The Battle Royale 2010 Tournament Planning Thread- USA vs. UK vs. Northern Mexico

Okay this is the planning thread for a monstrous event that will top Nouveau Defi Prologue 2009. This will in essence be the followup event for that tournament and I’m leading the charge. What started as a discussion between me and KusoGaki has led into me going full speed ahead into planning what would be a monstrous event.

So you’d get Reynald the current US Champion in KOFXII, vs. Tim119, MichelS, or others!

Who would win??

I wanna get to the bottom of it.

What about Japan you say? I’m working on it…let’s take it one step at a time. Also if I can add more countries and locations and include Central to South Mexico I will! However, this will mean changing the location, and if you want the best competition this may mean the tournament will be in MEXICO…so

We are tossing up between for locations:

-El Paso, Texas obviously
-Other border locations
-Locations in Mexico (Americans get that passport!)

Would you all be open to this?

If we can get Bulletproof and other top UK players sure thing, but I’m working on this.

I’m talking about maybe a $500 Bonus pot for KOFXII and other things.

This will also be a full fledged tournament open to the public BTW.

So I’m looking at the following games/events happening for tournaments:

Early Bird Registration: $15
At the Door Registration: $20

Double Elimination

Payout is:

-Tekken 6 BR
-KOFXII: $500 Bonus Pot 1st place!
-KOF 2002 OG: $250 Bonus Pot 1st place!
-KOF 2002 UM: $100 Bonus Pot 1st place!
-KOFXI: $100 Bonus pot 1st place!
-Garou MOTW
-KOF OG 98

No Japanese, and open to the public = ZZZZZ matches

Apparently someone didn’t read the first post did they Emil? Did u not see where it says “What about Japan?”

I’m working on it. I want to add more countries hence this is a planning thread, it’s nothing in stone. So by the time I finish this thing could be 7 countries long (possibly even China!)…

Open to the public yes, this is a business you know…it’ll just a be a higher level tournament than what you probably expect.

You dont know that…

So why don’t you attend? Canada isn’t far from the US.

I support this idea, especially since I live in AZ, love that KoF! Maybe talk with Robb and the devastation crew, they could probably help you setup something here, I’m sure at this point he’s got a ton of connections

Possibly, because I am talking to others and considering hyping up Garou MOTW by bringing over the French players.

I am talking to some Japanese players right now also BTW.

lol Emil.

we need emil there to show us how to play KOF…:rolleyes:

LMFAO. :rofl: :rofl:

I’m currently waiting on updates from Bulletproof and the others in regards to dates for this particular event, when we get it confirmed I will let you all know.

You’ll need a much bigger kof tourney gathering to make it worth while for the japanese. A good first impression is a must, and I’m not sure if 15-20 people showing up would be worthwhile for them. The setups have to cater to all players and at least take into account to what city would pull a lot of people and a higher level of competition overall for the game.

NDP was an invitational only and we were shooting for only a small amount of players hence the “Best of the Best” theme, this is a full fledged tournament, so it’s open to the public and thus all of El Paso is invited to come for their games and others around Mexico/the USA/the UK and Europe are invited to come.

The setups best based to cater to all players are console…

Because everyone has their own setup on the arcade and constant soldering even a SuperGun isn’t gonna cut it.

However, if we do this in Mexico depending on where you’re talking 100 players minimum, so that would mean the Americans need to get passports!!!

So this is what we are looking at:

  1. El Paso, Texas: The Mexicans that have visas and passports can cross, the El Paso players that wanna play SSFIV, Tekken 6 can come play and its better for the Americans overall. UK players and those coming overseas can’t get here without passports anyways! lol
  2. Another border town- Same scenario as El Paso, but gotta make sure it’s bordering a high level town like Juarez (Top 5 ranked ranked city in Mexico in 2002 and KOFXI) so we get very high level play. Another thing is the big names like Osmani have said if we can get the Japanese to America they will get their passports, so it’s quite the tossup what to do. The overall consensus is it’s harder to get permission to go to the United States than it is to get a passport/permission to cross into Mexico or somewhere else.
  3. In Mexico somewhere- Doesn’t benefit the North Americans and forces them to get passports to cross, but guaran-damn-tees the most amount of players, at a minimum 100 and you don’t have to even remotely question the level of play. :rofl:

So that’s what I’m tossing up, so debate the pros and cons!!!


Why have people recently been on an anti-public, private invite only shit. How the fuck is anyone supposed to get good like that

THIS, is my point. In my POV, NDP was supposed to be our answer to Gootecks “invite only Bar Fights”, so it was like for that one particular time.

Now sure invites could come back in the future, but they’d be in conjunction with the open tournaments for everyone else.

If everything was an invite-only the rich would get richer and the poor would get poorer… (Wait doesn’t that happen in real life anyways? :confused: )

Plus if Emil is worried about the quality of the matches then he need not worry, if the matches aren’t that good they won’t make it for the DVD obviously, and I’ll disable the ratings so people can’t go berserk on youtube.

What options are you thinking for Mexico? I mean cities. You must be joking about getting into Juarez nowadays.

Monterrey is near the border, lot of flights from everywhere, big city and good level, and of course players from the center would come. Only for '02 because all those games are unknown over here.

What do you mean I must be joking about getting into Juarez now and days?

Hahhaa I go to Juarez on a consistent basis. No the tournament wouldn’t be in Juarez. But I am doing a Major in Juarez, see my sig-JuareZ WarZone.

But…this tournament wouldn’t be in Juarez.

As far as cities are concerned in Mexico, Mexico City and Monterrey are premier ones right now…they are the center of everything and I could try to sponsor some Juarez players to go…and this is if I can solidify a Japanese player then Mexico City/Monterrey would be the premiere location since that would enable the very best 2002 players in Mexico to come (Winnie, Bart, Osmani, Kula, Luis Cha, Abraham from Leon, etc).

Monterrey was my second location I was thinking about too…it would be a great location for everything ( Monterrey=Top 4 in Mexico in
2002 with Skato being better than Alexis of CD. Juarez, Top 5 in Mexico in KOFXI with Taekua who’s arguably better than Kane9999).

So Monterrey is a valid option…it may be THE OPTION depending.

For those wondering the top 5-7 cities in Mexico for 2002, 98/UM KOFXI, and KOFXII based on a lot of conversations with Mexicans while in Mexico-


  1. Puebla (Osmani,Kula)
  2. D.F. or Mexico City (Bart, Luis Cha, Clavi, Winnie etc)
  3. Leon (Abraham)
  4. Monterrey (Skato- the King of Northern Mexico in 2002, won the Juarez National)
  5. Ciudad Juarez (Alexis, Esteban, Hugo, Joelle)
  6. Sinaloa (Khannibal, Marin)

KOFXI- Toss up between the following:

MexiCali (Vegar, Juan, etc.), Monterrey (Taekua), Guadalajara, Puebla (Kula), D.F. ( YYSU, Brennan, Colt) Ciudad Juarez (Kane9999, Rodo, me lol) Torreon ( Razx, Zerge)


  1. Puebla (Osmani, Kula)
  2. D.F. or Mexico City


  1. D.F. or Mexico City

So take all this into consideration when thinking about the best spot for this.