The ECL - Liverpool, UK - 30th July - 1st August - £3,000 Street Fighter prize pool


My name is Chris Marsh aka Mellow. I am writing to introduce myself to the Shoryuken community and also introduce the European Console League. I recently became co-event manager for the event which will take place in Liverpool, UK 30th July - 1st August. Although it seems that most of the members of this board are based in the US, we are hoping that there will be people on here interested in attending. If not for this event, then for future events.

The ECL or European Console League is a new organisation that have formed with the intention of running the biggest and best console LAN events in Europe and beyond. Our first event will be held at the BT Conference Centre in Liverpool. We have also committed a large prize fund of £25,000 to the over all prize fund. The event will feature online streaming, main stage matches and the ability to bring your own console and play with friends and competitors from opening time on day one to closing time.

We are keen to increase our involvement with the Street Fighter community and the players involved. Not only to get the maximum attendance but also, to run the best tournament possible. We have put up £3000 prize fund which will hopefully demonstrate our commitment to the Street Fighter community.

We are looking to get community members involved in an advisory panel. We’re looking for two to three members of the community who are experienced with running and attending tournaments to advice us on subjects such as what monitors would be best to use, the best tournament format and more.

ECL Liverpool will be the first in a line of console tournaments of this size and we hope to develop a strong relationship with all of the communities which we are supporting, including the Street Fighter community.

If anyone is interested in getting involved please either PM me, add me on Skype: imperialmellow or add me on MSN: Alternatively, if you have any recommendations, please post in here.

You can visit the ECL website here:


Great Prize money nearly $4,500!

ps3’s are more reliable which is why there used in tourney’s in america, as for tv’s well i’m not sure about them, that’s something i’m not familiar with although i don’t seem to lag on my panasonic’s, lol.

Reading the ECL site and the rules about this… is it really going to be 360/fightpad only? I would have imagined that the majority of the Street Fighter players looking to participate would rather use a stick.

I’m a 360 pad player anyway, so I’m not concerned in that way, but I wouldn’t like to think that this would miss out on pulling in top players due to the oversight.

You surely need to allow for the use of tournament sticks. I only play with xbl TE stick so switching to a pad for a tournament is a no go.

All serious tournament players play with stick (what were led to believe) so you would have to include this option in your tournament. I only play with XBL TE stick, but havent entered a tourny as yet.

It seems every Euro major has a pretty good pot bonus from what I’ve seen where as here in America we’re more reliant on large attendences although some tournaments do have nice bonus. But yeah I’d like to see some Americans take that flight over the Atlantic and challenge Euro’s best. Going by some recent results it’ll be very difficult for any of our top players(even Justin) to win this even if they attend.

Yes we will allow anything that is permitted in normal Street Fighter competative play. We are assembling an advisory panel of significant figures and players in the community to advise us of things like this.