The Bama Thread - Divided Yet United!

w00t new thread a go-go.

Good shit to everyone traveling.

Monthlies still rolling, new venue soon. New tournies in other cities rawr

New thread first get.

Anotak: If you’re talking about the effects of a Stalking Flare when she’s dying/resurrecting, I did look at that for about an hour after that glitch video came out. Didn’t find anything ground breaking.

But I’ll try out whatever next time I’m over.

Good shit to Raph, I intend to put in some work and do even better next time


New vids of the Monstars feeding at MWC and ATL REVIVAL will be up tonight on the BamaMonster187 channel.

[SBO Team USA Super Turbo/MWC Official Results June 24-26

Good shit raekwon and Orpheus and everyone else who went to MWC and were reppin Bama hard](‘SBO Team USA Super Turbo/MWC Official Results June 24-26’)

We gotta find some more people to play MvC with us.

Right now, I’m really good at fighting against Thor, Morrigan, Chun, She Hulk, Taskmaster, and Tron. Not too bad against Wesker, Magneto, or my team either, but good Zeros still blow me up.

Last Friday was two TVs with AE and a ton of people playing LoL.

I don’t really get why it’s “The Newest Game and Drink Night” anyway, why can’t it just be Fights and Drinks?

I can’t drive to Atlanta just to practice playing Marvel, we need more good people willing to play casuals for a learning experience other than just Raph and Paul.

Thomas tries to help us out, but since he genuinely hates the game, he’s not gonna put in practice and be on top of his game.

Seriously, I feel like I’ve learned about every combo and mixup I can learn, I just need to see what other people do to be able to fight against it.

I feel extremely comfortable playing against anyone else using any or Raph or Paul’s mains, but everybody else at a tournament automatically has an advantage on me if they aren’t absolute garbage with their characters.

Capcom needs to fix their damn online now.

If they put this shit in a Call of Duty game, it would be fucking patched in a week or nobody would play it. Fighting game companies need to learn that if they ever want the public at large to take their game seriously, they’ve gotta get their shit together.

Good shit Solidplay top 3 mvc3!!

Killers in the area. Be forewarned.

Why’d the other thread get closed?

Just a little drop in from the Tennessee Thread to thank everyone that came up for MWC this weekend. You guys were fantastic.

Raekwon, mad props man. I hope to get to play you and your crew again sometime in Marvel. You were amazing.

regional threads get closed every 1000 posts and new ones get opened. i think it is an old rule from an older forum software that would run slow if there were too many long threads even though that’s not an issue anymore? not sure, the rule has been around since i started in 08.

Ohhh okay. Thanks for the explanation.

Looks like I’ll be going to UA in the fall. Anybody go there or stay out in Tuscaloosa?

Just wanted to say thanks to the Alabama players who showed up at MWC. I talked to a lot of you guys (mainly Shawn… I think that’s his name, Orpheus, and Raekwon). Good showing.

MWC was a blast. Just a reminder for people in the North Alabama area. We meet every Thursday from about 5:30/6pm until 9pm (sometimes later) at The DeeP comic book store in Huntsville, AL. We have AE, MVC3, AH3, Tekken always there. People are encouraged to bring setups. We have had about 20+ people last few weeks.

Come on out and play with us.

Good meeting you guys and seeing some of you again (rawkw0n). Too bad we couldn’t get casuals after the tournament, but good job getting that fight money! Come to Arkansas sometime! We’ll get our salty runback haha.
Add me on Facebook to keep in touch!

*Here’s to hoping that this Super MvC3 or whatever fixes the game’s problems so everyone loves the game and wants to play it, especially for Thomas who would be one of the best if his heart was in it imo, but until then, I’m gonna push to get better. Get my boy some Megaman and Cable

We might not have enough players in Auburn, but I can always improve on execution, recovery, throw techs, and converting mistakes into positive situations. I am dead serious about doing whatever I have to so I can improve whether we are disadvantaged by location or not. I do agree that playing against other players/characters would be great. I have every intention of getting into the Hunstville scene anytime I go home(Athens). I also hope that anytime people can come to Auburn to play that they take the opportunity. Wes and I would love to play you guys.

For every LoL player I see in that apartment it makes me want to body people twice as hard so that multiplier is starting to stack up high

eyo ggs bama at MWC

I want to play more Bama crew in all fighting games, G.Gear,B.Blue,MvC3,SSF4 A.E.Tekken.

Big thanks to those who rolled to MwC and Atl Revival, you are the soul reason our community is growing.

I have some large ideas for the next revival which includes the bama crew in all games we will be hosting so keep in touch and check us out:
youtube/lordiceman Lordiceman
xbox360: Lordiceman826

Our next Revival Date will possibly be July 23rd (One week after G-Vegas Beatdown)

I would be okay with the rest of the game being exactly the same if they put a decent version of Cable in it. And fix the DHC glitch.

Cable / Megaman, Strider / Cyclops, and Commando / Juggernaut would make me happy too.

Yes, I want all X-Men characters on the Marvel side.