The Entourage Thread

Anyone watch this show?

I’m just getting through season 4 atm, and just like every other season it kicks ass.

Not only are the stories well done, and the characters really entertaining, but the amount of hot ass that appears on the show is ridiculous.

Fav Characters?

Ari Gold
Johnny Drama

Go go go.

i would like to know when season 5 will come out

there is no season 4 :confused::looney:


All E ever does is bitch to vince, only positive thign he ever did was get medien for him.


there is a season 4…

Medellin, dude.

Rant about Vince:

E is fucking hilarious and he plays his character extremely well; Vince is the bitch character on the show. In fact he has no character; his entire personality revolves around his involvement with the other characters. Notice how few scenes are just him alone or him and a minor character? They’re very short or very meaningless. It’s just like him fucking some chick or crying like a bitch over Mandy Moore. Johnny Drama, Turtle and E have all have their own quirks and story lines and they’re usually interesting. All Vince does is act, fuck chicks, and be a “nice guy with principles.” He is completely one dimensional and boring, and does not exist without his entourage. When have you ever laughed at something he said, or felt sorry for him, or felt he owned an entire scene, or even gave a shit what happened to him?? He has got to be the worst leading character on any show.

He’s just eye candy. He’s been in my top 5 forever. :lovin:

Oh, and Billy Walsh = most consistently interesting, funny, over the top, awesome character ever. I hate not having HBO -_-

One of the best shows that has come out of HBO, Personally Ari Gold is the king of that show. Funniest mother fucker alive.

You Have the internet, which is better than HBO…

Great show!! But I havent watch in awhile

…btw last year I saw Adriene on the F train
that man should be put in jail for being so fine!

You should be put in jail for calling Adrienne a man.

johnny drama in the pink bunny suit

Oh brother

Mr. Grenier is 100% faboo and so is Jeremy Piven
remember him in Rush Hour 2?

Season 1 n 2 beg to differ (I thought 3 sucked.)

I like how vince never compromises himself for money or whatever it’s what makes me respect him n I would make many of those same choices if I were him. Iit’s cool to see him grow more desperate for money season to season it shows a really drastic change in character without feeling forced.

Can’t wait to see what they do with Medelln.


Piven owns the show, he’s kind of a one dimensional actor but he plays the sarcastic, lovable asshole so well we don’t care.

They started cutting down on the nudity. I heard this was for syndication purposes. :mad::mad::mad:

Chick from the DOA movie (played perfect 10 model on Entourage) was HOT…

Edit: Holly Valance was her name.

season 3 is like the forgotten season.

black chick got written out for no fucking reason. turtle was actually gonna get a girl and they fucking left her in season 3

All seasons are fucking great.

E is the man. The show is about him, not Vince. He’s probably the most realistic character on the entire show.

Vince is… not very likeable. He’s just a really boring character.

Not much needs to be said about Ari. Entourage might as well be called the Ari Gold Show.

Billy Walsh is an annoying cunt. Hope Vince finally…fires or does something to him.

Season 3, part 1 sucked. Season 3, part 2 was better. And I very much liked the 4th season.

I hope they bring Sloane back.

Turtle and Ari used to be my two favorites, but E has really grown on me. Especially in season 4 when he was right about Medellien the whole time.

Ari is the House M.D. of Entourage. Insulting asians and gays has never been funnier.

When does the next season start?

Thank You, I wanted to know this for like 2 months.

it generally starts sometime in june.

…Welps Entourage just got Wowed!! scroll down