The best way of doing charge moves on a square restrictor

I mainly mean moves where you start in a crouch position

eg i used charlies/guiles sonic boom, i used to charge down back then straight to forward and punch, but i think doing a qcf motion is more consistant, because i seem to hit down forward alot by accident doing it the other way

doing his supers are basically the same, this is how i do his sonic boom super when buffering it from a crouching strong: charge db,df+mp,db,qcf+p

as far as their sumersault kick supers go, i do it like this: db,df,db,ub/u/uf+k

uf seems to be the least reliable since its easier to hit forward instead and having charlies other kick super come out, maybe a tiger knee motion at the end would be more reliable

so basically what other ways are there to do charge moves, supers in particular :wgrin:

for the somersault super, just go charge db, df, db, uf + k

problem is i hit forward instead of uf by accident so u works better