the bomb

probably one of striders best move if used right. It can guard him, setup chip patterns, destroy assist etc… it has a million uses. It can also be used against him if the opp knows the inner workings of it. Most of this is already known. This is just for people who may have recently picked up the team and are looking for some clues.

theres 3 parts to the bomb. When its moving on the bird, THE BOMB CANNOT BE DESTROYED. its completely invicible.

parachute mode: Once the bird drops the bomb, the bomb parachutes down. The bomb CAN be destroyed here. By anything really. Certain assist get rid of it like capcom. some assist use their invinciblity frames to get rid of it like cyke and psy. Mangus\storm both can fierce it out the air. This takes away their hit box though. MOST projectiles also get rid of the bomb during this mode too. It may sound like the bomb is crap here but ill explain how to use it.

explosion sprite: when the bomb hits the ground it explodes. This awesome priority and no assist can stop the explosion. Even though some assist dodge around it, the explosion beats like 95% of the games assist. Even those assist that can dodge it, may end up landing on it. The explosion sprite has a really weird hit box. I’d be giving away some tricks if I told you where it was. The sprite itself also stays on the screen longer than you think it would. It can hit you on the later part of its animation which benefits strider greatly. If the opp tries to gc during the explosion chances are they will get hit.

This is known by most s\d players but if your new to s\d you probably can get something out of this.

bomb glitches:

I think when the bomb hits, the games recognizes where strider is and judges the hit animation accordingly. If you jump\double jump before the bomb hits youll send the opp higher because the game now sees strider in a new spot and the opponent now goes higher. This also works on assist.

— if you bomb then just normal jump over the opp as it explodes the opp goes double jump height off 1 jump.

— if you jump over the opp before the bomb explodes, when the bomb hits them the opp literrally bounces a few inches off the ground. Dont know why it does this but you can surpries your opp with a dash under or instant overhead assist. Good to try because you can play off the explosion or glitch.

— whenever your throw a bomb on the screen the block animation is going to be where the bomb originally came from. If you throw a bomb and get on the other side and the opp blocks it, the block stun causes them to slide the wrong way. Depending where on the screen strider is, you can turn this into a teleport FP xup. You can also do like short short dog rocks rebomb if the block stun goes the other way. Becareful who use this against though ceratin characters would make you pay for the re-bomb. Since its so screen dependant its tough to use right all the time, but it does make people wonder WTF just happened.

parachute mode tricks:::

first of all, you have to know that the assist follow the point character. If you think the opponent is going to try to destroy the bomb teleport opposite of the bomb so the opp is now facing you. He cant do shit about it and you may be lucky enough for the opponent to suki cancel if he hits you. If you can block halfway decent, you can push block GC them into the bomb. 50\50 though LEARN TO BLOCK!! if you dont like that risk, you can throw animals when its parachuting so in essence you can guard the bomb with animals. combos too.

Most of the time these bomb tricks only work when you bomb activate. Its rare that you can do any of these off normal bomb but watch for it. You have to take advantage of something free like that.

— bomb activate causes strider to get out of that bomb animation earlier. Even though the bomb speeds up because of activation. The opponent can be on a ceratin part of the screen where he cant do anything about the bomb that second. If your orbs catch the opp and you trap them, try moving them towards the bomb with the orbs via blocksutn\hit. When its floating you can xup, overhead as it hits and the bomb does full damage. I think damage scale starts at 7 hits. You can even use the explosion frames to extend your hit range. The opp may not be aware of that trick and will eat non scaled bomb into chip. Thats something like instant 40% plus strider options.

— if for some reason you do a bomb and the opponent does nothing about it. STAY WITH IT. Your pretty much safe. Timing the hit to destroy the bomb causes them to lose their hit sprite. Strider can now launch them for free but watch out for assist. If they find ways around it. Fake like your going to it and teleport other side. Its safe MOST of the time. You could always activate once you see the parachute. The parachute is the visual key telling you that you now can move with strider. or guard the bomb with animals AS IT PARACHUTES!

— another good thing about the parachute is that you now to get control where on the screen the bomb lands. I like to call this cheating the screen. If you throw a lk bomb, and have strider and the opp move back youll see that screen moves the bomb to new spots. You can use this to advantage during the match. You can literally put the bomb anywhere. You have a good amount of time to manipulate it too because the bomb can hit from parachute mode to the last few frames of explosion mode.

you should always be ready for the bomb to or not to hit. You can work extra options off a bomb hit if your in the right spot.

probably enough for now.

if you do drones bomb (team ssd) the right way its a combo. This shit does 50% on assist because of the 30% bonus. Its possible to kill a full character with one meter if the drones AND bomb hit the assist. Youll get anywhere from 70-100% on assist depending on how well you know how use strider. Even if you do 70% its game still. Snap that bleeding assist in before the medic gets to him.

***strider gets out of fk bomb faster than lk bomb. LK version has a small lag on it before you can jump out. So all the parachute activate ideas I mention refer to FK. Even though its still possible to do it with lk, you have to wait for the animation lag to where off. Also the parachute Ideas are situational.