Ok everyone I have come to this and wondering the different strategies with each other. Oro is the only character in the game with a double jump, let’s abuse it. lol

My tactic I keep super jumping alot and doing deep crossups and then when I trained them to see that I will double jump they toss something retarded out to stop oro and it misses so i get free damage.

offensive dj fucks you a lot cause they can walk under your shit sometimes, either dj straight up or back mostly. i’m not saying don’t forward dj, just don’t like stab me the next time someone walks under it then short short supers

jump back and up foward to bait attacks or some response. this will keep them on the ground because they don’t understand you in the air lol. It seriously works.

YUP that right man I actually won a match like this by double jumping constantly against ryu trying to bait the shoryu so i can get free damage after the parry. The double jump helps alot if you keep using it alot in my opinion because it keeps your opponent on his toes.

double jump is just part of his mix up game. every other character can empty jump in or jump in with an early attack, or late attack, or wiff to set something up, but oro has the advantage of the double jump as another part of that mix up. what i’ve found helpful is double jump a lot while you build meter, or empty double jump followed by a throw or ex oniyanma, then somewhere in the course of the match, just jump in regularly and nail them with a late roundhouse. people will usually be hit by it because by then they’ve adapted to the pattern of double jumping, so they’re timing will be thrown slightly. but yea, don’t telegraph those double jumps too much, you can be crossed under a lot and especially against makoto. and try not to double jump straight up and down, right next to them, or you’ll definitely be crossed under. if you do double jump straight up, do it from a good enough distance so that you can use his straight up jumping roundhouse to poke dashing or other shit.

Like bebop said its part of the mixup game. its also really helpful against urien and certain projectile characters. i tend to either super jump double jump or if i regular jump i do a double jump really late. its also difficult but possible to > > commandgrab you just have to do the mk as deep as possible for it to combo but thats another part of the double jump. can really use it to throw people off if you do it late. same for doing the really late chickenkick into launcher.

i wish oro could million jump to outer space.

Me too. Gambit glitch all over again.

Anyone ever notice how Oro’s supers run the clock? skubby cheep ftw!