The Asgard Theater: Thor Video Thread

Post up the best videos showing what Thor has to offer.



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thor can kara cancel all? of his special moves into his command taunt. startup and recovery.

I have played a ton of matches now, and I seem to be the only Thor around:( want some vids of nice play cause mine suck, he always gets rocked

i have thor on my team too, but it’s really hard for me to get in. i really need some videos for motivation too lol

Here is the only Decent Thor matches I have seen.


Also this one, which has some nice combos


Just found the person has Thor on his team

Well I have videos of me playing thor… The vids aren’t the best quality and most of the time my thor gets lit up by sentinel but there are some cool things. Im the Wesker, Thor Dormammu - Best Bout Gaming - Secret Wars @ Ground Kontrol (MVC3 Tourny)

Close to the end I land my real wesker thor combo into super for a big chunk.

Sorry for my lack of contribution to this thread lately. Here are a few vids of my Thor from a tournament in Koreatown over the weekend:


Awesome Thor play Bro, also She-Hulk and Joe, I like your use of Mighty Strike from the air.

Hey guys i made a combo video for thor. Its pretty simple but i just want your guys opinion on how i should move forward with him. Check it out.

Nice job Ken. I’m getting better with my Thor. I’m having problem using mighty hurricane when the opponent is in the air but I see the way you use it and I’m gonna try that out.

Great vids RoyalFlushTZ! I love your use of mighty strike. I’ve been using that more to move Thor and get through projectiles. Good Joe play too!

ggz to you last sat. you killed it would have been awesome if you won it. you going to the gameplay tourney on sat?

Anyone else find any Thor Vids ? Man they need a record match function in this game.

Hey you done found my youtube channel. Thanks for that hahha! I’ve been attempting to use Thor and hes a lot of fun to use. From what I’m seeing many people don’t know how to block his elbow (j.H) and you can trip them up by doing a super jump then elbow then interrupt before you hit them with a mighty strike into super if they don’t block it.

Also I’ve been doing Mighty Hurricanes rihgt after I take out a character and a new one comes in. Seems to work well.

Barely anyone plays him either. Like literally, I got the Full Roster achievement the other day…the last character I needed to face was Thor…yeah…

thats so true its not even funny when I play online it will be HOURS before I run into another Thor player.

Well we just have to get good with him and make people notice how destructive he is :slight_smile: