The Federal Government wants your help to bring better broadband Internet to America

It’s interesting to note that the telecomm companies refused the federal stimulus money set aside for them (7.2 billion) because the strings attached stipulated that they had to improve infrastructure across the country, which would have essentially brought broadband to areas where it wasn’t available, and bring the dl/ul cap up.

I read one of the comments at the site. 500 megabit a second connection in rural Japan, with potential for 1 gigabit a second in the near future? Seriously? :confused:

I’m also hearing about Time Warner imposing and charging extra for bandwidth caps. (Most of the industry is leaning this way too.)

My opinion:

Take the 7.2 billion in stimulus money the telecomm companies refused, and establish a federally-run ISP. (Pipedream, I know)

Britain Internet faster than the US, when did this happen. I don’t even think they have fiber yet. But I can vouch that even the small and poor towns in Japan are wired better than most of the US.

US infrastructure is the shittiest because it’s the oldest. Plus, our large landmass makes it a huge pain in the ass for us to replace any/all of it. Japan and the UK, being island nations, have less to worry about in that sense.

Well, looking at some states, Japan has the highest median internet speed in the world.

But we’re ranked 17th (we just dropped from 15th). And losing to France (4th). FRANCE. :arazz:

I think the highest median speeds in America are in New England, with it hovering about 6-7 Mbits.

EDIT: What’s this “dark fiber” I’m hearing about?

interstate commerce laws will probably have to be reworked in order to get this shit done, in addition to fixing the country’s power grid

Yeah we got Fibre Optic Broadband, we had an advert for it with Samuel L Jackson to saying its “the mother of all broadband”. Sep is right too, I am not sure about America but I THINK that UK broadband runs above ground anyway.

Comcast sucks.

When there a 2 big companies (Virgin and BT) each vying for the broadband market eventually they will step up constantly trying and out-do the other. That’s essentially what happened in England and high speed fibre optics across the country is the result.

In America I don’t see how that is going to happen when shitty companies like comcast are supreme and AT&T and Verizon can’t get there FIOS shit everywhere in the country.

Exactly, newer developing areas don’t run that old cabling.

Is Broadband Over Power Line considered in this tech plan?

In Chicago, we have ATT and Comcast in direct competition, and we don’t see much improvement.

I’m on the 6Mb plan with ATT for like $40. Comcast, I’m sure, is faster than that, but I think it’s average is 12Mb. Comcast is introducing a new DOCSIS service, but it’s hella expensive. $62.95 per month 22Mbps down / 5Mbps up or $139.95 per month 50Mbps / 10Mbps connection.

Rural Japan has 500MB/s? Damn. Lag-free gaming?

We actually have some fiber infrastructure in place but not in use. It’s inactive, so we call it “dark.”

Anyway, I have a 10 Mbps cable connection right now because FiOS isn’t available in my area. Time Warner is garbage. My average throughput is only around 6-7 Mbps, and my HD channels look so shitty that they might as well be SD.

Time Warner’s HD service is by far the worst I’ve ever seen, and their customers really could benefit from an infrastructure upgrade.

What’s a good way to check what your average speed is? I have a regular comcast line, but since I am next to a hub, whenever i test my speed using speakeasy or , I get readings like 37Mbps dl and 1.8Mbps up. I know that’s not right and probably just spike readings.

How do I find my average speed?

Knology is worse… MUCH worse.

Wow, Imagine all the porn I could download on that! :bgrin:

I can vouch for Time Warner sucking, my connection drops at least once a day typically. Their HD is just a joke, looks terrible but half the time the channels are “Not available at this time” or stutter, skip, and lock up.

right now i have verizon dsl and i’m getting 3.2Mb dl/850Kb dl. when i living in new brunswick my house had cable with the optimum boost and we got 30/15Mb d/u

Well, that explains why Capcom JP thought the netcode in SF4 was good enough.

Now I want to go cry over laggy matches here in the US.


Does anyone else think that dial-up, at this point, should be free?

Unless its a government service, I wouldn’t think so.