The clutch factor

What’s going on with your mind and body in those moments when you’re on the imminent verge of KO and can’t afford to make any mistakes? Do you experience heightened concentration, spacial awareness and reactions? Do you experience something else or perhaps even nothing remarkable at all?

Do you find that you can often take rounds from another player, but taking the whole fight from them even when you have them down to their last pixels in the last round is just something that is a bit beyond you? Or perhaps you are that clutch player yourself, and there are other players who can often come close to taking a whole fight from you but usually fall short? Is something kicking in to give you a last push to close out the fight?

there is definitely something special.
on both sides. even when you’re up a whole lot sometimes you get a sense of something impending. and go for very obvious choices because your mind is occupied with what they MIGHT do instead of what you should do to close it out.

it is a weird quality. when you combine that quality of all fighting games with 3S’ system…
well you get some really memorable fights.

Becoming better in clutch situations has been a focus of mine for a couple years. One thing I’ve found helpful is saving certain low risk moves for a comeback situation. I’ve found it can also help to start playing on instinct/feeling in a comeback situation, especially if you get some momentum in your attack. That can backfire pretty bad though.

i main akuma so clutching or getting perfects isn’t too special anymore, however you realize that the momentum in a comeback is what helps create the comeback. the opponent is hoping for you to make a mistake and they’re scared to do anything which makes them make a mistake. and then…

Dude why are you posting SF4 K.O. screens here? I’m sure you could have found something more appropriate on Google image search.

On topic…
Something about being in that nothing to lose clutch situation gives me heaps of confidence and a clear mind sometimes. The water calms and I can see for miles. Other times I know I should have already won but it feels like I’m swimming with a piano tied to my ass and the closer I get to the finish line the greater the distance from the surface.

that was a google image search fuuuuuuu, brb replacing it

damn you must be really sick!

Can’t teach clutch.

There was something else I thought about that is also not taught, maybe the improvisation?

That picture sucks too. Point blank Super Art 3 (where she’s not the Red Hulk?) Sweep chop by both newbie pickin LK / A is the only button to select characters. Widescreen. Sigh.

u know what i mean :3

yes and no. The method behind being better at comeback situations is pretty abstract, but a lot of the improvement I made was from concepts 5 Star taught me. It’s definitely not as simple as learning trivial knowledge like “this punishes that” but I wouldn’t say you’re completely on your own.

Just my view on it though. It’s an abstract discussion so hard to say one perspective is right or wrong in absolute terms.

That makes sense. Definitely clutch players didn’t just start there at such a high level. Its built on 3s experience as much as anything else, with enough luck to spare.

Haha. What’s with the perfects? Man, go get a Reverse perfect. comeback from “1 pixel” with Akuma.
And only use level 1 Supers. He expects lv 2 super, so it might be the right way to do it anyway.

i was just saying that getting a perfect or clutching a match isn’t that uncommon when playing akuma

Right, perfects can’t really be considered clutch though. Just enough of the right reads in a row. Against the best competition too? Akuma’s no SF4 Seth.

“Akuma bleeds.” And then we won’t want to see Pherai Gouki as Team Anchor!

Jumping jab is my secret weapon.

Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it. ~Henry S. Haskins
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. ~Bill Cosby

My brain will start a firework once im in that mode, being cautious enough to maintain spacing so that one hit isnt gonna kill you. At the same time, trying not to get locked down. Once you see an opening, thinking about something unpredictable thats hopefully not too much of a gamble. I love it.

clutch moments are why shin sho is the best super in the game.

you’re fuckin right about that lololol

If i had a dollar everytime i was in a clutch situation and blew it, id be able to buy a round of miller lites for all of you in this thread…jus sayin…i think a better thread title would be “How not to fumble in 3s.” - NNNN