THE BEST VID...Nevermind

To those who care.


im still the man.

i still play.

my guile owns you…how does that feel. g1 son. yea get at me new tag
teq n9ne

that is the most neg rep ive ever seen in my life.

Nah. I’ve seen worse.

Also what kind of emo shit is GaS? Gamers Against Society?! GTFO.

And I’m staying in the cave. Peace.

Are you a real person?

What is this guy rambling about? Anyone care for a summary or something? All I can tell from the other vid and threads is that he pissed a bunch of people off and quit SF4.

He ragequit SF4 because he thought it would make him ballin in 3 months…fail.


you’re deep bro

Proteq vs Dr. B

make it happen

Good shit repping dat K-Groove Proteq :tup:

SRK is not your blog.

Why are you wearing sunglasses in a dark room while making videos for youtube? Is this one of those “gangsta” things I keep hearing about?

How could he be, he’s playing SFIV instead of MvC2 :bgrin:

As soon as he said, “That’s what its abouuuuttttt”, in that east coast half-guido, half-wigger voice


And then I heard “DWAWGGGG” and “get at me”, and I had multiple aneurysms from laughing so hard.
Seriously, to call you a wack-ass Vanilla Ice is not only redundancy, but also an insult to someone who has moved over 11 million albums in his heyday.


So what are you trying to say here? You have to be a certain color to say “Dog” or “get at me”?:confused:

I’m lost, what’s going on?

Not really sure what this guy is still trying to say. Being vague ain’t hype.

So what I’m getting is that this guy is frustrated that he’s not getting anywhere in SF4, and is blaming it on the scene not being pro. lolll. Get a better source of motivation

I don’t play Halo or much FPS for that matter, but I agree with your point about Shadowrun. It looks like it was a pretty competitive, deep game, but the scene died for it because it just didn’t have the hype behind it like Halo does. So the sponsors pulled out and the circuit for SR didn’t last long. Even though SR stopped being played at a professional level that didn’t really stop anyone from playing the game. What stopped people from holding their own tournaments? Oh wait…I guess they just played for the money.

It’s the players that make the scene, not the money. Street Fighter high level play exists, and always has without the need for professional leagues, so how exactly would having them improve the scene aside from some people getting PAID?

Bitching about this to the community isn’t going to help you. It will only bring animosity for yourself. Unite with the members in the community that share your viewpoint and DO SOMETHING about it. Otherwise, stfu already. Seriously.

I hope you fall into a deep hole with like Charles Barkley.

It took me a few minutes, but I remembered what cartoon character this dude reminded me of.

The resemblance is uncanny, don’t ya think? :o

he showed shadowrun… i was actually going to get this game till I read they handicapped mouse users that are on pc to try and compensate for balance issues with console users that were using analog. What makes this issue even worse is they went the extra mile by giving console players aim-assist. I understand for the need for balance but IMO there had to have been better ways to try and better balance mouse vs analog users. Really sad as this game could of been a great product as its one of the few games to support cross-platform play