The best PS3 pad?

Hey guys, I’m looking around for a replacement pad, the dual shock 3 I’ve been using is getting a little worn out, the dpad is oversentitive so that pressing down only the Left direction and wiggling it while pressed down would result in activating the up or down button as well. On the other hand, it isn’t sentitive all the time that if I do fireball motion, sometimes it just reads down, then right instead. Very very annoying >:(

So in your opinion, what is the best choice for pads? I’ve bought a replacement DS3, but the dpad is not sensitive at all (maybe because its new and I need to break it in?) I have to press on the dpad so hard to do anything (esp super jump) that my thumb hurts after 3 matchs lol…

Thanks for the help!

PS2 Pad with converter if you’re doing tournies, PS3 Pad otherwise. Yea new pads are the worst but just be patient, they’ll be worn in soon enough.

Just use the PS3 one and plug it in. Not such a big deal.

You could go with a madkatz fightpad… (just throwin that out there.)

Hori Fighting Commander 3.

Try using the analog stick?

I tried that once … if nothing else was a problem DP motions were lol

This one is very solid. The new ‘Pro’ version looks pretty solid too.

Play on a stick.

This right here. I love this pad. Much better than the PS3 Madcatz ones.

Official Sega Saturn usb pad.

There really is no “best.” It’s mostly just down to preference. Check out the HFC3 if you want 6 face buttons.