The Bama Thread - Monster Creation at it's Finest!

New thread go

Thanx to all.

Scene is getting huge and competition and skill level is crazy high.

You guys = Too Powerful

Apology Edition. Serious business.

Virtua Fighter 5 FS, Gundam Extreme VS., KOF13, MBAACC…hmmmm…Xmas seems to have hit early for me. At this rate, I’m never going to get this PC rig set up. Damnit all!!

Just wonderful…

yea apology edition looks solid. Good times ahead

360 3s oe equals too powerful

If you make a fighting game with combo trials you should have an option to watch the combo first to help you learn

Who’s going to Auburn tomorrow that passes through Montgomery?

I’m not allowed to drive to Auburn for the reason that a white cop might pull me over at 3:30 in the morning just because I’m black. #motherlogic

If nobody is going, I guess I’ll just go play at GTSouth with you guys.

Myself, Zo, and Solidplay will be going to Atlanta Revivals as a team to rep Alabama.
Team Ally Bama, most likely

I’m still going to have to say your the best out of all of us.

Edit: And we WILL win.

alabama doesn’t even need the big guns we got this shit on lockkkkkkkkkkk

As long as you stay solid, Zo retains his hatred for Marvel, and Solidplay plays Phoenix, you’re good.

Thanx credit goes to you guys.

Not worried at all.

Your team format is very solid and you guys shouldnt have any problem with countering other teams.

“touch more bread than a motherfuckin’ Deli”


@Colin: As far as I know, we are all on our own with rides and driving. But I just texted Cory to see what was up.

When y’all starting up today? Already in the area looking for work…tired and ready to play when ever

“Virtue Fighter” … Dude, seriously?

We were playing Taken 6: Bloodgulch Revolution earlier.

I think i can make it this time finally…What time you guys starting??

good luck fellas goin to t-town…i wont be there (sorry squid)…and good luck to them boys thas goin to revival…hold us down up there mane…

looking forward to “the league”…

lol typos. VF killed my hype for 3s.

I’m still going to rape babies by Sunday, though. None of you are safe.

Is Auburn going to revival? UA in tuscaloosa?Nothing?

you shouldn’t be allowed to drive at that hour at all, then.

plays sf3 for the first time in half a year
kara demons perfectly and does everything else wrong
Profits just for pulling it off

If you wanna play, my tag is This Be Nagato.

after playing 3s so much, i find myself whiffing normals in AE to gain meter :stuck_out_tongue:

Time ta bust sum skulls and crak sum heads today. Good luck gentlemen in T-town.