The Curator have Tokens

I do believe we are all correct in every matter with preference to gaming lore. After all it is sentient life that first breathed life onto them and thusly a game even such as Street Fighter subsists. Rather than just existing our games live and designers will listen almost exclusively to feedback about previous ventures whilst creating a sequel.
With regards to the life of my favourite gaming franchise which is “Street Fighter” - I am want to understand wether I should fear the Shun Goku Satsu at all as an issue of being ripped limb from limb as I have since learned that world warriors risk having their soul sucked out by it. I do not greatly appreciate this tack in creating plot and tying up loose ends that developed in the plot when reintroducing Gouken to Ultra SF4.
I comprehend my age to have been between 7 or 8 when street fighter was released from Arcade to Console. It was the first game to really allow me to pit my wits against a cpu opponent or a friend in a way that was truly rewarding to my individual practise and skill. Thusly I reflect on the particular franchise with much affection and I am also compelled to view the gaming likes of other with acceptance as games are crutches for many.
So though not happy completely with the “sucking of souls” or “Mbison and Rose sharing one soul” for that matter, I am happy with the fact these are eclipsed by the fantastic Asuras Wrath and Street Fighter secret episode crossover wich reminds us that their will always be ways to have fun with the franchise without being strictly canon.
I prefer to believe that Mbison just happened to survive the Shun Goku Satsu at the conclusion to Street Fighter 2. I require not an explanation for his survival of the Shun Goku Satsu that pertains to the afore-mentioned sharing a soul with Rose.
Mbison is as strong as an ox! I like what the original Street Fighter The Animated Movie did for Mbisons being godlikeand do not think such an Mbison needs any gimmicks above and beyond his sheer determination.
I will end this as I started and frame my suggestions at least in my chosen franchise which is Street Fighter. Time to explore all of the Masters, Masters in a kind of grown up gritty Street Fighter origins game. Perhaps an RPG that transcends time and generations. We need more Fundamental Kung Fu (or should I say Ansatsuken) to embelish the greatness we have each, with our love of Street Fighter lore, already taken hold of and that we can understand in its most basic and undeveloped forms