The blazblue avatar request thread

Since my request has been filled, No need for it to still be up. Request away!

I’m just here to say that the sprites for this game haven’t been ripped yet, so if it does get done it will be a grainy video rip and not clean cut like your awesome angel peoples elbow av.

Yeah, doesn’t help that most vids are pretty grainy, too. =/ Not to mention finding a match with the Tao colors he wanted too.

Regardless, I gave a try, though it’s not totally up to the specifications you wanted, Mystic. :sweat:

And one with your name in it, if you prefer that:

they released one of the frames of each character’s standing animation, but yeah, that’s about it.

doesn’t really help your av request, but i thought you might want it:

:lovin: Damnit, I forgot to be specific. The win taunt I want is the one where she’s dancing around. Im sorry, Anyone think they can do that?

To Prevent a million BB av request threads, i will post this here

could anyone make me a prem gif of this, minus the score at top
plus this ara chilling in with the logo behind him…?
thanks in advance brahs… will rep the crap out of you ha!

EDIT: should work now. thanks for the heads up Mystic

^Links dont work.


I knew you’d say that (because it’s an awesome winpose). But there hasn’t been a good quality vid which showed the pose in question - most of them are either blurry or pixelated. That’s why I worked out the alternative for ya.

Unless you’ve got a link to one, of course. Then I’ll gladly work on it.

Anti-Freak: Sure, I’ll get to that in a bit.

And it’s done:

I shall keep my eyes out for one :slight_smile: Atleast theres hope :smiley:

looks awesome bro thanks! will re-rep you for this when i can!

Alright, I was lucky in finding an average looking vid to take the pose from. Unfortunately, it’s neither the default colors or the one you want. :lol: And it comes in two types!

And that’s about the best I can do for now. :sweat:

:smiley: Well, Its better than nothing, But I mean if you guys eventually find the black color and in a better quality, If you guys dont mind I’d still like it :V

Can anyone make me a Prem sized av of Tao with her head peeking in on the beginning of the match and her eyes doing that cute lil blinky thing she does so well? And if you could recolor it to this scheme I’ll love you forever.

Lots of tao fans :3

Well, gave it a try. Got almost everything except the eye color, considering I can’t find a match with that color which looks clean enough, so I tried editing it from her default outfit.

Hope you’d like! If you want the purple to be a bit darker, I’ll redo it.

If you can use these two in some way to make a prem sized avvy that would be much appreciated. If you can also change “Jin” to “Fox” and then another so that it says “MakotoScrub” that would be great as well.

Naw, that’s great. Thanks. =3

You should add a type of “I gotta stay high-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah” reference to it :V

lol this thread is godlike. if its possible can i get a raga win taunt where he shows his wing?and a pik on the side. default color plz. thanks i advance and vvery much appreciated. and have blazeu25 on the bottom graffiti font. its pretty much similers to mystics av just it being ragna lol.