The Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 Thread

Heyas ladies and gentlemen! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on SRK, so I thought I’d break things back in by starting up a RB2 thread. There aren’t all to many resources out there aside from a couple helpful faqs on Gamefaqs. And seeing as though I know a couple things about the game, I thought it’d be good to get the word out and help any up-and-coming players. Here’s hoping the thread catches a bit of interest! :smile:

Naturally I’m more familiar with some characters than others, so I’ll providie all the info I can as I drag in a few people who I know are experts on those particular chars. In the meantime I’ll get things started with a character I know inside and out: Franco Bash!

Alright people, let’s keep things clean, constructive, and get some info out there!

::Cracks knuckles:: Alrighty, I once had a faq written up for Mr. Bash that I posted in Yor’s forums, but since they don’t exist anymore, I’ll have to do it all again from scratch. :sad: This may take two posts, since there’s so much involved with Mr. Bash. The first will be a general overview, strengths, weaknesses, and move analysis, while the next post will go over his combos and more in depth strategies. So, let’s get started!


Franco Bash is the enormous, muscle-bound, screaming, beer-chugging Italian Western kickboxer. Despite his huge size, Franco is extremely fast, able to keep up with some of the fastest characters in the game.

His range is matched by only a handful of other characters and he has an amazing array of normals and specials. Something else that unusual about Bash is that he has among the sickest mixup games in any fighter. :looney: It’s absolute high-low madness, and he’s a pro and keeping people off-balance. It’s only a matter of time before Franco finds a chip in the armor of a turtler and rips it open. Also, because many of his specials keeps the opponent on their feet, there’s no breather that comes with a knockdown for the opponent to plan their next attack.

However, Bash is not without his weaknesses. His huge size can be a liability at times (such as not being able to duck under Krauser?s high Blitz Balls), which also makes for a problem against characters with better pokes than him (Billy, Yamazaki, Laurence, for example). His defense isn?t the greatest either. His Sucker Punch is probably the shortest-ranged move in the game (:wtf:), so you can’t rely on it. His most effective defensive move is the Gut’s Dunk, however while it has decent priority, it has very little invincibility: which means that you?ll likely have to trade hits in order to go back onto the offensive (where Franco excels).

Command Normals + Specials:

Slipping Jab: :df:+:snka: during a dash. Franco performs far :snka: jab while sliding forward. When performed late in a dash, it has nearly the range of a Barom Punch and it’s also bufferable into specials and supers. I discovered it by accident in a match one day and though I haven’t used it much yet, it could be very useful tool for opening Franco’s mindgames.

Sucker Punch: :snka:+:snkb: :Franco’s sidestep attack. Argueably the worst one in the game due to it’s awful range. Though it has a bit of invincibility at startup and is bufferable into specials and supers, it’s total lack of range makes this thing the worst move Franco has.

Rising Upper: :snkc: when waking up: Franco leaps to his feet with a quick uppercut that knocks down on hit. Though fast, it doesn’t have great priority, practically no invincibility, and isn’t bufferable into anything. Other than a once-in-a-blue-moon sneak attack when the opponent’s on your toes, you’re better off using something else.

Chopping Kick: :r:+:snkb: (Kara-Cancellable): Franco performs a crushing roundhouse to the ribs that sends the opponent into the backplane. Though it’s not all that fast, it has a good bit of range and sets up some of his more damaging combos when combo into the :snkd:. It’s also cancellable into any special just as long as it’s done before the actual hitbox of the kick comes out.

Barom Punch (:snkb:+:snkc:): While not technically a special, this command attack is one of Franco?s best moves. He charges across the screen in his version of a Juggernaut Punch that has excellent recovery. This is your #1 multi-purpose distance-closing / punisher / and general harassing attack. If you mange to hit with the last few frames of this punch, you?ll be able to combo from it. It?s an excellent and much needed move in his arsenal. You can also use it as a version of Rick’s Divine Blast (qcb+C), which, in a lot of ways, is even superior!

Zapper (:qcf:+:snka:) Breakshot: Franco?s projectile. He swings his fist at the ground and sends off a wave of energy (ala O. Chris? Honoo) along the ground about - screen range. Though it?s the longest ranged attack he has (aside from his dashing attacks: the Barom Punch, Golden Bomber & Megaton Uppercut) its startup and recovery leave a huge amount to be desired. Even using it to counter projectiles would put him at such a frame disadvantage as to make it worthless. To be honest, most of the time I forget that he has this move, although it could be useful as a one-in-a-blue-moon surprise attack.

**Double Kong **(:qcb:+ :snka:) Breakshot, Overhead: ?DOUBLE KONNNNNNG!? The tried n? true Double Kong has one of, if not the, best specials Franco has in his collection. He sweeps his firt along the ground and rises with a punch to the gut that leaves an aura of energy resembling his fist, then comes around with a pile-driving punch to the top of the head and crushes the aura fist of the first punch. While not as fast as it was in FF3 and RB1 (where if you blinked, you missed it) it is still extremely fast to have an overhead property. The first hit scrapes along the ground, often making people crouch on reaction, before getting crushed by the second hit which is an overhead. It?s fast enough to combo from any bufferable normal, even if the first hit misses. It also keeps him low to the ground, enabling him to get under attacks that he wouldn?t be able to normally. And it?s also very safe on block. You?ll be amazed at how often you?ll land this in a match.

Gut’s Dunk (:qcf::uf:+:snkb:) Breakshot, Overhead: ?NOOOOOOOOOO!? Franco?s replacement to his old Power Bicycle kick (which was basically a juggle-able anti-air kick-version of a Waving Blow). Franco leaps up high into the air with his foot high above his head before coming down with a massive stomp that explodes when he lands. While it’s somewhat effective as an anti-air, it has more minuses than pluses. It has fast startup, good priority, juggles from a launcher and Megaton Uppercut, knocks down on the first hit and is overhead on the way down. Now for the bad: it has very limited invincibility, meaning that you?ll most likely be trading hits (though 90% of the time, Franco will recover faster), and it the first hit misses, the 2nd hit will leave you open whether it hits or not, as it has a fair amount of recovery. That said, though, it?s Franco?s best anti-air and defensive move. Here?s hoping you won?t be forced into using it -too- often.

