The Definitive Asian Comic Book Characters List

I should be more specific. This list is for Western comics. I bet a couple manga have Asian characters in them, but as we all know, only America matters. Euro comics don’t count, either. AMERICA FUCK YEAH (lol, I got that song stuck in my head)

Here’s whom I’ve got so far.

Nico Minoru (Runaways)
Dr. Allison Mann (Y: The Last MAAAAAN!!!1)
The Deadly Hands of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu
Silver Samurai (Wolverine/X-Men villain)
Sunfire (X-Men)
Jubilee (LOL)
Ultimate Wasp
Kato (Green Hornet)
Wong (Dr. Strange’s manservant)
Batgirl/Cassandra Cain (she’s half-Asian, correct? If so, we’ll claim her)
Psylocke/Betsy Braddock (white woman in an Asian body gives new meaning to the term “twinkie.” Close enough)
The Mandarin (Iron Man nemesis)
Katana (Outsiders)
Amadeus Cho (Hulk ally)
Deadly Little Miho (Sin City)
Lady Shiva (Batman rogue)
Fin Fang Foom (Iron Man rogue)
Surge (New X-Men: Academy X)
Thunder and Lightning (Teen Titans Go!)
Cheshire (Poor man’s Lady Shiva)
Lian Harper (daughter of Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow/whatever his name is and Cheshire)
Lady Deathstrike (Wolverine/X-Men villain)
Mariko Yashida (one of Wolverine’s old lovers; sister of Silver Samurai)
The Swift (The Authority)
The Female (The Boys)
The Shredder (TMNT)
The Foot Clan (TMNT)
The Hand (Daredevil)
Linda Park West (Wally’s wife)
Kabuki (David Mack’s series)
Glenn (The Walking Dead)
Girl One (Top Ten)
Tujiro (Grendel)
Ryan Choi (The Atom)
Shinobi Shaw (X-Men villain)
Sunpyre (Sunfire’s sister. HAHA)
Temugin (The Mandarin’s son)
Radioactive Man (The Thunderbolts)
Kwannon (Psylocke’s body)
Matsu’o Tsurayaba (X-Men villain)
Armor (New Mutants)
Mantis (The Avengers. Was she the Celestial Madonna or something?)
Dr. Light (The heroine, not the rapist with the porn goatee)
Red Lotus (X-Men ally)
Karma (Original New Mutants)
The Great Ten (See Chairy’s post for clutch details - )
Storm Shadow (GI Joe, Real AMERICAN Heroes!!!)
Karai (TMNT)
Wally and Linda’s superkids (The Flash)
Ultimate Abomination
Amiko Kobayashi (Wolverine’s adopted daughter)
Yukio (Adventurer, ally of the X-Men’s Wolverine and Storm)
Daken (Wolverine’s bastard with some random Asian broad. We need to vote on whether it’s worth keeping this guy as one of us, seeing as how he’s from Daniel Way’s Origins comic.)
Opal Tanaka (Iceman’s ex-girlfriend)
Kaizen Gamorra (WildStorm supervillain)
Lei-Kung the Thunderer (Immortal Iron Fist)
Steel Serpent, aka Davos (Immortal Iron Fist)
All of the other martial arts champions in the current Iron Fist arc
Puck 2, aka Zuzha Yu (Alpha Flight)
Rising Sun (Global Guardians)
Thunderlord (Global Guardians)
Gloss (Global Guardians)
Fu Manchu (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
Egg Fu/Chang Tzu (DC Comics… LOL, I thought 4Play was just hungry or racist when he suggested Egg Fu!!)
Grunge (Gen 13)
Grail (Wetworks)
Dupli-kate (Invincible. Really? I didn’t know she was Asian. SEXY)
Jimmy Woo (Agents of Atlas and Agent of SHIELD. Damn good call, shengy. Can’t believe I forgot him.)
Jenny Quantum/Jenny Quarx (The Authority. Another great call. I will do 999 pushups in remorse now.)
Toyo Harada (Harbinger)
Fuji (Stormwatch)
