The Dragon Lounge Bar: Sessions in Outer Sunset, San Francisco (21+) 9pm-2am

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We play dat Mahvel3 and Mortal K every Monday night (9pm - 2am) at this sexy bar in the Inner Sunset. We set up TVs and get trashed! Here is the info.

The Dragon Lounge
1355 Taraval Street (and 24th Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94116-2450
(415) 566-7700

Also, there is a hot Crepe joint right next door that delivers to the bar after you order it! Great stuff. This bar has real class; come catch a beatdown in style.

See you there!

Yeah imma be there for my sodium fix, bringing an extra monitor and console with us too

Oh no way! I think imma go to this tonight!!!

Damn I have another friend who wants to come but he’s only 20 :frowning:

oh also (sorry for the triple post but I’m pretty hyped about this, so hard to find stuff going on in SF) do you guys need an extra xbox setup? I’d be more than happy to bring mine .

LOL why have I not heard of this before?

Gonna have to come out to this soon now that I know you all play some MK ha!

Damn, are you hosting this Rival? I haven’t gamed with you in forever, I’ll have to come to one of these…

Had a lot of fun at this last night. Chill place. Thanks for the constant asswhoopings everyone. I can’t make it out to next week’s but hopefully the Monday after I can bring an extra setup.

Yo… it’s going down at ~9:00pm. Hope to see some of you pimps there!

ggs. zero is a bs character.


GGs to everyone I played. Shoutouts Drunk_Rival bodying me in MM. RD with the gdlk coaching “Kill Zero”… D= ruined my whole team.

PS ya’ll all free

Last night was poopin! Always nice to see some new faces drop by and get drunk!

shoutouts to crackfiend for getting the brackets set up for the bromance

dragon lounge is free.
long live the buddah lounge :china:

Why are there sessions going on 5 minutes from me but I am not old enough to go =/

interested in a fake id?

I was told I’d be needing one by other RnC people

GGs to everyone at Dragon Lounge. First time going and it was pretty awesome.

Sooo rusty at Marvel 3: Congrats to Jackson for winning me five dollars. Shoutouts to drunk tastylumpia x a_rival, both dropping shit all over the place hahahahaha

Yo, I dropped maybe 2.5 pieces of chicken on the ground but picked it up QUICK style, especially considering how drunk I was! My boy’s girl decorated the floor with whip cream and strawberry goodness and I picked it up as well!

Shout outs to the guy who gave me props for this event at around 10pm, called me a ****** at 11pm, and passed clean out at 12:30am. True soldier.

This is THE San Francisco spot! Crackfiend, you’re my ninja for life. Thanks for making an appearance!