Golden Bomber (:db:, :r: + :snkc:) Breakshot: ?RAAAAAAAAAAA!? Franco?s most damaging special. Franco crouches down with his back turned before whipping around with an enormous hook trailing with golden stars. Best used as a breakshot, the down-back charge makes it tricky to combo into, though it?s possible. The startup is decent, but if this move whiffs or is blocked, you?re served up on a silver platter to eat a boatload of damage. It?s okay as a ranged punisher, but he has moves that are better suited for that. It?s been my experience that this move gets me into more trouble than anything else (especially when it comes out on accident).

Waving Blow (:qcf:+:snkd:): ?WAVING BLOOOOOW? Finally, after 4 different changes to this move, it truly shines. The Waving Blow is right up there with the Double Kong as being the best move in his arsenal. He swings with a fast hook to the face, then another crushing hook to the body that sends the opponent to the backplane. In addition having the 2nd fastest startup and fastest recovery of all his specials, this is the only special in the game that sends the opponent to the backplane! This is HUGE. Because it leaves the opponent in a very disadvantageous position if they get hit by it and forces them into a guessing game. Unless they?re smart (not to mention a bit lucky) they?re very likely to eat another combo, which you could end with another Waving Blow, which puts them -right- back where they started. :badboy: It doesn?t have the -best- range, but that?s about the only downside to this devastating move.

Also, because of it’s fast recovery, it’s possible to trick the opponent into opening themselves up to an attack when they try to retaliate against a blocked Waving Blow (much in the same way Rick can trick opponents with a blocked Shooting Star).

**[S-Power] Final Omega Shot ** (:r:, :hcf:+:snkb::snkc:) Breakshot, Overhead: ?OOOOOOOHYEAH!? The one super Franco has that has remained mostly unchanged from its original form. Franco cocks back to downtown and delivers a massive overhead punch accompanied by a huge explosion. If you get the timing right, it?s possible to use this as an anti-air, although it does have a fair amount of startup. As started before, this move (while uncomboable) is a devastating overhead, and given Franco?s insane mixup games, you?ll be able to land it fairly consistently despite its lack of speed.

[S-Power] **Megaton Uppercut **(:hcb:+:snkb::snkc:): Franco is one of the very few characters in RB2 with two S-Powers. Sadly this one is the worse of the two, although it is possible (in some situations) to set up for truly devastating damage. Franco dashes forward with a hook to the face before dropping onto the ground and delivering a crazy-looking uppercut with a tornado-swirl of energy around his arm that launches the opponent off the screen. Despite its apparent speed, it doesn?t combo fully off of anything, and it?s blocked or whiff, Franco?s a dead man. However, if you -do- manage to land this move, you can juggle a Gut’s Dunk / Armageddon Buster / and in certain situations, another Megaton Uppercut. Although it?s practically impossible to do in a real match, it is possible to infinite with the Megaton Uppercut (as long as it?s in the corner, and hits on the last couple frames). If this move was comboable, it?d be one of the best supers in the game, but as it is, it?s merely meh.

[P-Power] Armageddon Buster (:r:, :hcf:+:snkc:): ?ARMAGEDDON BUSTER!!? Another move that has changed in every game it has been in. Finally, in its 4th iteration, it?s a useful move. Franco crouches down, crosses his fists across his chest, as his eyes gain a sinister glow. His skin turns fiery red and rockets up with massive flex followed by a double-fisted hammer swing of an uppercut that results in an insta-dizzy. The move itself is pretty fast (fast enough to combo off most normals, even jabs), can juggle off a launcher and a Megaton Uppercut. You could even use it as an anti-air (though it?s a poor one), although the first hit will likely knock them away from the 2nd hit, which is the one that dizzies. The move itself doesn?t do that much damage, but you can easily put together something that makes it the most damaging P-Power in the game (especially if you use it as a setup for the Megaton Uppercut infinite).

Whew, I think that?s about all for the moment. Next time, I?ll go over some strats and list a number of his combos (which can take awhile, since he has the most in the game!). :sweat:

UPDATE: Now onto Franco’s strategies and chains!


Franco’s biggest strength lies in his offense. His offense / pressure / mixup game is insane. If you’re proficient enough with Bash, you can have the opponent convinced that they can’t block him. :badboy:

Though he fights well anywhere, he excels when the opponent is in the corner. He has all the tools to put someone in the corner and keep them there.

If he’s put onto the defensive, his options become far more limited. Aside from the Gut’s Dunk, he doesn’t have a surefire way to get back onto the offensive. In this case, his :d:+:snka:, +:snkb:, and +:snkc:'s are effective attacks to slip into openings. Particularly the :d: :snka:, which is probably the fastest normal he has, and it has the added bonus of opening up all of his combos / mindgames.

Against those with great pokes (Yamazaki, Terry, etc), Franco’s standing / crouching C’s & Barom Punch are your best friends. Not only are they fast and have huge range, but they also have great priority.


Franco has, far and away, the most chain combos in the game, and unlike the rest of the cast, he can change them up (almost) at will. He also is able to switch in lows and overheads within his chains, and then in some situations, combo from the overhead. :looney: His best jump-ins are the jumping :snkb: (mostly for air to air), :snkc: (great for air to air and air to ground) and the hopping :snkc:.

It should also be noted that Franco (as well as everyone else in the game) can jump in with :snka: / :snkb: xx :snkc:, as well as turn in mid-air with :snkd:.

Very important note! Every combo that begins with :snka: can also begin with:
:d:+:snkb: (low) or
:r:+:snkb:xx:snkd:. (It’s very hard, however, to combo the :r:+:snkb: after a jump-in.)

Directionals within parentheses are optional. Also, you can interrupt any chain early with a special or a super.

Here I’ll attempt to list all the chains that he has.

