The best Daigo compilation ever.



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Every videomaker should take note of this. Less silly perfects against online scrubs and more slowmo 1pixel whiffpunishes please!

best one ive seen by far, diago will always be the best, even if he loses do to OP bull shit.

The best and most consistent SF4 player, a true beast.

Great video, thanks for sharing it.

Since 2009 he’s finished 1st, 1st 4th and 5th in EVO. Not one other ‘top’ player has been so consistent. Of course not to mention his dominance pre-2009 as well. The greatest Street Fighter player ever.

Interesting take on a compilation video. I’m glad you’ve chosen to include less combo-centric comebacks, and showcase more of his skills as a fundamentally-rooted player. Being able whiff-punish is an extremely underrated skill that most players don’t even think about.

It’d be cool if someone included his performance in older titles, to kind of showcase his level of talent across a variety of games.

I think Infiltration is the more impressive player now

I think Infiltration’s 2012 Akuma has reached a new level of skill that no other player has ever reached, including Daigo. The way he got all those ultras out in EVO, and the general way in which he completely dominated every single player was unbelievable. I’d be interested to see a 2010 Daigo’s Ryu vs 2012 Infiltration’s Akuma. As far as ‘greatness’ goes though, Daigo is still the greatest SF player ever imo,

Still think daigo would win against infil in a long set no contest. Infiltration plays an incredibly lame, and at the same time scary akuma, and he clearly has has great note taking skills.

AAAAAAND he was taken out by K-Brad at a major tournament in a pretty convincing fashion. Infiltration is a good player, and his performance at Evo 2012 was quite convincing, but he’s far from attaining a new level of skill never before seen. He has weaknesses in his game, and K-Brad did a very good job exposing the holes in his defense. It would be an interesting set to watch Daigo vs. Infiltration though.

lol. I think Infiltration in EVO 2012 had one of those one-off freak sessions where he just played at another level. For me personally I’ve never seen anyone play as good as he did in the whole of that tournament. But what sets Daigo apart from players like Infiltration is consistency. The only time I’ve ever seen Daigo get completely handled was by Infiltration at evo 2012, but other than that he’s pretty much guaranteed money in the bank. Can’t quite say the same for Infiltration overall though.

shame Daigo’s not gonna have much time to play SF with all that Mah Jong training…

that vid and this thread suck

At least showcase ya know… his 3rd strike moment ? Or his super turbo comebacks ? It’s kinda shallow to show a lot of these matches. This video dislike showcasing shaq but only showing the random games he was when he was in Miami…

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Dumb captions, cool vid.

Theres a few other compilation videos of Daigo with all the obvious stuff. We dont need any more of them.

This one is just about the simple stuff that sometimes goes unnoticed. Footsies, whiff punishes, clutch dps etc.

Nice video