Rai (Valiant Comics)
Dr. Mirage (Valiant)
Jinx (GI Joe)
Tunnel Rat (GI Joe)
Quick Kick (GI Joe)
Tana Moon (Supercloneboy’s girlfriend)
Grace Kwon (Derek Kirk Kim’s Good As Lily OGN)
Jen Dik Seong, aka “Dixie” (Mike Carey’s Re-Gifters OGN)
Rice Wilder/Wild Rice (The Spirit)
Various Adrian Tomine characters
Various Derek Kirk Kim characters
Jin Wang (American Born Chinese)
Lester Huang, aka Teeko-Meeko the Chinese Wonder Man (Brave Old World. It’s an obscure Vertigo mini from 2000)
Rachel Kai (Seven Brothers. The Virgin Comics miniseries from John Woo and Garth Ennis.)
Robert Akimbe; Baz Hooker; Daniel Falling Water; Jagdish Verna; Gabriel Castillo, Muhammed Ridwan Salim; Ronald “Double-Double” Wipes; (Collectively known as the Seven Brothers of the aforementioned comic. Sure, these guys obviously don’t have Asian names… but if you read the story, they’re obviously part of our ethnic heritage. We’re claiming them.)
Collective Man (Contest of Champions)
Shi (The eponymous)
Ringo Chen (Hitman)
Tiger Lily; Snap Dragon; Scarab; Ice; Butch; Siamese; aka Masks of the Noh (Kabuki)
Akemi (Kabuki)
Multi-Paul (Invincible)
The Minorus, aka The Most Important And Significant Members Of The Pride (Runaways)
J2 (Juggernaut’s son in the Spider-Girl comics universe)
The Quiz (From the Brotherhood of Dada in Doom Patrol. A really good call, Damny. I will now slit my own throat in shame.)
Danny the Street (Doom Patrol)
Splinter (TMNT)
The Ancient One (The Previous Sorceror Supreme and Master of the Mystic Arts who taught Dr. Strange how to be Asian and hire Wong to simulate a Chinese environment)
Kyodai-Ken (Batman: The Animated Series.)
Ogun (Wolverine’s former sword master)
Wu Cheng, aka Chop-Chop (Blackhawk. Another good call, Damny.)
Cedric (Fight for Tomorrow. Go Brian Wood!)
Machine (Authority supervillain from the Transfer of Power storyarc)
Sway (X-Men: Deadly Genesis)
Kai Nagasaki (Crossing Midnight)
Toshi Nagasaki (Crossing Midnight)
Sir Galahad (Camelot 3000)
The Emperor (Member of the Council of Five in Wanted)
Gordon Yamamoto (Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks by Gene Yang)
Loyola Chin (Loyola Chin and the San Peligran Order also by Gene Yang)
The Boy (Soulwind by Scott Morse)
Sun Kim and Kokoro (Big Clay Pot by Scott Mills)
Miss Blossom (The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist)
X-23 (What? Really? Bub?)
Jong Li, aka the first Green Lantern of Earth (From some Doug Moench Green Lantern comic)
Night-Dragon (Batman: Hong Kong OGN. Also by Moench. Moench must have Asian fetish or something. He wrote a lot of Shang-Chi comics, too)
Scrambler, aka Kim Il Sung (Original Marauders, X-Men foes)
Samurai Steel, aka Yoshida Asano (Iron Man villain)
Khatana (Cyber Ninjas. LOL, I did a google search on this character and all I got was 'locky’s post! But I believe.)
Bengal (Daredevil F-Lister)
Tran Coy Manh (Brother of Karma. X-Men related character)
Ninja (Iron Fist villain. We forgot him because his name is “ninja.” Thanks again, 'locky. By the way, what does Ninja look like again? A ninja?)
Assassin, aka Mimeyoshi (Some android built by Apocalypse whose primary function was housekeeping)
R.A.M., aka Takeo Yakata (New Guardians, a DC book)