(:d:) :snka: :snka: :snka: xx Special / Super.
(:d:) :snka: :snka: :snkb: (low) xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :snka: :snkc: (overhead) (Possible to start another combo after the overhead with :d: :snka: or :d: :snkb:)
(:d:) :snka: :snka: :d: :snkc: (low)
(:d:) :snka: :snka: :df: :snkc: (launcher) xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :snkc: :snka: xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :snkc: :snkb:(low) xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :snkc: :snkc: (overhead)
(:d:) :snka: :snkc: :d: :snkc: (low)
(:d:) :snka: :snkc: :df: :snkc: (launcher)
(:d:) :snka: :d: :snkb: (low) :snka: xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :d: :snkb: (low) :snkb: (low) xx S/S
(:d:) :snka: :d: :snkb: (low) :snkc: (overhead)
(:d:) :snka: :d: :snkb: (low) :d: :snkc: (low)
(:d:) :snka: :d: :snkb: (low) :df: :snkc: (launcher) xx S/S

I think that’s all (15) of them, which in of itself is more than every other character in the game (even if you combined some of them), but if you factor in all the different openers and the fact he can end them all early by doing a special or a super it brings Franco’s # of chain combos to well over 100! :looney: Madness, just pure madness!

With all of those chains, it’s easy to see how a vicous high-low game can develop when you factor in the Double Kong and Final Omega Shot. It’s pure high-low madness. :looney: Now an important note about Franco’s mindgames, unless it’s the Final Omega Shot, or an uncomboed Double Kong or Gut’s Dunk, an overhead will never come before the 3rd hit. The first two hits are safe to block low, after that he has 3 low options and 4 overhead options, and that’s in addition to other options such as the Waving Blow timing trick.

Of course, if you want to be totally rediculous with the mindgames, insert the :r:+:snka::snkc: fake every now and then, with that you can reset a chain and confuse them even further! :badboy:

I think that’s about all for now, I hope this provides some insight to the players out there! :wgrin: Also, feel free to contribute something. The chars I’m most familiar with (as in know like the back of my hand) are Franco, Bob, Mary, and Chonshu. The rest I’m pretty familiar with, but don’t know inside and out. I haven’t decided who my next character overview will be yet (I’m leaning towards Bob), but I’m open to suggestions!

I’ll get around to reading this soon, BUT I just wanted to tell u the common/most used names for some of the moves;
:snkb::snkc:- Barom Punch
:qcf::uf:+:snkb:- Guts Dunk

BTW :tup: for starting this thread, I’ve played RB2 along time ago, I’d play it now but the new MAMEs don’t run it for some reason…

Thanks for the props! :smile: I’ll go ahead and make the changes, although I’ve actually only seen those names used a handful of times. Now that you mention it, I’ve actually recall seeing Gut’s Dunk on the actual cabinent, but this is actually the first I’ve heard the name Barom Punch.

Also, thanks for reminding me about the command motion graphics! I had completely forgotten about those. Let’s me jazz up the faq a bit. :wgrin:

The Megaton Uppercut could infinite? I could have sworn it stops connecting after the second time…

In any event, excellent thread. I’m a long-time RB2 player myself, glad it’s getting the respect it deserves. :tup:

Thanks! :wgrin: Yeah, it’s possible to infinite with it. It’s hard to set up and the timing on it is extremely tight, and because of the way you have to set it up, you’ll only wind up with minimal damage if you mess up. It’s generally better to stick with one of Franco’s nasty combos leading into a Waving Blow guessing game.

Coming up next, Franco Bash chains, combos, and strats! :looney:

i hit this up once in a while on kaillera if it counts to you; what’s the scoop on joe?

They added support to a new sound ROM.
You need to re-download/re-dump the game to get it working.

Welcome to the thread guys! :smile:

PDK: Joe’s pretty solid, though he’s not a character I regularly use. If I were to make a tier list, he’d be a solid mid char. His normals are decent, as are his specials / supers, but nothing really to write home about. He has 3 weakenesses, though.

One is the range of his normals: even compared to small characters his range is lacking.

Another is that he has little in the way of mindgames. If a person decided to go on the defensive, Joe has a hard time getting past it.

The third and biggest problem of all, though, is that there’s not one thing Joe can do that someone else can’t do as well, if not better. :bluu:

Ur welcome Mr. Big, BTW I don’t think u mentioed anything about Franco’s pokes. IIRC his best pokes are his Cr. & St. :snkc: as well as his St. :snka:. (I used Franco before ;)).

Also, anyone wanna talk about Tiers?
IMHO (from what I’ve experienced & Seen in match vids)-
Top Tiers: Rick (Mix-up+Damage), Xiangfei, Billy, Geese & Bob
High Tiers: Mai & Krauser
Mid: Just about everyone else not listed
Low: Cheng, Sokaku & MAYBE Mary


BTW Bigode, how do u do what u mean in ur post?

Yepyep, I mentioned them. Except for the :snka: Though it is cancellable into his specials / supers, he’s got better options in the :snkc:'s and Barom Punch.

Disclaimer! Now before I go into the inevitable tier discussion, I should say that RB2 is a pretty balanced game. There isn’t a huge gap in the tiers, but a gap still exists. A character scraping the bottom still has a chance against someone at the top.

That said, I’ve gotta disagree with you on some of the tiers there, Akutabi.

Top: Rick, Kim, Chonshu, Escalation-Mode Mary.
High: Geese, Yamazaki, Terry, Franco, Hon-Fu.
Mid: Bob (Mid-High), Xiang Fei (Mid-High), Krauser (Mid-High), Sokaku, Mai, Chonrei, Mary, Billy, Laurence, Joe, Duck, Andy, Mary.
Low: Tung, Cheng.

Here’s some very brief descriptions why for each char (it’s 2 am and I’ve got class in the morning).


Rick: Just a damn combo machine. He can do obscene damage off a jab, is incredibly fast, has a great all-around moveset, an unblockable that leads into combo, a ranged, projectile-eating super that hits low, and to top it all off, an infinite (though it is pretty tough to do).

Kim: Basically, he’s Bob minus the risk (and the infinite). An excellent set of normals and specials, huge damage potential (has a pretty basic combo with only normals that does nearly 50% and can dizzy) and two excellent supers.

Chonshu: Small size, extremely fast, awesome normals (the :snkc: :snkc: :snkc: :l: :r: :snkc: string is SICK and it sets up for the P-Power), nice set of specials, the best mixup game next to Franco & Mary, a damaging life-drain super useable on the ground and in the air that eats fireballs, can hit low (if done from the air and it hits below the knee), does 40-45% damage while healing Chonshu for about 30%, and one of the best P-Powers in the game (that isn’t a 360, that is).

