The Batman thread: MkII

So the other Bat thread is gone, time for a new one, as we don’t want Superman hogging all the fun.

Batman Title releases for 8/8/12:

Batgirl V4 #12.
Batman and Robin V2 #12.
Batman Arkham Unhinged #5.
Batman V2 #12.
Suicide Squad V3 #12.
DC Universe Online Legends V3 TPB.
World’s Finest by Dave Gibbons & Steve Rude TPB.

Lots of juicy Bat titles this week.

Batman News as of 8/8/12:

New awesome art picks.


Batman: The Dark Knightfall fan film. Rather interesting.


I’d do the same thing if I had spare money.


Bane origin for TDKR history, fun read.


Grant Morrison interview over Batman, Inc.


The Dark Knight Rises becomes the #2 film of the year on box office returns.


Paul Dini pls :sad:.

Conjoined kungfu triplet FTW

Apparently after the current arc on Batman wraps up, DC will hand the title over to Tony Daniel for both writing and artistic stand points. Seems interesting, I love his art, but haven’t read anything written by him yet. Details here:

The Two-Face batgarb piece of art in particular I found awesome, looks like it’s DC’s version of Spidey’s upcoming “Gauntlet” just shorter.

Edit: Can someone give me the beginning issue of the current Batman arc? I’m assuming it’s the start of Dick taking the cowl, if not, that issue would be better.

Red Robin was fun so far. Gotham Knights too.

Bagley starts his 4 issue stint on the main Batman book which is the only reason I’m getting that, just for the artwork alone. I really hated the way Winick wrote Dick Grayson in Outsiders so I’m hoping this arc will be better.

Oh and Wednesday Comics starts this week and Batman will be in there in comic strip form! Lots of other DC heroes too! Don’t know it Bats will be Wayne or Grayson though.

Batman And Robin rules! :rock:

Azz and Risso doing Batman in Wednesday comics. Should be light years better than any other non-Morrison/Quitely comic. Broken City is still one of the best things DC’s ever published.

I have no idea how you guys can tolerate Tony Daniel’s art.

I agree, I’ve never been a fan of Tony Daniel’s art and it certainly doesn’t suit a Batman book. However, I am rapidly becoming a fan of Quitely’s art just based on the few pages of art I’ve seen from Batman and Robin. It’s a shame, If I weren’t on such a strict budget I’d consider picking up the title, but I’d need a better reason than just spazzing out over great art.

There aren’t a lot of books I would recommend getting over Batman & Robin, it’s shown absolutely no signs of weakness so far two issues in.

Six months of Judd Winick and then six months of Tony Daniel? …hurray.

I usually like more clean/cartoony looking artwork in comics, so Daniel’s work appeals to me in that aspect. While I don’t think he is reinventing the genre or anything, I enjoy the crisp style.

Don’t tell me you’re gonna obsessively compulsively continue buying Batman just to keep your consecutive issues streak alive… Doing so would result in the loss of any pretentious indie rock street cred you might have possessed.

I wouldn’t really characterize Daniel’s art as crisp. I think he still draws like it’s 1995. It’s very in line with the Image era of gritted teeth and static poses, with lots of needless rendering and crosshatching to make panels look overly busy. He pretty much destroyed Morrison’s Batman for me, worse than Howard Porter on JLA.

To be fair, I never did bother reading Battle for the Cowl, so it could be he’s the greatest comic book writer of the decade.

But I kinda doubt it.

Who did the art for RIP? shit story aside, that art was awesome.


Thought so, well, I stand by my liking of him. Hasn’t done anything yet that I know of to warrant my hate.

How about the fact that its written by the industry’s best current writer?

Anyway, I like Daniel’s artwork. “ZOMG JIM LEE/90s ERA RIPOFF”; stfu I enjoy it damnit.

I don’t know about him writing it though, judging by Battle for the Crap, but I like to see how he would do on a non-“EXTREME EDITORIAL MANDATE!” story arc.

Also, I like that red and black look. It follows along with Morrison’s original story ideas back in RIP with the Red and Black symbolism everywhere.

Hell naw, I’m never gonna shut up about shitty '90s artists. When we’re like 80 years old and reading comics on our hologram projectors at the retirement home, I’m still gonna complain about how lousy those Image-style artists were. My hate just can’t be repressed.

Lol, maybe it’s the nostalgia factor for me then, also I like Jim Lee’s work. Hell Hush is one of my favorite arcs, and it’s almost universally reviled.

Battle for the Cowl never interested me, as I figured Dick Grayson would be the successor, only logical choice. However I wanted to know who was the Batman sporting the gun belt and double pistols was, I assumed it was Harvey Dent or Hush.

Doesn’t look like Dick will be Batman for long before he faces a real dilemma in Blackest Night, with both the Flying Graysons and Bruce coming back as Lanterns, it’ll take an emotional toll on him, and probably shape him up as Batman further.

Zephy, shut up.

My current Batman collection, off the top of my head-
False Faces Hardcover by Brain K. Vaughn
Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison
Batman and Son Hardcover by Grant Morrison
A collection of Paul Dini stories from Detective Comics

I don’t collect much Bat books, but if I find one I like, I get it.

Only thing’s I have that I can think of is: Long Halloween, Dark Victory or w.e the sequel is, Joker, The first part of Knightfall, and the first part of No Man’s Land. Never completed the No Man’s Land comic but read the novel, which I enjoyed immensely.

Is Grayson going to get JLA membership as Batman, if not already? Pretty sure he can do Bat’s team job admirably.

They are keeping him regulated to Bat books for now.

The only time I think he steps out for a bit is for that Batman Black Lantern special. Which is still a Bat book but is connected to things going on in the DC-verse. That’s written by Tomasi who did an excellent job on Nightwing so I’m looking forward to that! The plot is really WTF since he’s going to fight his dead parents but hey that’s Black Lanterns for you. :looney:

I’m sure he’ll join the JLA eventually.

Why has there been no mention of the current Detective Comics? It’s AT LEAST as good as Batman and Robin.

That’s a matter of opinion. I realize what you’re saying but, it’s more about me not being a huge Batman fan. The only books I own are The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke hardcovers. Come to think of it, Dick Grayson is my favorite character since I used to read quite a bit of Nightwing when it first debuted. It seems like a good jumping on point, and I love the art, but I’m afraid I’ll buy the first few issues and lose interest.