The Cat, aka Shen Kuei (Shang-Chi nemesis. Also appeared in Cable & Deadpool)
Tao (Alan Moore’s WildC.A.T.s. And the Bru’s Sleeper. The supervillain formerly known as the Tactically Augmented Organism. If we have Machine Man and Assassin, we’re definitely claiming Tao. At least his name sounds Asian. And he’s good at math, too -must be Asian.)
Shado (Green Arrow character from the Mike Grell era)
Miyamoto Usagi (Usagi Yojimbo. I finally realized Usagi Yojimbo was missing from this list while I was taking a dump. Can’t believe I almost forgot!)
Murakami Gennosuke (Usagi Yojimbo)
Zato-Ino, the Blind Swordpig (Usagi Yojimbo)
Kitsune (Usagi Yojimbo again)
Jei (Usagi’s nemesis)
Connor Hawke (Green Arrow/Ollie’s son is part Asian)
Yellow Claw (A supervillain from Steranko’s Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD)
Dr. Zin (Jonny Quest)
Jezebel Jade (Jonny Quest)
Buddha (Kingdom Come. Sumo-sized scourge of China)
Tokyo Rose (Kingdom Come. Japanese martial arts assassin)
Kabuki Kommando (Kingdom Come. The Fourth World’s Japanese champion)
Samurai (Kingdom Come. Champion of Japan from the Batmen of many nations. LOL, so now we got a guy named “Ninja” and a guy named “Samurai.” Next thing we know, Ronin turns out to be Asian.)
Dragon (Kingdom Come. Champion of China from the Batmen of many nations)
Renjiro (The main guy from Silent Dragon. Remember that WildStorm miniseries by Andy Diggle and Leinil Yu? The story took place in future Japan. There were lots of Japanese people in that story.)
Lady Takara (Silent Dragon. The love interest)
Suki Suzuki (Silent Dragon. The plucky sidekick.)
Hideaki (Silent Dragon. The villain.)
Manzo (Silent Dragon. The villain’s right hand enforcer.)
Ikiryu (Silent Dragon. The mysterious, spiritual ghost dude.)
Jimmy Shan (Sandman Mystery Theatre. He was a key player in “The Face” storyarc. That arc had a bunch of other Chinese people, too.)
The Yellow Menace (Pistolwhip: The Yellow Menace. Pistolwhip is a sweet, old-style crime noir comic by Jason Hall and Matt Kindt. Yay Top Shelf!)
Jeriven (My Faith in Frankie. It was one of Carey’s early Vertigo works.)
The Gorgon, aka Tomi Shishido (From Wolverine: Enemy of the State)
Ken (Demo #6: What You Wish For. His wife is Asian as well.)
Masahiro, aka The Devil Who Dares (What If? Daredevil. It was a great one shot by Rick Veitch and Tommy Lee Edwards from a couple years back.)
Ryoko Oshiba (A Japanese intelligence agent from… Ready for this? The X-Men: Kitty Pryde - Shadow & Flame miniseries.)
Nao (Leader of the Path of Destiny. A hokey ninja offshoot somehow related to the Hand… Also from the Shadow & Flame Kitty mini.)
Ozaki (Frank Miller’s Ronin)
Doctor Doom (“Either I win or you lose. Choose quickly.”)
Professor Yinsen (The dude who helped Tony Stark create the original Iron Man armor)
Satchel Pooch (From the Get Fuzzy comic strip. He’s part Shar Pei.)
Sparrow (Amalgam Comics. Basically Tim Drake and Jubilee merged into one being. Jim Balent had a hand in her design so she’s automatically the adolescent Asian version of Powergirl in terms of breast power.)
Wilson (Old Chinese gangster dude from DMZ)
Traci Thirteen (Vintage DC Comics character is half-Asian)
Knives Chau (Scott Pilgrim)
Sonny Sumo (From Jack Kirby’s Forever People)

