The Batman: Brave and the Bold thread. Now in its third and final season

OK, first off I want to apologize for not posting about the series, seems I keep forgetting to do that when I lurk SRK for long >_<. I hope you accept this as an apology-

Secondly, the show has aired eps. on Cartoon Network, they aired the following eps.-
[spoiler=]Battle of the Superheroes (actually ep. 5 of S3)
Joker: The vile and the villainous (Ep. 1 of S3)
Shadow of the bat (Ep. 2)
Night of the Batmen (Ep. 3)[/spoiler]
These were the only eps. of Season 3 aired on CN, however the remaining eps. of Season 3 are available on iTunes; 4 of them in fact (So now we’re left with maybe 5 eps. before this masterpiece ends ;.; ) The previous eps. might also be on iTunes so if you can access it, try getting the eps. off there.

ATM the following DVD collections are available: Entirity of Season 1 is available on 2 DVDs, Season 2 Part 1 will be on sale in August.
I’m hoping they’ll release these on BluRay someday which is really what I’m waiting for (Justice League is on BluRay, so this could make it some day too).

So far, Season 3 has been fantastic IMO, and it’s great to see the other big two in the show instead of just being cameos. I still feel they should make an Outrageous Aquaman TV show, even if it’s just one season =(

I know the bat will deliever. I ask only one thing…

NO WOOZY WINKS!!! Give this to me and I will be happy.


Read, then watch the Superman episode.

As a fan of that site and general World’s finest stories, it made me lol hard.

I love this show, I don’t think it’s as appreciated by an older audience as it should be. Some of the humor and definately the characters is geared toward us as fans. I liked the Silver Age so this has been an enjoyable run for me.

First season is ok, but second season when they got some more character support it really picked up. Think I will get the DVD collections soon.

lololol that clip was jokes. when the wonderwoman theme came on i was fuckin rollin.

Ahahaha! I didn’t even watch the clip until you mentioned it. That shit had me rolling, and I like the way they played off Trevor, that thumbs up killed me.

I remember I was having a drink while watching that clip, I almost spat it out when the theme came on XD

am i crazy or did they hint at the justice league batman and wonder woman relationship.

IMO it’s just superheroes wanting Wonder Woman.
…and really can you blame Bats for being jealous?

Dat star spangled ass.

I’d rip off her panties and hit it until she saw stars and stripes forever. :rofl: Yes. I had to go there.

EDIT: I’m still on that superdickery site. Gonna check it out hardcore soon.


Always good to enlighten newer people to it’s glory, found that WAAAY back in Middle school lol and while it’s been more or less dead in recent years, it still has enough material that I revisit it and get a chuckle. Just that Superman episode had SO many references to the stupid ass Superman stories of the late golden age/early silver age.

Gotta love Jimmy’s comment on Supes’ dickery-ness-
Jimmy: "Yeah, Superman’s a di-"
Lois: “-fferent person”

If you haven’t watched or figured it out yet, the Doom Patrol ep. also references the covers and other stuff from its 60 era. There’s also a poster of Flex Mentallo in one of the scenes XD.
The end of that episode invokes manly tears ;.;

This is the most (if not one of) epic song I’ve heard in an animated series ever.
It’s a shame we may never see him team up with Jonah Hex in an episode of the show ;_; At least after August, him and Hex will appear in the same book (they may not meet but hey I’m all for more western comic book action~)

Episode 21, duel of the double crossers. Batman and Jonah Hex team up in the main adventure to break out of Mongul’s Warworld.

Also the guy in your song is Vigilante (Greg Saunders, first) don’t know if you thought he was hex or not but wanted to clarify.

Unless you mean vigi and hex team up then disregard. I think that was in an episode of Justice League though.

lol, I know who that is mate ;3
He was one of my fav. characters in the JLU cartoon, and I meant an ep. where these 2 characters team up, but seeing how the show’ll end soon, chances are that’s never gonna happen.
…and for the record, Jonah Hex is my fav. DC character.

Jonah is a pimp, his comics are always fun to read.

Yeah it would be cool to have a western themed BaTB, the parody and humor could write itself but yeah not good chances.

New BaTB released on iTunes three days ago. Main adventure involves Joker, Lex, and Cheetah making a deal to take out each others respective enemies. Wonder Woman vs Joker, Superman vs Cheetah, and Batman vs Lex Luthor.

Yeah I watched it [spoiler=]A good idea but execution could’ve been a lot better. Still a neat episode.
The teaser at the start is awesome except for Superman bringing up that Luthor’s cheating…you’ll know what I mean when you see it XD.
The episode also featured yet another obscure character appearing-

Really well use if you ask me. Also the end of the ep. was fantastic =)[/spoiler]

Prez is awesome, also that image was riffed on superdickery as well lol.

In a week or two I’ll pick all the iTunes episodes up to watch.

The animation is pretty good looking. I haven’t watched any of this yet. So only three seasons total?

Yup, Season 1 and 2 are 26 eps., Season 3 is 13 eps. For a grand total of 65 (Teen Titans was 65 eps. as well BTW)