The best video ull see in ur life


just watch it yo …

“a community will not fully develop if the elite are the only ones who prosper”

capcom is not letting street fighter advance higher in the competitive community… truth yo and nothing but it.

man the fuck up.

Requiem for a Dream? Seriously?

What the fuck is the point of this cunty douchewaddery?

Did you honestly just record four minutes of you staring longingly at a box and a stick in some ugly aviators to upload on YouTube to go along with this retarded post?

Do those fragmented sentences actually make sense to you inside of your brain matter?

What kind of chemicals did your mother imbibe while you were festering inside of her to result in such horrific damages to your cognitive skills?


This is the guy that was going to start a series of videos following him and his buddy as they went from SF4 noobs to pros…


guess they didnt make it that far ; ;

I am looking forward to the Plz edit this video thread…cause i see much funny that can come from this video…

but the OP alone is just fail. i’ll send my crappy SE stock pushbuttons to the person that edits this video for a good laugh…

Hmm, looks like he’s having a revelation of sorts. But which? About sticks? Fighting games? The community?:sweat:

@Lucretz: Use the search function. Read. Get your own answers. :razzy:

Wow, this is awesome.

Even Starslay3r lasted longer than you. She hasn’t quit yet, surprisingly. :rofl:

Gootecks is helping her learn all the harder nuances of stick play.

He ain’t inclined to help the O.P. that way, I’d wager.

nice one

If you check out her blog, it’s now Mike Ross that is helping her. She explains that Gootecks never helped her and the reasons why.

really :amazed: she’s quite lucky




Looks at video


This would imply more than passing interest.

This video is terrible and the person who made it should feel bad for having made something so awful.

I see what you did there.

Capcom won’t advance higher…because you suck with a stick?

Jesus, man.

I was thinking more like he didn’t realize how difficult it would be, and so didn’t want to waste his time with her. Who knows or cares what really happened.

Anyway, it’s just funny to watching people like Starslayer and this guy, try to pursue their SF desires. There’s nothing wrong with having the drive and desire to be a top SF player, but LOL @ them making a spectacle out of it. Tells you how big their egos are-that they think that anyone would actually care if they succeed or not. Oh well, at least people can get some laughs out of this all.

Agreed wholeheartedly, man.