The Bison bootleg lunch special!

Ishiyama (brazilian player?) Bison Mag Doom

Ishiyama vs Azis - 1
Long drawn out match up vs scrub

Ishiyama vs Azis - 2
Aggressive Bison with nice teleports. highlight after a air combo on an assist, his opponent tries to counter with ahvb but he counter teleports into a psycho crusher!

Poucas Trancas vs Ishiyama 1
Clockwork (sent/stri/doom)
He does nice work burning sentinel and controlling space * corner control ftw*
Same game plan, an aggressive Bison to counter any type of trap teams
highlight Bison: D HK into scissor kick cancels into a cross up psycho crusher on sent!

Poucas Trancas vs Ishiyama 2
same team
burns sent again all into the corner

Laranja vs Ishiyama 1
Storm sent cap

Laranja vs Ishiyama 2
burns through storm fast

Laranja vs Ishiyama 3
matrix this time but still…burn burn burn

Seilaoque vs Ishiyama 1
MSP player, he loses

Seilaoque vs Ishiyama 2
he loses

Seilaoque vs Ishiyama 3
he wins yay!

Kamia vs Ishiyama
im sent psy

Nak vs Ishiyama
team scrub

Nak vs Ishiyama 2

Pipipi vs Ishiyama
bh sent cyke

Rosendo vs Ishiyama
rockman im sent loses

ZehZeh vs Ishiyama
rogue cable guile

ZehZeh vs Ishiyama 2

Loyde vs Ishiyama
storm doom cable

Nego vs IshiYama
Cable sent guile

Saddam vs Ishiyama

Saddam vs Ishiyama 2

Saddam vs Ishiyama 3

Thats it for now.


yeah said it before i’ll say it again–

Brazil LOVES mister Bison

I just noticed that the slide into hk scissor kick into crusher works on big chars and i think lk for smaller chars

To resurrect an old thread… ya ya… but clarifying… this works on all characters… bnb stuff…,, xx scissors xx crusher. To note… this produces the air version of crusher which recovers super fast… b4 the opp… on hit OR block…

ishiyama’s eyes are hella fast.

in the 5th youtube link, i saw how he was watching the assist marker and backdashed in the air with magneto, evading the CapCom assist. his bison is of course sick, but i got a feeling he’d be that fierce with just about any character. DO LOVE THAT BISON THO.

LOL! this brings back memories.

These vids are OOOOOOOOOOOOLD, I’m seilaoque playing MSP on those, LOL!
just found this topic while randomly browsing

today, I’d say I’m a lot less scrubby than on the time those were taped… There’s quite some time I don’t play Ishiyama, but I know for sure he’s also much better today than he was at this time, at least his magneto can beast a lot more right now :wgrin:


Are these my videos?? No way… LOL!!!

But, like just australopitecus said (seilaoque player), those are tooo old, and we need to update that :).