Escalation-Mode Mary: This is Mary when her P-Power is active. Basically this turns her into her Real Bout Special self. She gains the ability to do a double pursuit (:d: + :snkb: then :d: + :snkc:), 3 new specials that link into follow ups and from there, the hugely damaging Dynamite Swing finisher. Her Escalation Vertical Arrow :dp:+:snka: is not only a great anti-air that can lead into followups for huge damage, it’s also an instantaneous overhead :looney:. Basically, it’s possible for her make her attacks practically unblockable by doing :d:+:snkb:'s into EVA’s that lead into a Mary’s Snatcher-followup (:dp:+:snkb:) into an Escalation Dynamite Swing (:d: + :snkc: during Snatcher).
Long story short, if Mary says “Okay!”, and tucks her hair behind her ear, it’s time to RUN! :amazed:


Hon-Fu: A nice set of normals, although most of his specials are somewhat random and of questionable use, and his supers are terrible. So what makes Hon-Fu high-tier? 2 things: great pokes and, the great equalizer, the Sky of Fire (:dp: :snka: / :snkc:).

It’s been hit with the nerf bat in every game since the first (FF3), but it’s still, pound for pound, the best special in the game. This move can counter -everything- thrown at you, is extremely safe, huge invincibility, great damage, excellent speed. It turns Hon-Fu into a walking no-jump / no-poke zone.

Someone throws a fireball in striking range: Sky of Fire.
Someone throws a poke: Sky of Fire.
They jump: Sky of Fire.
They crossup: Sky of Fire.
They super: Sky of Fire.
They flinch: Sky of Fire.
They breathe: Sky of Fire.

Everyone, from the top of the tiers to the bottom, has a reason to fear the Sky of (f&*$ing) Fire.

Geese: Even with a crippled movelist (as far as specials go, this is the smallest movelist he’s ever had), his normals are amazing (with the best sweep in the game) and many of them provide perfect setups to his Divine Punishment :d:+:snkc: pursuit. He also has a great command throw setup with his :l:+:snkb: which essentially turns all of his command throws into dashing throws. His supers are excellent as well. He’s not easy to use, however, and someone with a good pressure game can give him a hard time.

Franco: ::Points up to his writeup of Franco:: :lovin:

Terry: Solid in all areas: great range, speed, power, normals, specials, supers, combos…and Terry’s recovery is batshit-crazy. He just never seems to stop attacking. If RB2 had guard breaks, he’d easily be top-tier. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t and that’s where he suffers. Because he only has one overhead (which only works from a dash), all the opponent has to do is crouch-block Terry and that stops 99.5% of what he can do.

Yamazaki: An okay set of normals, some nice specials, great supers, and an excellent pursuit attack. Yama’s strength is in his zoning capabilities and range (with his :snkc:'s and Snake Fists), where he’s lacking is in combos and damage. Aside from supers, the only way Yama’s going to do decent damage is to get in close, which is not the best place for him to be (which is mid-long range).

I’ll have to continue with the Mid - Low tiers next time, my eyes are closing on me and it’s only a matter of time before the things I type stop making sense. :zzz:


**Bob **(Mid-High): Bob’s a character who exists in the limbo that is the Mid-High tier. He’s got a solid set of normals, decent specials, good supers, huge damage potential, 2 anti-airs (one of which can combo into the other, and into his P-Power), an okay mindgame, the easiest infinite in the game with a bunch of setups for it, a link throw he can juggle from and ridiculous juggle game to use with it. He is the only character with both a rising attack and a pursuit.

“So why isn’t he High-Tier” you ask?

Simply put, his recovery times are god-awful.

Bob’s a perfect example of a high-risk / high-reward character. He can do up to 80%+ damage in a single combo, but if he slips up, it’s over for him.

He only has one safe-ish special (the Rolling Turtle: :hcb:+:snkb:), and even then it’s only safe if you know how to use it. Everything else, whether blocked, whiffed, or in some cases, even landed (ie: Rolling Turtle) open him up to huge, tide-turning damage.
Positioning also plays a bit part in Bob’s game, which also puts him at a disadvantage when he’s fighting against someone who’s being defensive or has good pokes.

Xiang Fei:(Mid-High) If the person can do her bizarrely-motioned counters consistantly, then she’s definitely in the high-tier. She’s got a decent set of normals, a comboable overhead, and 3 very nice supers. Her :r::hcf: + :snkb::snkc: is among, if not the best punisher in the game. When she’s <50%, the opponent has to be -very- careful not to whiff a special / super or even a lengthy normal.

Where she falls short, however, is range on many of her normals, particularly her :snka:. Her :snkc:'s are quite nice, though. Her air :snkc: has incredible priority (even beating some AA’s clean), but it’s pretty tricky. She yells about a quarter second before throwing the kick, which makes it feel like there’s a bit of a delay from the button press and the kick. Against those with good range (Terry, Franco, Yama, etc), she’s fighting a real uphill battle.

Positioning plays a huge part in her ability to do damage (thus making the :qcf:+:snkb: unreliable). This becomes an even bigger problem when her 360 P-Power not only has the least range, but is the only one in the game with a miss animation!.

Krauser (Mid-High): The man who may or may-not be Geese’s half-brother (not sure if that was ever canon-ized). Krauser is very solid, solid enough in fact to be in the upper-mid with Bob, and has some of the best S-Powers & P-Powers in the game. Also, his :snka:+:snkb: attack is exceptinally good, and bufferable to specials / supers. His Leg Tomahawk (:qcf:+:snkb:) is an okay AA, but it’s great in that it has little recovery and is a comboable overhead. The Kaiser Wave S-Power (:r::hcf: + :snkb::snkc:) is to be feared. It’s arguably the best punisher in the game, and with it it’s safe to say that he moves up a tier when he’s at 50% life.

His problem is that he’s not terribly fast, has few combo options, and he has a hard time against chars who are faster than he is. The speedier chars, can treat most Krausers almost like a bonus round. His jumping attacks are terrible, his size works against him in a huge way, and he has a hard time getting out of a defensive position once he’s in one.

