The Bama Thread - Staying Hungry ,The Soul Still Burns!

new thread

The best community easy

new games more top 3’s at tournies.

Lets go



So a nigga got killed over some air jordans… smh

Anyone hear ever had their anal bleached? btw, I like butt.

Man, Derrell fucked up and let me borrow XIII for more than a day. Anyone going to the shop on Tuesday?

borrow? As in…you didn’t have it? You? The guy with the pc rip?


Also ppl:

Play King of Fighters XIII

I think we’re gonna do some GG-style shit and just fuck shit up in this game.

Nigga if I do this imma need to see more sf players jus sayin

sorry, auburn is playing skullgirls when it comes out (really soon)

Bama is THIS hype right now

Why the hell you didnt buy it yet? I went gas money-less just to buy the game, its called dedication! As for coming to the shop, I might be there hopefully.

I’m running on Joe right now, he’s a good point character. Still Shen is dat nigga real talk. I finally bought NESTS Kyo and Iori 98 for Christmas and 98 Iori is pretty good. NESTS Kyo is gonna be really good because he can combo OFF of his overhead without HD. That alone makes him good, RED kick is dumb. His chains are all safe on block as of now and his dp has auto guard so yeah.
My main team is still Shen, Andy, Iori as of now. It might change to Joe, Iori 98, Shen. That way, I wont play two 100% characters on one team, which means I’ll use a lot of meter.


You jokin man, when I go to the next bham tourney I dont wanna fight the same niggas I play with everyday

Actually I played AE last night, it wasnt that bad. I might pick up Guy but then Nice1’s Guy 10X > my Guy, so yeah. I wanna learn Oni really bad but I’ll see whats up.

As much as I would like to say “This is just the guy with the Skullgirls avatar trying to hype this game”, I’m gonna very likely be playing Marvel 2 part 2 as well.

I gotta say that im all about some SGs/KoF, but ya’ll best be playing that Soul Calibur 5

Who’s cooking?

i can teach u the way of bushinryu :slight_smile:

Re, stfu you don’t even go to tournies. That’s like step 1 when ppl aren’t playing your game.

ppl not playing kof

alright. to each his own.

so. I got umvc3 for christmas. So I guess I will jump on the bandwagon and play umvc3 now.

shut up. :frowning:

But yo yall have a good christmas

merry christmas

Yo, this color needs to be in Ultimate.

Iron Shiek would be proud.