The Fei Long Movement of 2010

What’s up guys, this is my first thread on the forums I think. I’m not one with SF terminology yet, so if I say some things about move sets that don’t make sense, I apologize.

Well, I’ve been practicing with Fei Long for almost two months now. I came to like Fei Long due to his speed and his ability to finish opponents real fast. I believe Fei Long is an incredibly outstanding character, and is in no way really considered “cheap” I guess. However, one thing I have noticed, is that Fei Long has not achieved any significant impact in the world of SF 4. He’s seen as a threat some times, but he can be easily looked over, and I really haven’t seen any good Fei Longs come about in major tournaments.

So, a little bit after Evo, I kinda started this thing for myself called the Fei Long Movement of 2010. This was kind of a goal I setted up for myself to get Fei Long “mainstream”, and show that he’s a legit character and what not. I started maining Fei Long and I can honestly say he’s my best character right now because I put a lot of focus and practice into him.

What I was thinking is kind of starting a “call to arms” of Fei Long players, that is, why not everyone start a Fei Long Movement of 2010? I’m tired of seeing all these players from other character forums and bash on Fei Long, and I’m tired of not seeing Fei Long players get the respect they deserve ('cause playing Fei Long ain’t no easy task man). I figured that what if we can start “underground” movement, and make some noise with just Fei Long players?

Sorry if this seems like an impossible task, but this is something I would definitely love to see happen. Imagine seeing a really good Fei Long player show up in Evo and make the finals brackets, or even place? Anything is possible as long as we believe.

I am the Dark Ninja Shogun King of Waffles Nigga and I approve of this thread.



Who else???!!?! Hah hah that made me hella happy

What are we trying to do again? As long as the console characters aren’t added to the arcade I don’t see us getting very far.

I’m in! WATCHAAAAAAAA! Actually I use the English voice actor for Fei Long. IT’S OVER!

I can dig it, I really hate to fight other Fei mains in champ/ranked there are so many others T tier characters to bash on.

I’ll wait until they do something to him in dash. If.

No need to wait. Fei is tough and people just don’t know about it. I’ve been to some local tourney this sunday and people were impressed and didn’t know that “Fei Long was this strong”. The fact is that no one knew how to play against him.
I ended 1st out of 9 competitors in pools but lost in the quarter finals.
Kinda glad cause no Sagat nor Zangief beat me during this tourney (there wasn’t really good ones though).

Just show people what Fei is made off guys ! Hiten ryu way of life

I play Dan so I am used to playing a character that gets no respect. Just take pride in winning with a character that people take lightly and consider beneath them. Who cares if no one uses him in tourneys, use a character cause you like him, not because hes popular. You will not change the opinion of tier whores.

Are you the meanest? Are you the baddest? Mofo low down round this town? Shonuff!

ha, love that movie.

I agree, everyone I play with are kind of like, “What?? Fei Long?!” hah hah. It’s hard to play against an aggressive character like Fei Long, but when they do know how it’s hard for the Fei Long player to actually attain a position in tournament ranks. I’m sure all Fei Long players would like to see their fellow Fei Long achieve a position in SF history, so why not now??

I’ll make T-Shirts and stuff too hah hah. Rep the Fei Long guys, best to let people know now before they end up warping him into something different in the next installment of SF 4 hah hah.

Man arabiandude, your Fei Long enthusiasm is admirable! Where were you a couple months ago lol? But yeah, I’m at G1-A with Fei right now at 55,000 + GP in Champions mode. I figure since I can’t go to real tournaments, I might as well do my best to represent him online! WATCHAAAAA! Lots of people have told me that they think I have the best Fei Long online…lol while it’s nice, I know it’s just a case of them not really knowing how to fight Fei Long yet. Either that or they’ve fought some really bad scrubby Fei Longs.

O wow, yur admiration for fei long is amazing O.O Yeah i agree with you as well, whenever I play someone with fei long, there always like, “wow REALLY?! fei long?!” I hate how he’s not in the arcade version as well, Iv’e virtually never played that thing in my chinatown fair, just cuz he’s not in it. Now I find myself having to train with some kinda arcade character, cuz my main fei ain’t there. So yeah, all for this movement thing, but I have to admit, without fei being in the arcades, he’s prolly not gonna go very far…

We as Fei players just have to remember to keep experimenting. Be creative! We all know how practicing the same thing over and over again can be helpful, but Fei is still relatively new and his true potential still needs to be unlocked.

I feel like anyone contributing and helping not only themselves get better, but other Fei players as well, is already apart of this. The current tier list means very little to me as I just enjoy playing the character, and I’m sure in time that all the console characters will be considered staples in the future arcade renditions as well.

Count me in.

fei needs to be in arcade seriously man. Thats the only reason why im not so hype about going to arcades for sf4

I gave my first lesson to a fellow Fei Long player. He asked for tips against Gief after we met in Championship mode. I was glad to share knowledge with him.

StarNab what system do you normally play on ?

I play on XBL

it’d be pretty sweet to see a really good Fei player at the next EVO, you got my support.