The f##k happened to Tiger Destruction in USF4?

Short time poster, long time player.

I’ve had a “Pocket” Sagat for a while, love the character but get really bored with his lack of mobility and sustainable rushdown, so I tend to play him on and off depending on how aggressively I’m playing that particular day.

Decided to play some Sagat earlier and zone people out, do the usual fireball and anti-air game with some crispy links here and there, was playing a ranked match and landed the simple > cr.lp > H.Tiger Uppercut > FADC > U1 combo, skipped out on the High Step Kick because the opponent had minimal life left, and I assumed my ultra would take care of it. I hit both the beginning knee and first uppercut, and get to the final uppercut of the Ultra. OH, WHOOPS! Final uppercut whiffs and they drop out. The salt levels rose as I take a reversal to the face and proceed to get put into a horrible situation, punished for landing a damn combo? I’m unsure as to why this happened, it wasn’t a Rose if that glitch still exists…

Maybe this is due to them finally fixing the corner U1, or something like that? In my opinion Sagat has been taking the biggest blows out of the entire cast since Super; some justified and others downright ridiculous. I always thought his AE2012 incarnation was the fairest character in SF4’s lifespan. But having an issue like this for a staple combo and a serious comeback creator is a HUGE issue.

Not a Sagat main, or a main of anybody at the moment for that matter, but I know enough to realise that having an U1 whiff on juggle is well, horrendous as far as Sagat goes as a character. Even if it’s only once in a blue moon, it can still happen.

Any thoughts on this?

lol, ultra 1 has been discussed and complained about to death in the ultra streetfighter 4 Sagat thread. Basically at this point, every body is resigned to the fact that things are the way the are.

Honestly I’m more happy with it now even though the range deduction is BS.

Hitting full in the corner is too good.

Getting max in the corner is nice I’ll agree, I’ve just never had the U1 drop mid-screen before in AE and such, at least you knew EVERY time you hit it towards the corner it would drop them out, this new drop out is unpredictable and turns me salty as hell

Sagat getting bodied every version after Vanilla. Capcom wants more than 1 scar that’s on his chest.

The thing is I REALLY want to main him, he’s such a fair character to me. He just feels a little underwhelming in comparison to all of his older versions.

You can kind of tell when your too far for U1 to connect most of the time, in those situations just ex shot them or just start meaty pressure.

Hitting fully in the corner is too damn good. Makes Sagats corner game a lot better since any ex leads into like 300+

Hmm, skimped out on the High Step Kick. I may have encountered this mistake occasionally, but its been a long time since it happened. I think doing the High Step Kick helps you get closer to the opponent so that Tiger Destruction fully hits.