Chonrei: I must confess, I once thought that Chonrei was a low-tier character: living in his brother’s (Chonshu’s) shadow. Arstal showed me that despite his weaknesses, Chonrei is actually not all that bad. Despite his size, he hits pretty hard, has decent speed, great pokes, and some decent specials. Now onto the bad stuff: His supers aren’t very good, his combos are very limited, his range isn’t too great, and his recovery could be better. Against anyone who’s faster or has longer range, he’s fighting an uphill battle.

Sokaku: He used to sit comfortably in the top-tier, and was probably his strongest in RBS, however he lost a lot of what made him strong in those games. He went from having a barrel-full of anti-airs to one (arguably two) and it’s a normal. He has decent pokes, a fireball that can hit low, a nice command throw, a pursuit that hits anywhere on the screen, and an infinite (far and away the hardest in the game). He has less range than you think he would with a staff, limited combos, huge recovery of many of his specials / supers, and very few options to stop someone who’s rushing.

Joe: Joe’s pretty solid, though he’s not a character I regularly use. His normals are decent, as are his specials / supers, but nothing really to write home about aside from his :r: :r:+:snkc: poke, which is very fast, damaging, and has almost unbeatable priority. He has a number of weaknesses, though.

One is the range of his normals: even compared to small characters his range is lacking. Another is that he has little in the way of mindgames. If a person decided to go on the defensive, Joe has a hard time getting through it. And the third and biggest problem of all, though, is that there’s not one thing Joe can do that someone else can’t do as well, if not better.

Duck King: Duck is a weird mix of extremes. Everything from normals to supers range from being amazing to being the worst in the game. His normals, for the most part, are pretty good. His specials, on the other hand…basically drop every special that doesn’t use the :snka: button (except the :u: :d::snkd: from the backplane), because all of them will leave you in horrible shape if whiffed / blocked, and some of them leave you in bad shape even if they hit! :wtf:

He has the best S-Power in the game (Break Spiral, 360+:snkb::snkc:), which is useable both on the ground, in the air, and after the first hit of the Break Storm :dp:+:snkb:). It’s so good, in fact, that you could bump him up a tier when he’s at 50% life. He has half a dozen ways of easily getting close enough to land it. However the Duck Dance P-Power is so bad that you’ll just be better off forgetting that it even exists. It is, far and away, the worst Super in the game.

Mary: She’s very fast, her normals are good, her supers are good, but the majority of her specials are terrible. She has an anti-air that the opponent has to be practically sitting on her face to land properly, and an evade that hardly evades anything. Her one effective ground special, the Crab Clutch, is actually really good, though it can be tricky to combo into at times. The Young Dive, though tricky to use, greatly boosts her mindgames.

Mary takes a lot of work to be effective, and relies entirely on her speed and mixups. Her Mary Spider (:qcf:+:snkc: in the air) as a nice chunk of invinciblity, and can be tiger-kneed to make it a vicious turtling punisher (thanks to Izlude for the TK’ed Mary Spider). Also her pursuit (:d: + :snkb:) is a huge part in her game, since it’s a guarenteed followup it from all of her specials and some of her normals.

Everything changes when she kicks on her P-Power, the Mary Escalation. For about 10-15 seconds, she becomes scary scary scary. So much so that she actually shoots up a tier (details in her entry in the Top Tier section).

Billy: He’s fallen a long way since RBS, where he was scary. Now he’s only really scary in the hands of the computer (when he’s doing nearly double damage). He has good normals, and a couple decent specials, but his combos are extremely limited, and he has a hard time against hoppers. His :hcb:+:snkc: S-Power is the best super he has, but leaves him very open on a whiff / block.

Laurence: Another character who’s fallen a long way since RBS. His moveset is completely different in this, and though his fighting style now more resembles that of a matador, in doing so he lost all his mindgames. His :snkb:+:snkc: is a sidestep that has 3 different followups, and he can cancel it into specials and supers. His S-Power is very difficult to land properly, his normals (except for his :snkc:'s) are pretty bad, though. All his specials are pretty good with the possible exception of the Bloody Mixer (mash :snka:). He only has a handful of combos as well, though his poking / mid-game is matched by Yamazaki.

Andy: Andy has about the same problems as Joe: there’s not much he can do that someone else can’t do better. His normals are pretty solid and so are his specials (with the exception of the :qcb:+:snkc:, which leaves him at a frame disadvantage) are decent. However, he requires as much positioning as Bob does without the damage to back it up, has no mindgames, and his specials / supers lose hits (and a bit of damage) when comboed into. His Sho-Ken (:qcb:+:snka:) is a great harrasser.

Mai: As I was messing with her, there was a while when I thought that I may have ranked her too low, but then I took her into a bunch of fights and realized that she’s indeed a mid-tierer. She’s fast, as are her specials, but she lacks damage and priority. She has 7-hit combos that does as much (and in some cases less) damage that some people’s specials by themselves. She does have a curious distinction of being the only character who has a bufferable rising attack, which is pretty nice. Her :snkc: has nice speed, range, and priority, and the P-Power also has great priority and seems to have a vacuum effect. But her S-Power is beat by practically everything thrown at it. Her anti-air (:qcb:+:snkc:) has much less range than it appears, which is something to keep in mind when using it.

Man, that was a monster. I’ll have to finish up the low-tiers later on today. Hope this helps some of the players out there!


**Cheng: **Canonically, he’s one of the most powerful people in Fatal Fury, and he was a top-tier character in FF2, however in this he’s just not all that great. His normals are absolutely dismal and many of his chains either don’t combo or they don’t buffer into specials. His specials range from being okay to being borderline useless. Even his best specials (save for his fireballs) are hugely abuseable on block. He has a decent zoning game, but that’s really about all he has.

His S-Power is, far and away, the worst S-Power in the game. The opponent would either have to be coming down from a move with huge recovery or asleep to get hit by it.

The P-Power isn’t too much better: it can only be done in the air, is tricky to combo into, and if you hold down :snkc: for too long, Cheng won’t do the finisher, and he’ll be at the opponent’s mercy. The only thing keeping this from being the worst P-Power in the game is that the Duck Dance is actually worse! :wow:

Granted, he’s an annoying fight, but he still has more things working against him than for him.

