The Asuka Kazama Thread

Well, since I made the Chun-Li one, might as well make one for Namco’s thigh princess. :woot:




Moveset so far:

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this one xD . So, I think Asuka with her spinning may be interesting character in game, she is one of my mains in Tekken, and I would play as her in SFxT too. And, obviously, her thighs are much better than Chun-Li’s xP


Yeah, yeah… Kansai accent, official mediator and fight ender of Osaka, rival to Lili/Feng, cousin to Jin/niece to Jun, star of the online comic, and so on.

It was a quick n’ dirty, I promise to update the OP with relevant info as it becomes available. Adding the durrrGuile pic to it in the meantime. :china:

Also, required THIS PLACE viewing for those not familiar with Tekken: :lol:


I’m actually curious about Lili and Asuka’s storyline from SFxT though. I can’t wait to play this game

lol troll Lili

If Sakura is in this game( OMG I hope she is ) I plan on pairing her with Asuka and Juri most of the time. I love how simple but Brutal Asuka’s moves are.

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That’d be my team!

Since Asuka is my Tekken 6 main (Lili was my sub) I’ll definitely be given her a thorough try out in this game, hopefully she has “dat ass” in this game. Calling Sakura’s school girl outfit as her swap costume. Hope to see a lot of Asuka vids from CES… and I can’t wait to see her gameplay reveal trailer too…

Asuka gameplay

As much I like Asuka gameplay, that was basically a dummy of her getting beaten by Ryu.

i think they should have show cased her instead of making her fight.

In one of the vids, you can see Asuka doing her counter pose from Tekken

I miss Seth Killians breakdowns… I really loved how he showed us Heihachi and Rolento when they were showed at TGS…

The CES stuff is under embargo until the 17th, you might just get those breakdowns for 8 characters…

They have opened so many doors by adding asuka. If they keep her counters good, the people on #TeamSF have something to watch out for lol. She’s my main in tekken, and her juggles are excellent. I think I’m gonna main her and either abel or chun li in SFxT. I feel like she could even low dodge projectiles with her low spin kicks :D!

Wonder if there’s going to be armor break in this game… counters gonna be amazing if there isn’t.

Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think so. And counters will be just as effective as they are in any fighting game other than SFIV.

I really hope there are no armor breakers. Counters already have enough risk as it is, no need to add extra risk by adding a chance of them not working because you were hit by a certain move.

If their are no armor breakers. We will see less of the tatsu spamming and srk spamming…

srk only armor break on reversal. Also haven’t we all seen the video where lili does her counter on Ryu’s wake up reversal DP and it countered it?
Only thing I’m worried about is

  1. armored moves
  2. If counter will only counter highs, lows or both