The Fairy Tail Thread

Fairy Tail, a very entertaining manga series from Hiro Mashima, creator of Ravemaster.

Art seems One Piece style in the beginning but clearly superior by around the 3rd arc.

Manga deals with magic guilds a la HP but wayyy better and the battles seems very RPG sometimes.

Main characters are:

  1. Lucy - A runaway girl who aspires to be a novelist and a great mage. She specializes in summoning magic.

  2. Natsu - A Goku/Luffy type. He is a fire mage.

  3. Gray - Rival and friend of Natsu and Erza. An ice mage.

  4. Erza - One of the best mages of the guild. She is a superior to Natsu and Gray and her magic consists in switching magic armors and blades.

  5. Happy - Natsu’s and Fairy Tail’s pet. A magic talking cat who uses air magic to grow wings and fly. Serves much of the time as transportation for Natsu and Lucy.

And it has some decent supports in characters like Makarov, Mirajane and Gazille among others.

IMO, a decent read and better than Bleach. Cool characters and Erza IMO is the best female character in all of manga.

Check it out.

The beginning:

Fairy Tail 1 page 01 | One Manga

The latest chapter:

Fairy Tail 191 page 01 | One Manga

Anime page: Releases


Interesting…I just read the first chapter/issue after being curious about this for the past few weeks or so. (plus, Bleach has indeed had way too many disappointing things going on in the past several months) At first glance it did remind me of One Piece in terms of visuals, but it’s still a few steps up from that mess so far, just from what I’ve seen in that 1 chapter.

I still need to catch up on this manga again. I think I was around Ch. 150…

Surprised there wasn’t a thread for this already.

Catch up on Fairy Tail. It was way better than I expected. The anime has nothing on the manga so please don’t start on that first. -_-

I been reading it for a while. It’s okay but to be honest the story is a bit boring, or maybe it’s how they go about their fights. The fights pretty predictable and bland imo. Classic anime

Man natsu and ace woulda been pals lol. Fuckin im on episode 9 now. Holy shitballs mcgee!

i’m looking to getting into this manga. I’m a fan of mages so this is right into my territory…

good character designs, story is very predictable. Kinda like… er… well a fairy tale actually in that you just know there is gonna be a happy ending. But then again, thats the same for most shounen type anime/manga.

worth reading I think, but dont expect anything ground breaking. At the moment I find it more enjoyable then bleach. Tho given who shi* bleach is right now, anything is probably better than it,

This actually reminds me of breath of fire in a way lol. Or dragon quest

lol, I made an FT thread a long time ago, but haven’t updated it in ages xD
Well I recently read until 189 I think, current arc isn’t all that impressive IMO.

If anyone wants to watch this series, it’d be for the action, it does it really well. Also looks the animation quality in recent eps. has improved a lot since the first few episodes.
Also the OST is fucking awesome IMO-
[media=youtube]cc7x_TCQjG8]YouTube - Fairy Tail [Original Soundtrack vol.1[/media]


They made the anime too kiddie when there’s a bunch of blood and gore in the manga. The animation is ok although Mashima’s art is much better. The music is epic though. And the blood censorship and some scene removal because of the violence is really annoying.

So yeah, with the exception of the epic OST, manga > anime for Fairy Tail.

It’s all Natsu’s fault. :arazz:

Even Erza and Gray have to job for Natsu which sucks considering Erza is more powerful than Natsu and Gray has been equal with Natsu since they were little kids.

Wait what gore are you people talking about? O_o

Worth your time. It’s really entertaining.

Gray vs. Leon and most of Erza’s fights.

Ikaruga for example.

^Hmm could you list the chapters for those fights if possible plz?

this shit is mad gay, makes one piece seem like a masterpiece.

The anime really sucks. There’s just assloads of stills during every fight.

Word of advice: FUCK anime versions of almost anything.

FT manga is on point. The recent chapter was pretty good, too.

latest chapter

[details=Spoiler]- So I guess Bizarro Erza’s about to get shanked. Her dumbass should have went somewhere the first time Vanilla Erza knocked her the fuck out. :rofl:

  • Wendy has some pretty damn buff magic spells. They don’t really harm anyone but they make whoever they cast on like, uber.
  • Natsu and Gazille are about to beast on the king. :rofl:[/details]