Tung: I’m actually somewhat hesitant to put Tung in the low-tier, I think he may actually be better in the Mid, though he’s fallen a long way since showing up in RBS. Compared to his RBS, NGBC, and KOFXI (PS2) appearences, he just feels incomplete in RB2. His normals are okay, his :snkc:'s are actually pretty good, and he has a decent pressure game and a halfway decent mixup game. He has painfully few combos, but the ones he have are fairly effective.

His anti-air (:dp:+:snkb:) that doesn’t always hit properly, his projectile isn’t full screen and does little damage. His :dp:+:snkc: is quite possibly the worst special in the game. Two of his specials function only from his taunt (ie: can’t be comboed into, though you can juggle from them), an S-Power he has no setup for (other than from the first hit of a close :snkc:). The P-Power is okay, and the last hit is an overhead, but it’s not very useful outside of a combo.

Tung is not a terrible character, but he’s very limited.

LOL either you play this game FAR better than I ever had or…I agree with the balance of the game, but ur Tiers are a major :looney: to me, no offense.
Still keep the info coming and whenever I can play this on Kailerra I’ll give a holler cuz I never played matches with this game T_T.

How ironic…My two most frequently used characters (Terry and Rick) are both pretty high up there! I need some Terry strats,though…and I need some anti-Kim stuff!

My Rick is pretty good, but Terry I rarely use (though I am familiar with him and very familiar with how he fights). I know a guy, DeadlyRaveNeo, who has both a great Rick & Terry (and a decent Tung), and I’ve tried to get him to post in the thread, but he’s confessed to not being a good writer. So I may have to work with him on putting something together. :sweat:

Wolfgang Krauser

I realize that I am ripping off Mr. Big a bit by saying this, but I too used to have a guide on Yor’s old forums, and so I decided to rewrite it here. I find Mr. Big’s layout to be very nice, so I’ll just go ahead and steal that too.


Another of the big brawlers in the game, Krauser is slow and sturdy, though you will feel it when he hits. Note that I do not know the original names of his special moves, and thus in many cases I will invent my own.

Krauser has a pretty strong zoning game with his Blitzball and his Kaiser Claw grab. His Counter: Ground Slam can also be useful, but unlike Geese’s similar move, this one has startup frames where he is vulnerable to hits, making it far less useful, as you have to perform it a short time before your opponent hits you. In addition, Krauser has a decent high/low game. His low Blitzball will actually hit low if you perform it close to the opponent, meaning that you can end some comboes with a low or overhead using either a low Blitzball or the Leg Tomahawk. His crouching C can be cancelled into a Blitzball, Leg Tomahawk, or any of his 2 fake moves, allowing for some mixup. His Ground Pounder command move f+A can be cancelled also. Cancelling this into any of his command throws can work well against some players.

As with Bash, Krauser is huge of size. Krauser on the other hand, is slow as well, and this can be quite a liability against the faster combo demons, especially when cornered. Krauser has no Shoryuken-type move, and thus relies a lot on his AB to get out of pressure. Luckily, his AB is great.

Do not be fooled by Krauser’s long-range game. He is strong at close-up offense as well with his mix-up and strong command throws. Just keep him out of close-up defense.

**Specials and command moves:
Flanking Uppercut (:snka:+:snkb): *Evasion move, Cancellable *
Krauser’s AB move has great range, coverage, and upper-body invulnerability. This is definately one of the better AB moves in the game. Very useful against heavy combo pressure up close. Due to the large area he covers, this is also useful as anti-air, and can sometimes hit opponents trying to cross over.

Ground Pounder (:r:+:snka:): *Overhead, Kara-cancellable *
A short-ranged overhead punch command move. This move cannot be comboed into or from, but you can cancel it in its startup frames. This can be useful against some players.

Falling Sky (in air: :d:+:snkc:): Aerial
A big splash type move, the kind that all fighting game creators give to big brutes and grapplers. This move deals less damage than any other of his air attacks, and has a longer start-up animation. In addition, it can only be used from a high jump. On the plus side, the move can cross over without using the D button. Still not terribly useful however.

Shoulder Drop (Next to prone opponent: :d:+:snkc:): Pursuit
Krauser performs a shoulder drop on his opponent. This is the most risky pursuit attack in the game, because of the long and slow animation. Damage is good, but the timing is always strict on all his pursuit attempts, and if you press the button a bit too late the animation will miss and you will be in big trouble. Safe pursuits include: After connecting a Sky Smash or Sky Reach. (only if within range)

Blitzball (:qcb:+:snka: /:snkc: +): *Projectile, Airborne knockdown, Breakshot, Hits low (see info) *
Krauser?s projectile. The good thing about these is that they can cover a very large portion of the screen. The A version flies high enough to often hit jumpers on their way up or down. The C version flies just above ground level, and hits high. However, if performed up close, it will actually hit low, making this one useful for mix-up purposes. Blitzballs cause knockdown if they hit an airborne opponent, allowing for a pursuit attack if close. Be aware that the opponent can fast recover from this.

Leg Tomahawk (:qcf:+:snkb: ): Overhead, Breakshot
The leg tomahawk is a very useful special move. It has a tendency of passing through other moves, and will go over ground projectiles. In addition, his leg will at one point point straight up, and will hit airborne opponents. This move also counts as an overhead, is one of Krauser’s breakshot moves, and will be the finisher move in many of your comboes. A very solid move, but be careful to not let it get blocked too close to the opponent, or you will be punished for it.

Up close: Scum Gale (:hcf:+:snka:) Unblockable combo setup
One of Krauser’s command throws. This move will switch places with the opponent, leaving him vulnerable for a small period. If you manage to get this off while cornered, you will have time to start one of Krauser’s punishing comboes. (Those that start with C) The timing is a bit hard on this, so make sure you get it right if you intend to use it in the heat of battle. Follow up with the Storm Uppercut.

Follow-up: Storm Uppercut (:r::r:+:snkc:) Scum Gale follow-up
This is a one-of-a-kind move. Can only be used as a follow-up to the Scum Gale. Use this if you don’t have P-Power, or if the opponent is not cornered by your Scum Gale. Follow up with the Kaiser Claw.

