The Evo Shout Out Thread

Pretty much is what it says, post shout outs to old and new people you saw. GG’s. Hate on nigga’s, do whatever.

This was probably the best evo ever.

I’d like to give shout outs to these people:
Thanks for rooming with me guys!

Dios -X-
Ronin Chaos (make me a mod, leigh!!!)
Jeff (didn’t catch last name or handle. He ordered pancakes though!)
Turbo! Awesome performance man!
J.D., you did a really good job at running brackets man!
Ray Ramos for sending me to losers in 3S. :frowning:
Half-Ro for sending me to losers in ST. :frowning:

There are tons of fucking more people but I didn’t catch a lot of their names.

Thanks for being there and making Evo more of an experience I ever thought it could be.

It was great to meet the UK team. You guys are great players, and thank you for coming over from so far to play!

The two black brothers that were playing ST casuals (Ken and something). You guys are very good. I don’t understand why you didn’t enter ST, but it was very fun playing you.

It was nice meeting the ST people in the hotel room (Ehonda, Felix, Charcoalbuddy, David Spence, and everyone else in that room). Charcoal, I can’t believe you had pics of Ken Washington and David Boudreau! Haha that was a blast from the past. Thanks for running the side tournament even though 1/2 the people dropped out to go see the movie :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone that I played and talked to, everyone was a great sport and I learned a lot.

Seth, I still snort milk out my nose everytime we bring up the stiltman stories.

We’re like crotchety old men cackling at the same 15 year old jokes. But damn it’s still funny as fuck.

No offense in any way to Stiltman, it’s just that you have become part of agsf2 history. I’ve actually been thinking of getting that t-shirt made. Maybe next year. Arturo, it was great to finally meet you. Everytime I saw you I thought of that t-shirt :slight_smile:

Great seeing everyone old and new.

oh shit son shojutouts

im drunk as fuck cuz me and stuart just hit up the FUCKIN strip soin

watchu know about dat?

much ups to stuarthayden and valaris for being some of the coolest motherfuckers ever. couldn;t of picked whiter people to room with.

ups to J4Yx2 for being cool and awesome

fuckin T double TURBO is my hero. fuck any haters noone could have gotten up there and did what he did.

ups to roninchaos, pgorath, E-surance, dios, MIZUKI (my loli-loving brother), everyone else we hung out with

BIGG UPS to FISHJIE for being way awesome and super amazing cooler than i thoght he would be IRL and for also holding down dat CS Major. we stick together son. WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT DEM ALGORYHTMS SON?

BGs to hte vegas hookers for getting offended when i said i;d fuck the shit out of them if i weren;t broke. should have asked how much it would be to show datbitch the escalator


oh shit before i foreget;

SweetJohnnyV is fuckin awesome. we shou;d have hit up the bars more.

gamertron was cool. so are the guilty gear dudes we met at hooters.

fuckin who else was there?

GGs to TS for being a chill dude and BGs for having those pics of dragons fucking cars on his mp3. did not need to be reminded.

the last and BEST UPS are for the HOLY GRAIL of jailbait that I talked to at excalibur. Oh the things I would do. no-pedo

What a random ass weekend.
Stuart - I will never forget your random ass Justin Wong comments and for trying to take up skirts all the time…
Valaris - Another year of crazy sheit! haha Lingerie shopping at its best son!
tsukihimeblood - Duuuuude you want to ride the double axe!?! that jailbait was all mine son she was checking my ass out the WHOOLLEE time! I love jailbait dykes!
Dios x - This drunk fool was comedy as hell, glad you liked the soap!
Tournament of kings hahaha Russia was soooo hacking!
Mizuki - I love you little bro!
Fishjie - I don’t think I will ever meet a louder drunk asian man out there Ni hao bitch!
Pablo_The_mex - wow…just wow
Ronin Choas - You will always be my Stone Cold Steve Austin hugs HAHAHA
Tsst Turbo! - Thanks for coming out man I know you don’t post here but you and me hanging out and shit was good times :slight_smile:
Shoo - for randomness haha
J.R. Rodriguez - You are my personal hero, Gouki love dude!
Lenin - cough who has a room!?? You have a room!? lets go!
lovepig - you made me laugh so much.
reset - your chun makes me sad.
dirty cole & warren - I love you guys see you this week
Everyone else I met and don’t remember your names I had a good time.
I’m gonna miss those wheel of fortune slot machines.

