The anti T.Hawk thread

Im getting seriously frustrated at playing against the CPU and keep getting my ass kicked by T. Hawk on all difficulty settings. Its pathetic really… I usually just play ryu / ken, but i keep getting my ass kicked by T. Hawk over and over. He just uppercuts straight through my hadookens and every punch of his seems to inflict twice the damage on me as i do to him.

So… whats your strategy to put this scumbag down?

My strat is to not play the CPU LOL.


When I saw the subject of this topic, I assumed it was a strategy guide on how to beat tourney level T-hawks or how every char should play this match up lol.

Sit back and wait for him to jump at you, then DP. Only throw fireballs when you knock him down.

  1. Don’t play CPU, play real people.

  2. Just pick Honda :wgrin:.

CPU beats the hell out of me too. I blame the fixed Turbo-1 setting :tup:

I’ve gotten to the point where I can beat the CPU pretty easily with Balrog. But I still hardly ever make it to Akuma, because while half of the fighters are a cakewalk, there’s still a few really difficult ones. If you fight Zangief as the 8th guy, it is ridiculously hard. I also have trouble with Ryu and Vega. Obviously Akuma is hard too. Other than those guys, it’s not that bad though. Just sit there and wait for them to come to you.

lol the computer cheats
i was playing againts CPU Dj for the hell of it
and i could swear he was shooting two fireballs at a time:3

Time was, there was an excuse for only playing against the computer, but who plays the computer now that anybody can play anybody else online? Just get on 2df or GGPO, guy.