Kaiser Claw (:f::d::df:+:snkc:): Unblockable throw
Krauser catches the opponent in mid-air and slams him to the ground. This move will only hit airborne opponents, but is unblockable and does good damage. In addition, it throws them a bit away from krauser, giving him some breathing space. The good things about this move is that it has ok recovery time if whiffed, and that it seems to have very high priority. The bad things are that if the move trades hits, your opponent will take no damage at all, and that it is generally too slow to be useful up close. You can perform a pursuit attack after this move if the opponent is within range (i.e. cornered). You may be able to do a dash-in pursuit on taller characters, but this is generally far too risky to bother trying. Can be used on its own or as a follow-up to the Storm Uppercut.

Up close: Sky Smash (:hcb:+:snkb:): Unblockable throw
Krauser’s second command throw. This is the most damaging one as long as your opponent is not cornered or as long as you cannot follow up with the Deadly Rave. The reason for this is that you are guaranteed to hit with the pursuit afterwards. Timing is strict though. You will want to use the pursuit exactly when your opponent lands on the floor.

Counter: Ground Slam (:hcf:+:snkc:): Special counter
This works just like Geese’s similar move, except for a few small problems that make it far inferior.
Krauser’s version will counter special moves and aerial moves. Since you cannot do a pursuit after this move, it deals less damage than Geese’s version. The main problem with this move is that it has a few start-up frames where he can be attacked. This means that the move loses a lot of its power as a reaction move. Be careful with this move. You will have to predict in advance to use this move well, and an alert player can take advantage of this. Finally, the damage output is not that great for a move that places the player under such high risk.

**Fake Blitzball (:d:+:snka:+:snkc:): **Fake move
Krauser can perform a fake version of his C version Blitzball by pressing. This is useful for cancelling slow, blocked moves, like his crouching C, and is a very effective supplement to his long-range game. It can also be used to lengthen some of his comboes, but these are mostly for show-off purposes, so I have not listed them. Dunno if I can remember them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fake Kaiser Wave (:d:+:snkb:+:snkc:): Fake move
The Fake Kaiser Wave is slower than the Fake Blitzball, making it less safe if you use it to recover from a blocked move. On the other hand, the threat of a possible Kaiser Wave will often be just as effective at stopping the opponent from attacking.


[S-Power] Kaiser Wave (Charge :l:-> :r:+:snkb:+:snkc:) *Super-projectile, Delayed, Breakshot *
Kaiser rears back and begins charging power. For each “KZZ” sound, the wave gains a new trait. The uncharged wave is is a greenish/turquoise colour and can be jumped over, the first charge turns the wave blue, makes it harder to jump over, and adds some damage, the last charge turns the wave red, makes it hit both planes, and adds even more damage. Now just to ruin all your fun, any other version than the first version is not worth using. It is not like it will turn unblockable if you wait longer anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside, this is a actually a very useful super, as it really makes Krauser the king of long-ranged combat, and my favourite thing about it: It is breakshot-capable! Now of course, in many cases it is too slow to actually hit before your opponent lands a new hit on you, but it can work in some situations, and damn I must say it feels good to land an instant kaiser wave in the midst of your opponent’s attack. As with most super projectiles, the kaiser wave will thwart any normal projectile. If anyone is foolish enough to fire projectiles at a S.Power capable Krauser, the kaiser wave will teach them not to.

[P-Power] Gigatec Cyclone (:r::df::d::db::l::ub::u::uf:+) *Unblockable throw *
An excellent P-Power move. The Gigatec Cyclone is unblockable and must be performed up close. This is a throw super, so you cannot combo into it or perform it while the opponent is playing any form of stun animation. The only problem with this move is that Krauser is a big slowpoke, meaning it will be harder to use this from a dash-in than with most other characters.

**[P-Power] Deadly Rave (:hcb: :r:+:snka: -> :snka::snkb::snkc::snkb::snkc::snka::snkb::snkc::r::df::d::db::l::ub::u::uf:+:snka:+:snkc:) **Manual combo
This move is once again similar to Geese’s version. This one cannot be used as a breakshot though, and the distance travelled during startup is much shorter. Use this one in combos. I am not sure on its ability to beat other moves priority-wise. The unique thing about this P-power is that it allows the player to jump off the train in the middle of the chain and start a new one, making the total damage potential of this super very high. For example, one can stop after the eight hit and start a new normal combo. (More on combos to come)

**Additional move information:

  • :d::snkc: is a very flexible sweep since you can cancel it on hit & block, and you can also kara-cancel from its startup frames. As long as this is blocked it is completely safe if you cancel it into the Fake Blitzball. Just be sure you do not whiff it completely. This only goes for the , not for the identical sweep he does in his chain.

  • The second hit of the far :snka: :snkc: combo is cancellable on block only.

  • The :d::snka: can chain into itself. You will get at most 3 or 4 hits before you get pushed out of range.

  • The close :snkc: can be chained into from any jump , after the eight hit of his Deadly Rave, or after the Scum Gale if the opponent becomes cornered. Timing is very strict on all of these, so practice until you can do it reliably. Krauser’s most damaging combos start with his close :snkc:

**Combo section:

  • 1-4x :d::snka: -> :snkc: -> Special of your choice.

This be your most used combo due to its fast execution. This is also the one you are most likely to get off against an opponent close to you. If this combo hits from the start, use a Leg Tomahawk or Deadly Rave for maximum damage. If it is blocked, use a Leg Tomahawk or Low Blitzball if you want to add mix-up, or use a feint move to escape the combo, to set up a dash in command throw, or to stress your opponent.

  • Up close :snka: -> Special of your choice.

This is another close range combo. This one is slightly less useful since it has lower damage potential. If it is blocked, use a Leg Tomahawk or Low Blitzball if you want to add mix-up, or use a feint move to escape the combo, to set up a dash in command throw, or to stress your opponent.

  • :snkb: :snkc:

This is a useful combo for poking, as it has good range. If performed close it also comes out quite fast. Decent damage for only 2 hits. The second hit of this combo cannot be cancelled in any way, so the damage is capped at 2 hits.

  • :snka: :snkc:

This is the fastest retaliation you can do if the opponent is just a bit out of range of your other combos. Decent damage for only 2 hits. If the second hit is blocked you may cancel it into any special move of your choice for safety or mix-up. If it hits it cannot be cancelled, and the damage is capped at 2 hits.

