The Atomic Buster - A Zangief Tribute Video

Hey everyone,

I’m posting a tribute video dedicated to Zangief… The Atomic Buster! It covers the majority of the games out there that Gief is in and displays a good amount of combos and glitches performed by CSV gt. Please visit our board and let us know what you thought of the video, thanks. :sweat:

Here is the web link to the download page:

Our message board:

awesome vid ! full of win ! :wgrin:

Thanks Snaaake, I’ve also uploaded the low quality version on YouTube just in case anyone doesn’t want to sit through the entire download. :smile:

Again, thanks for the feedback. -B

Screw youtube, it was well worth the download.

Nice video :tup:

Man, those infinites were dumb… Nice video…

good video, I like everything with the video :lovin::lovin:

Great job:tup:

Thank you all for the good feedback and positive comments. :china:

CSVgt and I will be making more vidz. -B

Can’t wait to see more. that Gief video was dope. Looks like you guys put a lot of work into it, and it shows throughout.