The Boardwalk Empire Thread

Did anyone catch the premiere of this tonight? It was pretty badass. Whoever did the set direction and costume work were great. Definitely looking forward to keeping up with this.


Don’t forget to keep all spoiler talk in spoilers.

Watching it right now. I have big expectations for this show. BRB!

Shit. I hope this is On Demand.

I forgot all about this show.

HBO is really pushing this. I was looking at the listing and it looked like it was going to play it 3 times back to back to back! I probably catch the last showing. I’m not sold on it yet, but we will see.

looks pretty solid so far. i will make my final judgment next episode.

It was pretty nice. Looking forward to the next episode. Al Capone being in this is interesting too.

yeah i caught the episode, looks like good stuff.

Scorsese+Terrence Winter+Buscemi=epic win!

Buschemi does an excellent job an Nucky. i didnt think he’s be believable as a politician/gangster but he sold me

Young Al Capone is great too. That dude was born to play that role

They setup alot of drama in the first episode. I cant wait to see how Chicago retaliates against Nucky. Capone and Jimmy are eventually gonna have to butt heads.even though it seems they like each other

great premiere episode

maybe i wasn’t paying attention, young al capone? and why would chicago retaliate when they NY guys were the ones that got axed? lucky seems like a dick lol

Anyone know what channel this is on in the UK? Probably have to wait a while until it shows over here, but HBO really impressed me with The Wire, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this. Scorsese is the man.

I enjoyed it

Good to see that they included the real players of that time. The Young Al Capone, Young Lucky Luciano (big shot even as a youngsta), Rothstein (First big Jewish gangster, lucky’s mentor)

Also good to see Omar from the wire has a role in it to.

They sure don’t hold back on showing you the violence (the shotgun scene!)

This show pretty similar to The Wire? I’m getting that impression from watching the trailer.

pretty awesome first episode. more buscemi is more good

I’ll be getting it for my mom to watch tomorrow, maybe I’ll check it out too. It looked pretty ballin’.

yeah that’s pretty much sums the all show up
It’s going to be the best thing on TV this season

I realy liked Luciano he was all fired up

Omar gonna run this town! I like how they beat that wife beater to death.

Rothstein’s muscle is young Al Capone. I think I typed chicago by mistake thinking about Capone’s “future” Chicago empire lol

It seems Rothstein doesnt get his booze from Nucky in episode 2. So im dying to see how Luciano retaliates to Nucky telling Rothstein to stay the fuck outta Atlantic City lol.

with that drama brewing it sets up a confrontation between Capone and Jimmy me thinks. best part is, is that they seem to like each other (both are war vets and muscle for their bosses)

HBO confirmed another season for the show

I know IGN is a dumb site but they only gave 7.5 to episode 1. While they give crazy good rating for shittier shows and lots of Heroes episodes. Can’t people appreciate true “art” ?