  • :d::snkb: :d::snkc:

This combo can be useful for mixing up with overheads and lows. Try mixing it up with a low B chained into a Leg Tomahawk. Unlike Krauser’s regular sweep, this last hit of this combo cannot be cancelled.

Now, let us go on to Krauser’s more damaging combos. These all start with a close :snkc: , and will be your attack of choice whenever the opponent makes a mistake with long recovery. You may also connect this one after a deep air :snkc:, after the eight hit of the Deadly Rave, or after a Scum Gale in the corner.

:snkc:(2 hits):qcf:+:snkc:

This silly looking combo is the easiest to perform, yet the least damaging one of his :snkc:-based combos. This will push the opponent to a safe distance if blocked, but can be an invitation to a Breakshot due to the multiple hits at the end.

:snkc:(2 hits):df:+:snkc: -> Kaiser Claw / Leg Tomahawk / Blitzball

Stick to the Kaiser Claw follow-up for damage, the Leg Tomahawk to keep up the pressure, or the Blitzball if you want to win with style. You can follow both the Kaiser Claw and the Blitzball with a pursuit if your opponent is cornered after getting hit by this combo, but the Blitzball version can be quick recovered from, so beware.
Also, against Krauser or Franco, you can walk 1 step then do the pursuit after the Kaiser Claw. This can be done anywhere.

:snkc:(With P-power)(2 hits):snkc: -> Deadly Rave. This is about the most damaging combo Krauser can do, especially if you start a new :snkc:-combo after the eight hit of the Deadly Rave.

:snkc:(With P-power)(2 hits):snkc: ->:hcb: :r:+:snka: -> :snka::snkb::snkc::snkb::snkc::snka::snkb: -> :snkc:(2 hits):df::snkc: -> Kaiser Claw / Blitzball / Leg Tomahawk

My personally most damaging combo. If you start this with an air C it will take away 95% of the opponent’s life. This one is not that hard to do, because you can start the deadly rave from an + or from any of his close up combos that start with . Just be sure you get the timing on the new combo within the Deadly Rave right.

Bravo, God 2.0! :clap: Excellent work on the Krauser rundown. You also reminded me to mention Franco’s AB (which is crap) in my rundown, and add the little captions next to the moves. Very very nice work. :lovin: By the way, do you happen to play on Kaillera at all?

That goes to anyone else out there as well, if you want to play a few matches or need help learning the engine / characters, feel free to hit me up on here or on any of the IM clients I’ve got listed.

I’ve got to run for now (I’m late! :shake:)!

Please do one for Xiang-fei!


Was asking to write up something on Hon, so here it goes. Incomplete, but better then nothing.

Hon is one of the better characters in Real Bout 2. His Normals, while lacking in range, are quick. He is one of the better rushdown chars in RB2, he’s not as good as Rick in this regard, but still quite good. His Specials are fairly good as well. His S-Power is one of the better ones, his P-Power isn’t. He also is the resident Jackie Chan clone, as you can see in some of his moves.

Sky Of Fire Noogie (BS) f, d, df + P. This is the one you want to use. It’s not really worth using in combos usually, as Hon has other, better moves for combos, but it can be tagged on to some moves. For all intents and purposes, this uppercut is your classic SF2 Ryu uppercut- with priority and Range the shotos would be proud of. It’s also fairly safe on block. Pursuit possible.

Double Fire Noogie (BS) f, d, df + S. This move is horrible. It never lands both hits, and even if it connects, you can end up being punished. There is no reason I can think of to use this other then the Regular Noogie.

Fire Stallion qcb + P, tap P repeatedly

This movie should only be used after a close S. It is the most damaging of Hon’s Specials. If it’s blocked, I’d suggest misfiring the finish of the move. It will leave you hopping up in down after chucking yourself in the nuts, which means a mistimed combo attempt will catch you in the air- which would prevent a followup. Also the recovery is slightly less, you might be able to land a grab afterwards.

Heavenly Lightning (BS) qcb + K. It’s a generic rush-in move, very similar to a Jaguar Kick. The move is break shot bait, and makes a decent break shot itself. It goes over sweeps and low hits.

Earth Lightning (BS) charge db,f+K tap K
This move goes under most fireballs, and hits low. It is a good surprise move, and also makes a decent breakshot. Comboable after low B’s.

Confidence Counter qcb+S. This move works like Chang’s counter in later KOF’s. It has some weird properties. It works on highs/mids. The first time it counters, Hon gets a little invincibility, but a quick jab recovers quicker, so Hon can be punished. The second time it counters, Hon gets madder and the invincibility is lengthened, sometimes you can put in a hit after the 2nd counter if the other guy isn’t aware. The 3rd time the counter hits, you do an autocombo that is his old RBSP P-Power ender, which does very nice damage, though in some cases it can miss. The process resets itself after that. This move is punishable if missed by grab or sweep.

Kowloon’s Prediction (HCF+S) THis is another counter type move. It works better on air moves ,where Hon does a rising combo, though it can work on the ground. Pursuit possible.


Yoka Tonhanma: dcb,db,f+BC. This move is kinda like a KOF98-style ranbu attack. It does its block damage, but it gets you KILLED on block. They have all day to punish. It is easily comboable though, and quick- so it can be used to punish moves as well.


Exploding Goro: qcb,db,f+C (BS). Yeah, this move is breakshottable. As such, it’s good. If you’re a good Vampire Hunter player with the Guard Cancels, this can be a powerful fool in your arsenal. Otherwise, it’s not very useful except for block damage. It does hit in the back plane, but it’s iffy how it hits, so it’s not reliable. It does have some good invincibility, so you can use it as a very risky Dragon Punch-type move on ground hits, but Sky of Fire is so much safer- use that instead. This is very punishable on block as well.

Best Poking normals: jump A, jump C, stand AB, stand C, B (for chains), low B, low C

BBC chain is the main one you’ll use. Hon has a lot of versatility if he hits, he can send a guy to the background, do an overhead (b, up+B, C), the 3rd hit being an overhead, that sometimes links to a sweep. Generally, Hon relies on small chains and pressure to take out his opponents.

df+a,C,C, DP+C is his best damaging chain