The Beautiful Lovechild of Two Amazing Games: a Pokemon Fighter (guide in development)

…and it’s Pokemon Wild Type. Here’s some gameplay if you haven’t seen it (PS: don’t ask for a link to download, just google it mmkay).

A few people have posted about this, but I can’t find any definitive online discussions or guides with more details and strategies. And yeah, the game is legit. You can call assists, use specials, command grabs, advancing guard…and it’s bloody well animated, too. My buddies and I have been playing SF/MVC/MK since we were kids and have positively had a blast with this, learning how to counter each other’s strategies, developing mindgames, etc. Since most of the game is in Japanese, I started writing down all some of the stuff we were learning. Here’s some of that for you:

Basics: Familiar to everyone - Light/heavy punch, light/heavy kick, hold back to block with the usual high/low mixups, up to jump, etc. The timer starts at 99, like MvC3.

Meter: PP in this game. You start at 100 at the beginning of every match, and go from there. Just about every move gives you PP - meaning to keep up with your opponent, you have to be constantly throwing moves out (building meter), or they’ll just Super/Assist rush you to death after a few seconds.

Assists: hit the assist button, out it comes. At the beginning of each match, you can choose one of 4 possible assists, or be brave and don’t use an assist for a 100 PP bonus.
Protect: Hit the Protect button. Blocks all attacks, but drains PP lightning fast. If you hit the button right as they’re attacking, you can cancel into a counter combo of your own.
Advancing Guard: hit the protect button again after the shield’s up, RIGHT as they attack. It works whether they hit you or not, from anywhere on the screen. Very difficult to time; mastering this is the key to stopping rushdown.
Throw: LP + LK,
Taunt: HP + HK
Fast Getup: Hit up as you hit the ground, on *second *bounce.
**Airdash: **Only Gengar and Gardevoir. Takes them all the way across the screen.

That’s the basics. Some of my notes character-specifically:

Fast normals, easy combos into black hole super (which confuses)
The ONLY teleporter, can constantly lay traps as security. Combine with air dashes, and you can get away from anything.
Has a midscreen command grab
A. hk = great priority.
Fast fireball for zoning.

**Supers **are fantastic:

  • Black Hole thing. Hits everywhere that’s not right next to you or on the far side of the screen. Does decent damage…but more importantly confuses your opponent. Every few seconds, they’ll wobble around and be completely open to attack.
  • Recover heals 1/2 HP in about two seconds. Knock your opponent away, and you’'ll be fine. Try it while the opponent’s confused for free HP.

The key to a good Gardy is constantly laying traps around the opponent, frustrating them as you teleport around the place, and continually put them in situations where they have to block and be thrown. You shouldn’t ever let her get in the corner. It’s all about getting where you want to be, the opponent where you want them to be, then abusing them with projectiles, teleports, and command grabs as soon as they try to jump over it all…then teleport/air dash away if they get close.

He plays something like a Zangief…but without a command grab :3. Maybe that’s the wrong comparison…but when this dude’s got you pinned down, it distinctly feels like you’re being dominated by a good Gief.

Snorlax is all about a lot of countering → you can’t play their game. Watch them, use the appropriate invincible/armored counter, then bum rush away. DON’T get caught in the corner; you’re pretty much forced to drains your PP and advancing guard them.

Jumping h.k and h.p - knock down.
Mega Kick - startup invincibility, knocks down.
Mega Punch - armor, knocks down.
Body Slam(s) - jumps to the other side of the opponent and bodyslams them. ABUSE this on wakeup.


  • Hyper Beam: typical beam super. Can combo into it in the corner.
  • Rest: can technically heal you to full HP, given time. Good luck getting that. However, that’s exactly why you have the Mr. Mime assist - it creates an advancing, impenetrable wall for about five seconds, plenty of time for FULL HP recovery. So in other words, 200 PP = full HP recovery.

I hate him. I’m not even going to write up things here. He’s the Fox of this game. Quick, small, and can suddenly fly at you from any angle with Brave Bird, which is overpowered. It can kill you in 6-7 hits, beats out almost EVERYTHING, and is just about unpunishable.

Oh yeah, did I mention the SKITTY ASSIST. The thing uses Metronome and just about ALWAYS uses Hyper Beam. It’s the scariest thing in the worst to have a little kitten jump up onto the screen and blast a hole through your face.

The single most powerful move in the game is his Swallow command grab. His entire game revolves around this, around throwing out fireballs and your poison cloud, using your assist to get them to block, then grabbing away.

Normals are just for counters - h.p leaves behind a fantastic poison cloud that has a lingering hitbox. Counters everything jumping in. All kicks have Pinsir bite them (weird), and he has incredible priority and damage. Oh, good luck with Combusken - stupid thing can Brave Bird you every time.

I could post more, but I think that’d make this a tl;dr. Let me know what you think! This game is too much pure fun to ignore.

Nintendo seriously need to make a 2D traditional Pokémon fighter.

Man, this thing is hella old. Unless its a new build I should have this somewhere in my hard drive. Game is pretty fun; needs some netplay.

^ only a year old, by last build.

5.0 might be delayed because they could be putting in 5th gen Pokes as well(crosses fingers for Scrafty and Bisharp)

on a side note, WTF is up with Gengar’s Hypers? dude plays like an SNK character.

Actually, I made a tier list for the latest version a LONG time ago.

Why does it seem like a lot of people are suddenly finding out about this game just now?

My friend who I usually play fighting games with and I were playing this and its a blast. Loving gengar, he’s been my favorite pokemon since it existed. Need to learn some combos though.

because the press just got ahold of this game, just like dong dong never die after PC Gamer showed it off.

update me buckos!

ver. 5.2 is out now:

now if i remember the steps to get it right…

  1. click on blue text.
  2. click “download” on type wild screen
  3. click on any of the download mirrors for 5.2 the first textbox, put in the word pokemon(exactly like that, no caps.)
  4. in the second box, put whatever number is shown on in the codebox( lik A1 U, or whatever it is)
  5. click on OK to download when t appears.
  6. Go wild(pun intended.)

and a new character is in as well: Lopunny


Linked to my friends who brought their GBAs to tournaments.

Ah. I remember this game. I always thought that someone needs to make a straight-up Pokémon fighter with Fighting-types and other vaguely-humanoid Pokés. Hell, maybe even an Alpha “Reskin” or something using SF character moves with Pokémon. I’ve got an entire list. It’s kinda scary how much though I put into who would be who, to be honest.

I won’t list it here, though I’m tempted. Unless, of course, you want to see it…

Anyway. Lopunny looks like she’s got some Cerebella action going on. I always thought she’d have Chun’s moveset.

Does this game have an air tech?