The Fighters Megamix Thread

First things first, I’m serious, this thread is super cereal. I’ve been playing Fighters Megamix for the past week and I really enjoy it so anyone who’s got it needs to step up and share the love. This is a great game which is pretty much completely unexplored, there’s only a handful of player guides out there. Because it was only released on Saturn (not even a proper arcade release!!) it’s gone unnoticed in today’s age.

I’ve been using the Fighting Vipers engine mostly because it’s default, but also it really makes the game a bit more fun. They’re both essentially the VF3 engine with a few dip switches for engine tweaks. FV mode has the air tech, the flashing counter moves, and the flashy finishing moves. VF mode does not have these things, and the change is pretty drastic… but we can discuss that later. You can also unlock “Hyper Mode” which allows you to input moves during another moves recovery. You may remember this tournament from VF4:EVOs quest mode, very fun.

So is there any interest here in dissecting the game? If you’re willing to give it a go, post here and dig out the saturn. Let me know which engine you prefer too. Anyone who is interested in Virtua Fighter should definitely have this game, and anyone with a passing interest should know it’s worth the money by far.

Let me know who loves the game, and who wants to start digging.

Always wanted to play this game. Even got it the X-Mas after it came out but I guess my fam forgot that I didn’t have a Saturn. If there’s anyway to play it on DC though I’ll get on it.

Here I’ll break down the Fighting Vipers engine and show some relevant gameplay footage.

The actual gameplay is affected in two main ways, with the addition of the “air tech” and “counter-strikes.” I’ve coined these terms, so if anyone has legit ones let me know.

First of all, the air tech is sick. You can hit P+K+G after launched to tech in mid air. While teching you turn green and become invincible for about a second and then fall to your feet. This changes the rhythm of the fight and can take the attacker off his game. Of course the attacker can anticipate the tech and launch you again while you fall to start the scenario over again, but the damage is scaled down. Oh, and if you don’t tech you take damage upon hitting the ground something which isn’t true in VF mode.

VF mode plays like VF, you struggle to launch someone and take your free damage. FV mode has the air tech which makes you continue to struggle for your hits. If your opponent knows to tech and can time them well, you have to throw away your juggle combo and start improvising. If they tech high enough they have the ability to air attack you, you have to be leery of those as FM has a plethora of air attacks including directional strikes and throws.

Next up, counter-strikes. Each character in the game has at least one of these. The VF characters are each given a counter-strike (4P+K+G) in FV mode that they wouldn’t normally have in VF mode. Counter-strikes are charge moves that deflect most high and mid attacks during the charge, and follow up with a powerful “flash” move (more on those later.) These attacks typically knock the opponent away and are mostly used for their countering properties. Some characters (Kage, Dural, Wolf) have counter-strikes that stand out because they allow for additional damage if they connect. From what I’ve seen, the majority of these moves are linear and can be evaded on sight.

The aforementioned “flash moves” are a type of move that as far as I can tell deals big damage to a player’s armor, and has “finishing potential.” The VF characters have these properties added to moves already on their move list. These are usually slow start up powerful strikes that knock the opponent away and can wreak havoc on a Vipers’ armor. By finishing potential, I mean these are moves that can send your opponent over or through the walls if it’s the killing blow.

Enjoy the ending as well, the game shows replays of your wins from each fight which is very cool.

I have more some general strats too which I’ll type up maybe later tonight.

I don’t think you can play it on the DC, you could rip it and play it via EMU if you have a decent PC (although I can’t really recommend this or help you get it running -_-) But it’s honestly worth the price of a Saturn, you can usually get one with 2 controllers and a few games for under $40 shipped. Don’t let it go to waste man!

EDIT: I take it back, Yabause has a Dreamcast release. You probably need to rip the game as a bin/cue, let me know how it works.

I was playing this game last week. That super hero guy is the man.

Yo! I was just remembering this game. We should get some side tournaments going and figure out some tiers.

Jacky rapes in this game, his pk starter strings were better in this game than in vf3.

Dural and Ura Bahn seemed massively broken to me…

Keits! You stopped playing WHP to bump my ancient thread!:rofl:

Man, I’d love to dig up the notebook and keep figuring this game out but I didn’t get much support when I initially posted this. Then my old PC died and with it my ability to capture video. I’ve invested a lot of hours into this and I stopped playing a few months ago, but I have decent notes.

Does anyone own the game? If anyone wants to help break it down, let me know. I think I’ll always be interested in it, I’ll just take a break from Garou for the time being.

Is there a way we can play this online with emulators? If so, then YES I am interested in breaking this game down.

Thank you for posting this thread because I love this game to DEATH!!! It’s one of the best Sega Saturn games I’ve played in my life.

My main is Bahn from the Fighting Vipers series and I love to use his Force Punch and Body Check (The move when he uses his back.) to knock his opponents off the stage.

The secret characters were fun to unlock. I first got notice about Sonic the Fighters after knowing who Bark and Bean a while back. I heard a rumor the Sonic and Knuckles were suppose to appear and that would make me very happy.

I wish we could tell SEGA to make a new FV3 game and FM2 after VF5R.

I’m gonna look in to emulators, as far as I know theres no Saturn emu with netplay though.

This appears to be the best emulator, but we would have to petition the devs to include netplay.

Honestly though you can get the game for $5 and a Saturn for around $20, it wouldn’t be as efficient as playing each other online, but we could still try and dissect it.

Is anyone still interested in breaking this game down? I hooked my Saturn back up and absolutely love this title.

Maybe in January, I got a lot on my plate at the moment.

turbo mode was the shizz

I just got a Saturn for Christmas and I saw this game in a mom n pop shop for cheap, so if you guys are trying to figure this all out I’d probably help

This one has the car from Daytona as a playable character right?

I completely agree.

Yeah it does, and don’t forget to check eBay, it’s usually dirt cheap on there as well.

Screw Ebay, Amazon (a much more reliable, safer source to shop) has these things for around 10 bucks.

I’m about to get a new pc.

I need to know what are some good specs to play this full speed on ANY emu.

Why not get the Saturn version?

Can’t get my hands on one and I really don’t trust online sources. Lamestop owned our local dealer pretty fucking bad over here.