The Corner Game

Everyone knows that Guy has a ridiculously good corner game. He’s got all the right tools to send his opponent to the corner and all the requisite moves to keep them there. Oftentimes, cornered opponents will be so anxious about their positioning that they’ll focus almost entirely on trying to escape rather than on playing solidly. This will usually lead to them making a mistake and a big punishment opoprtunity for you.

I just thought it might be interesting to discuss what other Guy players do once they have their opposition right where they want them. Are you the kind of player that will sit just outside of sweep distance trying to catch any escape attempts (punish jumps with TK Izuna etc…)? Do you continue to do run/stop pressure? Do you go for the easy cross up?

Personally, I’ll be the first to admit that once I get someone in the corner, I hardly ever focus on trying to keep them there. I’m a momentum player and so just usually go for the 50/50 cross-up/elbow drop. If it hits, great, more damage, resets etc… If not, it’s back to work chasing them.

However, I feel that this approach isn’t using Guy to his fullest potential and that it’s a part of his game that I haven’t fully explored. It’s kind of an “auto-pilot” playstyle which I’m trying to change. Does any body here have any thoughts on playing the opponent to the corner and keeping them there?

Heres a few notes I make when I corner someone:

Most the time when I have the opponent in the corner he will begin jumping back RH into sweep or something. I usually walk back and then in a little bit and tag them with my St.RH.

After a fwrd throw into the corner - dash in then dash back. Sets up a nice crossup/amiguous elbow.

After a FF Chain, if you are out of the range for RH Tatsu to hit you can usually jump in for a crossup instead of adding the ex-hozo when they are already in the corner.

Run stop mixups work much better in the corner because you are cutting out a lot of their options. They will be scared to wiff a dp because they will eat a huge combo. Probably wont be jumping too much in fear of being bushin flipped.

If your opponent is spamming jab you can tag him with I usually go for the slide after which is safe on block and then throw out another to hit their jabs again.

Work overhead into game if your opponent is just crouching there. Not sure of the frame data but after the overhead hits you can throw out a cr.hp or st.strong and still be in range. If the opponent hits any button they will prob get counter hit.

Remember the more you mix it up the more you are making your opponent guess. The corner is a good place to build or create a life lead. You should always think of that before crossing someone up. Also watch out using your command elbow to liberally. Ive had people dash through it and put me in a really bad situation very quickly.

Obviously this depends on the opponent, but in general I like to throw an obnoxious amount of times. I find cr.jab works really well after a baited reversal / or throw.
Run stop pressure works well here. I tend to go for more frame traps and throws in the corner as well.
I rarely try for the crossup unless I’ve trained my opponent to the elbow drop , and I never try it meaty anymore.

What I do depends on if they have a reversal ready… Pressure if not, safely pressure if they do

I really like to throw a lot, people just don’t expect it, throw, wobble and throw again, If I have thrown and then crossed him up some time in the match, I will fake cross up and elbow drop which usually leads to chain, if blocked another throw, I love when I get someone straight to the corner and they guess wrong twice or three times and its pretty much over. If I know they have punished c.rh sometime then I will back dash and c.rh and then ex spin kick when they throw something out.

I also like to back dash then run > stop, people like throwing something out when they think your coming at them again.

I use U1 a lot, just for guaranteed damage if I chain into ultra in the corner, that’s won me a lot of games where we have both been low on life or I have needed just that extra bit to kill them.

I use U1 almost always, and most of the times I went over entire dozens of matches without using it. My corner game is one thing that I have to improve in my gameplan.

I tend to push people to corners as a general rule, but when I get them there I carelessy push them out with simple combos like crossup TC mk tatsu, that´s ridiculous I know…
run >> stop is something that is almost non-existant in my game, because I´ve found to many damm spammers, so I´m ~trained~ to do the safe blockstring (TC lp Hoz) 9 out of 10 times. The most advanced thing I do on corners are crossup > FF grab > reset > lp izuna but 1 out of 25 times. Most of the time I go for TC lp Hoz HK tatsu. Then EX Izuna. If I land the first Izuna, Usually I try to abuse it with more EX izunas following. Yesterday I landed 3 in a row to a very good Makoto. To end the match. I feel dirty sometimes…

90% of the time I got them in the corner I go for the cross-up because I’m really a momentum based player. If I sense that I got even just a tiny bit of an upper hand, I go batshit crazy and try really hard to keep the pressure on. And probably because of that, I eat too many DPs and wake-up ultras -.-

Yesterday I played against Risoh and he showed me what I think is one of my greatest flaws:
To oversimplify a bit, he goes for the down+MP elbow the whole time so you get hit when he actually aims for the MK cross-up. While I try to land the MK cross-up the whole time and try to mix it up with the elbow drop.
My conclusion of this was: Risoh catches a lot of poeple with the elbow drop in the air or he lands it and does a safe combo/ throw / backdash. While I miss the cross-up a lot and get thrown -.-

crMk Corner Mix-up: Against certain characters in the corner Guy can cross-up Mk into crMk, then time a forward jump into another cross-up on their wake instead of going for Guy’s typical corner reset. The idea is to land a hard knock down after the cross-up Mk, which will give you a guaranteed corner mix-up and give you an opportunity to keep your opponent in the corner to create a vortex-like mix-up. The opponents that this set-up work against is Zangief, Rufus, Hakan, E. Honda and T. Hawk. This also works against other characters but you have to ‘combo Lp into crMk’ in order for it to work. So cross-up Mk, Lp into crMk works against; Ryu, E. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Oni, Dan, Gouken, Sagat, Bison, Viper, Dudley, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Cody, Balrog, Blanka and Yang. Lp, Lp into crMk for Yun. (Note: This set-up works against other characters, but they have to be caught Crouching in the corner and for others, it just doesn’t work.)