That’s all I’ve got so far. I’ll edit the list as needed.

Tujiro - Grendel
Iceman’s girlfriend from back in the day
Wolverine’s girlfriend/wife (mariko?)
i feel like one of the queens from Checkmate was azn

The truth.

There’s Shinobi Shaw(Sebastian Shaw’s son)

And Tenoquin(sp?) Mandarin’s son

Radioactive Man(Thunderbolts)

Doctor Light 2( uh Crisis)



Kwannon (The body Psylocke stole)
Armor (New Mutants)
Mantis (Avengers)

Lol, why can’t we claim Fin Fang Foom? The dude has one of the most blatantly Asian names in comicsdom, he lives in China, and he sports a Conqueror Ming-style goatee. It doesn’t matter if they retconned him into an alien being who landed on Earth. He’s Asian.

Matsu’o Tsurayaba (X-men Villain)
Red Lotus (X-men ally)
Karma and her siblings (original new mutants)

There’s the Great Ten

With their atrocious names.

Accomplished Perfect Physician
August General in Iron
Celestial Archer
Chang Tzu
Ghost Fox Killer
Immortal Man in Darkness
Mother of Champions
Seven Deadly Brothers
Shaolin Robot
Socialist Red Guardsman
The Yeti

isn’t jubliee only half asian…u claiming halfies?

storm shadow muthafuckas


If we can claim interstellar dragons, we can claim halfies.

wally’s kids are halfies
also add carpet lint
isn’t the abomination asian?

Ha, Clinty’s a comic book character now? I checked on the Abomination. He’s Russian, and I don’t know if we’re going to count Eastern Europeans as Asian. But Ultimate Abomination is Chinese. Good call.

Amiko Kobayashi - Japanese. Wolverine’s adopted daughter.

Yukio - Japanese. Wolverine’s sometime lover and friend. Storm’s best friend. Caretaker of Amiko.

Daiken - Half Japanese on his mother’s side. Wolverine’s son.

The name of Iceman’s ex is Opal Tanaka.

Good work on all the obscure X-Asians, sano. You can be an honorary Asian if you want.


You shut your dirty mouth. In return, we acknowledge that you can have Jinx from Pokemon.

We don’t want 'em!

Additional Asians…

Kaizen Gamorra (The Authority)
Lei-Kung The Thunderer (Iron Fist)
Steel Serpent aka Davos (Iron Fist)

Also, generally they like to cram in a lot of minorities into the international superhero teams, so those are good places to look as well.

Rising Sun (Global Guardians)
Thunderlord (Global Guardians)
Gloss (Global Guardians)
Puck 2 aka Zuzha Yu (Alpha Flight)

Yes, apparently even Puck is stealing our Asian women. Yellow Fever is fucked up for reals.


  • Fu Manchu actually appeared in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, but I don’t know if that applies.

  • I don’t remember if Viper (Madam HYDRA) is Asian or European.

  • All the other champions in the current Iron Fist (Fat Cobra, The Bride of Nine Spiders, Dog Brother #1, and Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter, and I assume The Prince of Orphans is Asian too) but I don’t know if they’re too minor to include yet. Like…what’s the minimum appearance limit we want here? Like more than five issues or three story arcs?

  • Unrelated (I was trying to see if Jason Todd was a halfie) but this thread got me thinking…you know how in A Death In The Family, Jason Todd is going around the world looking for his mother and they narrow it down to like three possible women? And one is like an Israeli (or was it Lebanese?) government agent, one is Lady Shiva who is Chinese, and one is the eventual real mother whose name I have forgotten…but she was like white, right?

So it’s like…the world’s greatest detective didn’t even consider like LOOKING AT JASON TODD and figuring out if he was half Chinese, half Israeli, or half white? Couldn’t they have just skipped like more than half of that story if they could have narrowed it down?

Who wrote this? Jim Starlin!?! Come on, man!

…I think that’s all I got for now.

That’s a pretty good list.

Viper’s European.

What, Egg Fu doesn’t count?

Haha, I thought it was just a funny somewhat Asian-related phrase you ended your post with, like…


Oh right, Egg Fu (aka Chang Tzu Post-Crisis) would qualify as well. Just looking at his Wikipedia page now…holy shit, comics were so racist back then.

I think that’s what we’re missing in today’s world, honestly. More racism. We need to get back to those racist values that once served us so well.

And is X-23 Asian? She looks like it, but I haven’t touched non-New or non-Astonishing X-titles in like five years, so I don’t know anything about her.