The El Fuerte social thread (off-topic thread)

This is where we talk about things that aren’t directly related to Fuerte. So basically if you’re going to bring a thread off-topic, bring that post over here. If you’re going to talk about Fuerte’s matchups, frame data, new discoveries, questions, etc., get to the other threads.

Let me start this thread by saying that you do not have like The Beatles, but you have to acknowledge that they were the best band of all time :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw MvC3 is ass.

I’m keeping MvC3 casual. It’s just too much for me to go into competitively and there’s just too much stupid stuff in this game.

nothing wrong with the band. I tend to favor Older music as opposed to newer stuff. This is especially the case with Hispanic music and rap/hip-hop.

I don’t have a problem with MVC 3. Right from the get go I knew I wasn’t going to take the game seriously. I picked the game up solely for Mike Haggar, he’s easy, use assists to get in, land air pipe, combo half their life away, repeat. As far as I’m concerned it’s overwhelm or be overwhelmed.

Prolly won’t take Arcana Heart 3 seriously either. But it’ll be something to mess around with.

Beatles are the best…i do love the strokes too…if you like the beatles then you may like this band called the shins they have good stuff…other than that when it comes to music… im a Bboy/Capoeirista so i listen to alot of traditional folk like music, funk, and like to find old hip hop (Rakim :D) and for new age i like Lupe Fiasco hes pretty dope…OH! As for MvC3 i will be more casual prolly too . i like the game but i dunno. lol i love Super alot more and wanna focus on Fuerte more, and getting good with Makoto just cause i always loved everything about the character…i always like the 50/50 mix-up kind of characters i dunno why haha

El fuerte LAST.FM thread

What’ up, guys? Been a while since I posted.

Tried my hand at MvC3 since release and left SSF4 alone, but since I can’t fathom MvC, looks like I’ll be coming back to SSF4. Still love watching and playing MvC, though, despite how bad I am at it.

Anything new around here? I trust all the Elf tricks and OS’s are still good?

Haven’t read anything about option selects having been changed…

Man, I’m playing like crap these last few days. Can’t seem to do anything right from reading to spacing to execution. I guess the homework from the last two days did that to me.

I’d like to offcially join the “fuck MVC 3” side of the argument.

I haven’t played MVC3 yet… worth spending my money on that game or should I wait for MK9?

I would say it’s NOT wroth spending if you want to go competitive with it. Others may say otherwise, but that game makes me too damn salty to continue to play competitively or even online with is just terrible. Casually, it’s fun.

Hey check out my T-shirt… is an old Vanilla model. I managed to sell like 80 of these in some minor comic cons, what do u think about the design

Elf T-Shirt

Was that with your name on them?

mvc3 is one of the dumbest fighting games ever made lol. at first I thought I would like it. but that is not a thinking mans game. it can be, but being consistent isnt really fair in that.

and also, Ive played Mk9 recently, that game is seriously tourney worthy. watch the belgian mk9 demo tourney finals. that game has alot of mixups and and is a true thinking mans game. not to mention, execution is pretty important too

mvc3/sf4/mk9 are all garbage games that were created so scrubs could play with little to no knowledge and have fun - The fact that these are the tournament standard games is a joke.

As I’ve said before, that’s not a bad thing. If the game is easy to get into, but is so hard to master, bitching about it aside from the game’s stupid shit (DPs) is rather pointless. At least SSF4 makes you think. I can’t say the same about MK9. I should really download the demo or rent it when it comes out.

Yep yeah

I have that impression about MVC3 just button smash no thinking… I’ll rent the game instead of buying it

Hey Kuma I’m going back to Taokaka in Blazblue. Also your free in every game.

Just kidding.

I think I’m gonna drop Tao for Litchi. While I play Fuerte and all, I don’t like how most of Tao’s damage, either in CS1 or CS2 comes from a loop. I’m liking Litchi though, and I hear she has an excellent mixup game.

On another topic, how do you guys think El Fuerte would work in Street Fighter x Tekken? With a heavier emphasis on juggles, combos, and roll techs, it’s kind of hard to picture him retaining his style. Although, I could see She-Hulk being an excellent reference with Fuerte getting a new j.HP that works like Juri’s j.HP/She-Hulk’s j.S with 7HP and 9HP being the elbow as usual.