Well I had a good time at Evo…the finals were great to watch.
I had no idea Alex Valle kicked my butt on SF4.
Also cool to put faces w/ the members here.

Lessons learned:
Never buy things from the Tropicana
2 buffet visits…max!
It’s better to do karaoke while drunk than sober
Mr. Wizard is not a scary person
Carry less cash
Never stay in a room next to 2 honry old couples
Deodorant is your best friend…

I hope that next year Evo will be someplace better than the Tropicana…

Monbaby…you get your money back from the casinos?

Shouts to the people I met at Evo:

Dark Geese
Seth Killian (thx for the SF advice)

This event pretty much brought me back into fighting games…to have fun.

Shout out to everyone who kept doing Vega howls in finals. :rofl:

nice meeting haunts, fudd, and the other dude. thanks for letting me chill at the room the first night. and we got some good games too. haunts is funny as shit when he’s wasted.

orko who like to give special shoutouts to himself, and the guatemalan scumbag for taking my money in gals panic s2, and shriveled p. for upsetting orko in a $50 mvc2 low tier match.

orko will return one day, bigger and stronger than ever to seek vengance from you clowns.

Those were some fucking good pancakes.

My shoutouts will come soon.

And after over one hundred times it was STILL funny. :rolleyes:

fuck yeah man, good games dude. i feel a lot more comfortable w/ the makoto mirror after all those matches we had. good shit man.

man i hope i wasnt too out of control when i was faded dude. I think I said some sour shit to Kevin when we were playin. :rofl: Kevin if you read this, your akuma is super solid, hope we get to play again at some point when im in a better state of mind. i think we played when i just woke up and then later that night after about 12 beers and 2 vodka tonics. :rofl:

“shut the fuck up” - mike chaos

God, too many people:

Nasir - Great to meet you finally, and thanks for the backup on smash commentary!

Noc, Giby, XTG - Great seeing you guys again! Thanks for the hard work running whp and garou noc and giby, i was hella busy all weekend.

Wiz, Ponder, and Ink - Thanks for letting me get on the mic and work my stuff, and for letting me hang and help out. I like to give back to the community.

Jchen - Great conversations with you, and I hope everything I said was proven by the results of smash top 8.

All other Evo Staff - Excellent work!

Tropicana - Uhhh, hot water please?

Jinrai, Moe, UK Crew - Great hanging with all of you. Jinrai, congrats on 9th in 3s, i knew you could do it! Ryan Hart - great work on tekken, mate.

NothingXS, Chris, Danny - great times at TvC and Munchkin game.

FunkDoc, Jude, and Murph - Great company and roommates as always. Sorry I ditched you for a bit, but im sure you understand.

Skisonic - much love! you know why! (some homo)

Steve Harrison - Wow, WHP! I’ll make sure dark geese never beats you again.

Lucas - thanks for looking out for my stuff a few times for me.

CPU and other smashers I met - Nice meeting you guys, and even if you hate them, keep up the good work proving that items are not even close to broken, and do not even close to randomize tournament results.

Sirlin - Nice speaking with you about smash rules and things. I really dont like the character in your card game that can play an ability to lose 10 hp and 180 the card in play. KEITS ANGRY!!!

Seth - Great seeing you again, you are one of the nicest cats ive ever met. Thanks for listening to my feedback about tvc and secretly reassuring me that my inklings about fuerte might be right.

Fullmetal Ross and other players who helped us popularize the ‘badge line system’ at the SF4 cabs, good looking out to all of you!

Jeremy? - Sorry I thought you were 12. You were sick at TvC.

Justin Wong - thanks for the invite, my friend.

Phi - did you run every bracket i was in? haha. Sick Bison slides in the truck.

Tokido-san - Nice speaking to you about KoF98um and Smash.

I hope I didnt forget anyone. Hope you all liked my custom gear this year. Anna will be taking orders to make custom gear for any of you interested in looking as pimp as me in the near future.

Wow too much fun.
Big ups to my hometeam Keystone, we showed up

San Diego Cats!! Ryan, Niel “fix that table”, “Famous” Louie and A’boms room for late night tanked 3s!!!

You guys can fucking party, thats what Im talkin about.Hope you make it next year.

All the people I met and didn’t get names, there were so many and it was so much fun.

I was the dude that looked like a pirate, or Axl depending on what you think…lol

I know I’m missing tons of people so don;t take it seriously I was fuckin tanked all day baby!

