with fools. We all knows he plays with Kasumi but he would just pick random against fools and let even the weakest of players defeat him.

I told itagaki that after playing me he would send me a reward for taking his game to the next level. I told him in this game of doa he would be dead, and I would be alive. I told him you created the game, but I OWN the game.

Now we all know ITAGAKI hates the english language so he had his translator translate back such words back such as “We’ll see.” or you “You insolent fool I will show no mercy on you.” (I guess they use the world insolent alot in the japanese language cause that translation threw me off)

But sadly at the last minute when I just had to wait 2 people to own ITAGAKI lag hit and the room split. I came back in and itagaki thought I was running from him but I told him that the ping messed up. He told me although it would not be for an official match that he would play me just to shut me up.

He picked his Kasumi in her sailor suit, her favorite costume and I picked Ein (this was before I realized that Hitomi was indeed top tier).

As I expected the kasumi tactics that he used was ahead of the kasumi players time at the moment and the techniques that he used was discovered months and months after. He faught he with such vigor and knowledge. As if, no, because he knew every detail about this game. Indeed, his kasumi was indeed even more powerful at the time than such notable kasumi players as Lumina r even the mighty Swoozie.

But sadly as flawless and as knowledgable as he was I was simply more powerful. For you see, he created the game and understands everything within it. My skills go beyond the game thinking outside the box to realize that thier is a whole universe outside of it! The last round I got a PERFECT on him by using his own knowledge against him. I noticed that he didn’t do his command throws smoothly. that he did a small crouch dash animation before doing kasumis strongest throw which some newbs do because the action is d/f,d/f+throw. Even when the throw should be buffered off a blocked attack to get it out instantly he still how to do a mini crouch dash to execute the move. the mini crouchdash can add up to 10 frames to the throw making it less than safe. Kasumi’s throw already taking 6 frames to execute. So I did Ein’s b,f+p power punch that had a less than -10 frame recovery from block and then punched high wit ha 10 frame jab for I knew he would follow up with a flawed throw. This punch knocked him into a high counter stun where he countered mid-kick, thinking I would try to launch him with such, but instead a slapped him with Ein’s strongest throw ending in the game with a FLAWLESS VICTORY.

For none, not even the creator of the damn game, can defeat the all powerful JustOwnin.

In fact I believe thiers a vid of the conversation I had with itagaki and the match vids on if its still around.

So to all you god damn hating ass newbs out thier either come and be owned or silence thy selves.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zZZZZZZZZZZZZZ