The Break TournY result 03/27

1St : Mike “-=infinite=-” Williams : Team Row forever

2nD: Mike “PunGZanator” P : Team Scrub (once a scrub alwayz a scrub)

3Rd: Shawn “starbury” Morgan:Team Santrax (storm,sent,capcom)

4th: Chris “Matrix” (storm,sent, cyc)

5th: Lawreance “The Law” Carr (Team Santrax)
5th: Phil “goodbye” lol diff team

HIghlightz and ish…

3 ppl from NY came…

Law choke against infinite… 2-1 (har har har) thumbs up

Shawn a Beast, good job rep NJ but there can only be one Jerzee Rep heheh…me it’s was
2-1 Pungza over Shawn

infinite > Pungza :frowning: Got owned… finals was 0-3 and 3-0 … you still My Brotha

overrall it was fun… Da trip Back was crazy like EERRR

Hopefully more ppl come down next time, thanx you phi for running it, hope you come to the Hunger this Sun

ooh ya ST ownz “hehehe right phi”

Quote of da day : Law said" THAT LUCKY BASTARD !!!" After running out of the Break when he lost ot Shawn hehehhe

hahahaha the trip back was toooo funny, omg hehe:lol:

mad fun night, hehe pungza u know ur my fav. thai guy, right?? :smiley:

some mad close maches, alot fun to watch. I had a fun night:D

MICHAELS IS DA MAN!!! good job. looks like u paid attention when I gave u lessons…:lol: :lol: :lol:

tourney way real fun…i dunno where the hell shawn was pulling his BS sent/cyke combos from:confused: random mo’fucka!

lol different team!?! i played row/and storm/sent/capcom(or cyke) and damnit i didnt know u were using storm on y when i took ur game against steven,pungza you bastard!!!

oh…and I AM COMMANDO!!!

Is MvC 2 League on for Saturday?


…League!?..i dunno man…

haha yea i got mad lucky against law…i kinda forgot what happened…but mike fucked me up …i wish i didnt have work…anyways yea the tourney was mad fun…phils replay of NY’s faces as i pulled some random combos out my ass was classic…haha…my shit is so random…but when i say im gonna ocv someone u know its tru steven! i cant come sunday though…i got work…kinda sucks but ill be there for the weeklies and shit…hopefully i can leave early my niggas!!! I have much respect for everyone who entered yesterday…especially chris ala the matrix…for payin me back when i didnt really expect him too…good shit bro…um like i said mike fucked me up and pungza’s scrub shat on me…yo pungza why dont u play me with a real team??? how bout some sent storm capcom mirror match nigga?:lol: :lol:

and people people…please…remember to rip ass in quik chek…its always worth it…

im not sure james … ill have to talk to phi…hopefully we get more to go tomorrow if there is one

Damn Law…

some notes…

:bluu: dont ever go to quick chek with shawn

:lol: shawn cant mash out a hypergraxxtempest

my storm sux :frowning:

my sentinel doesnt :stuck_out_tongue:

steven should have beat me…:smiley:

infinite vs law was TOO Close best matches IMO

sorry for playing like a scrub all…steven has my marvel…infact he has my ST,CVS2,my Box from hell,and a controller…and my car is Reallllllll fuct up:depress: …steven is a monster…if he only kept playing ironman/war machine/doom…hed be god_78 bleh im rambling see ya on sunday


DanCe PungZA Don’t hold that shit bak!

Lk, unfly lk, quik jet lk, unfly lk, quik jet lk!!!

~Random fl scrub

:stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

i’m gonna give up on magneto and just play wolverine i do better with him all the time :bluu:

holy fn shit Rob Sigleys wolverine/sent/wolverine is God tier…ok maybe its only top tier but hey…yo rob just hang tron up and ull be fine…damn what if sig played msp…:confused: team i quit?

Shawn: I’ll try to get there around 3, so don’t start early if you have it.


Pungza Dancin… EERRRR… see me in Florida in JunE har har har…

infinite wantz to play me for a buddy icon… too good

fool i want that buddy icon, its too good:D