I didn’t know anyone from SRK. I was glad to be in part of the hype and excitement orchestrated by the EVO staff. I am not really involved in the fighting game community, but I am fortunate to have experienced it and inspired to be more active in the future. Aside from that, there were pretty good moments at the tournament, or ones I saw while I was there.

  • Double T Turbo rapping his famous Gigaton punch song took alot of guts and balls to do onstage. Big props…

  • The crushed plastic cup that was used to act as the lineholder in BlazBlue loketests. It almost beat the Oreos (I think) that someone left as a holder at the SF4 machine.

  • “2 for 1 special at SEAWORLD!” Greatest quote from the Guilty Gear matches. GG definitely has to be in the main lineup next year.

  • I was hanging outside when I saw Seth on his phone and without looking at the sign, walks into the women’s restroom. I tried to say something but he already disappeared. He walked out a few seconds later…:rofl:

  • Tropicana live Karaoke is top tier in comedy…

  • Tropicana catering is too good. Did anyone notice the Russian coke cans? I love me some Koka Kona!

  • The Vega howl now haunts me this day. I hear it while I sleep, cradling my weak psyche into a mindless mush of flesh. What’s that Vega? You want me to build a gigantic metal fence outside the perimeter of my house? AIIEEEEEE!!!

  • Big ups to DG for the SNK setups. It takes alot of dedication and hardwork to create a strong tournament scene, especially if the goal is to push an SNK game into the spotlight in a big gaming event like EVO.

  • Sorry that I signed up on the last day, with the possibility of not being on the list. I know I know, 4 months. I’ll be sure to register alot earlier… my only regret is that I should have asked the Mandalay Bay caters (worked at a cpu show before going straight to EVO) if I could have taken all those unclaimed sandwiches and chips and brought it to the tournament instead of throwing them out.

  • Everyone who was there, hope everyone got home safe…


bro i’m sorry i didn’t go out drinking with you, i was so fucking tired and drunk at that point i couldn’t go on. but i regret it, because i obviously missed this funny ass shit. if i had been there, i would have bought her for you just for that kind of beastliness.

oh and i’m too lazy to type all that shit so basically if i either took a pic with you, shook your hand, or talked to you while holding a bottle of jack daniels/jaegar in my hand, that means i enjoyed your company.

also i’ve passed out rep, but some ppl i wasn’t able to rep, because i had repped them before. so i couldn’t neg stuart hayden for his justin wong hate like i had originally threatened to nor could i neg J4YX2 for having a difficult to remember screen name and attacking my nipples. oh and stuart - i love you. no homo.

You missed black bitches hitting on us. We went galavanting around the strip till like 7 in the morning and woke up at 9. FUCK YEAH!

Fishy, you were probably my top 4 favorite people I met. Easily. You broke every barrier of drunken-ness I have ever witnessed. But you did it with style and class. Plus you are funny as fuck.

You guys are good people.

Also, Evo birthed the team of Team 0-2! Valaris, Tsukihimiblood and myself founded it.
Our theme is anything by dragon force.

No tooth and nail victories, no skin of our teeth wins, no tie breakers. Pure and utter free wins baby!


Most of my shout outs go to tekken players but as for SRKers I only have a few.

Torrence - This dude regisitered just to get his hands on SF4 and was there all day each day. Played and talked to him a bit while in line, good guy and looks like he’ll be a good Ryu come SF4 release.

Kindevu and Nuki - I doubt they post or even check this shit, but still, was good times playing them in SF4…they kept winning and when it got to 7 wins and reset we let them stay anyways because everyone in the line was so anxious to play them. I held them at bay a bit with my C. Viper turtling but still wasn’t enough. Almost got Nuki once with Blanka, but as can be expected from someone of his caliber was to no avail. I still had a blast regaurdless of the ass beatings I took from these 2.

And to everyone in the Arcana Heart FULL! side tourny (can’t remember specific names =/ ) I had a good time. Started kind of late but still was fun and was a good group of guys.

This was my first Evo, and despite not being as hype as past years I’ve watched and players I idolize not being there I had a really great time met alot of awesome people and you can definately expect to see more of me in the coming years.

Dude, even I won a match in 3rd stike…you guys are fail…FAIL.

You too, dude. Ironically, the only video of me playing that’s been uploaded yet is the one of you beasting me with the Stungun combo.