The answer to your first question is shaddup! The Deadpool Thread

So now that everyone’s favourite fourth wall breaker is confirmed in (and confirmed to break the fourth wall into nice little pieces), how do you think he’ll play? Do you think he’ll make any remarks during regular play? Will he get the shoryuken he hit Kitty with?

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Trigger Happy: QCF+A
Quick Work: QCB+A
Katana-Rama: DP+A
Teleport: RDP+A

Happy Happy Trigger (air): QCF+2A
Cuttin Time: QCB+2A
Counter (level 3): RDP+2A

Well we know he’ll have his teleporting ability. I assume his guns and katana will play a role. Probably the Dan of the game conceptually speaking, though I’m sure he’ll be made viable enough.

Deadpool will only be Dan in a comic relief way. He’s actually pretty fucking awesome and he’s got a permanent place on my team no matter what his tier is.

Time to hit the people with the lifebar!

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he needs a shoryuken move…

Pity there’s no rival intros in Marvel, or Deadpool and Thanos would make a good one.

He needs his sheep cannon.

And duct tape. It’s be like Guiles Hand cuff’s… but duct tape

Needs a Shoryuken super where he grabs the opponent, asks them if they like SF, they reply, and POW! Right in the kisser!

Well they said they’re upping the fanservice, it could mean such stuff.

His alternate outfit’s gonna be Dudepeel.

I wouldn’t mind an Agent X deadpool outfit, or maybe his short-lived Weapon X costume, or maybe even the shorter lived Marvel girl cross-dress. Or how about his alien Mithras augemented suit.

Either way, i just hope his defualt classic costume has the ninja hood look and not the skull form fitting mask.

I don’t know why, but I imagine him playing like Faust from Guilty Gear with a teleport chain instead of Going My Way/Pogo Stance.

This makes me unbelievably happy.

I have a feeling hes going to play like a mix between Strider(sword skills) and Psylocke(teleportation).

Now that I think about it, Deadpool is kinda the Dan of the Marvel universe. Dan was created as a parody of Ryo and Robert from Capcom’s rival SNK, and Deadpool (Wade Wilson) is a parody of Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) from Marvel’s rival DC. Not to mention both are comic reliefs and both have the Shoryuken (or Koryuken). One is psycho, one is saikyo. It’s all coming together, man.

Now that I think about it, that’d work really well. I Wonder What Will Come Out would be perfect on Deadpool with his loads of stuff.

He probably won’t be like that, though. :frowning:

This!! Sounds hilarious and awesome. I’m not much a a VS fan, but I’ll buy this day 1 just for Deadpool!

Eh, he hasn’t really interacted with Thanos in years. Cable would probably make more sense as a rival.

They did mention there would be character interactions, so who knows? He might reference it.

His alternate outfit’s gonna be Dudepeel.

People didn’t really like that version, so doubt it.

Well him having a dialog with Thanos would have to revolve around Death more than anything.

Cable definitely makes more sense, or better yet a dialog with Wolverine about the Origins movie.

“Hey Logan, I heard they completely destroyed your image and ret conned your past.”

“What are you talking about Wade?”

“You know that movie they made, it wasn’t that long ago, I had a cameo…”

“I have no idea what your talking about.”

"Did that bullet make you stupid or something, it was very popular…

“Let’s go Bub!!”

That’s what I was thinking. :slight_smile: Note that I said ‘rival intro’, not ‘rival’ (like Ryu and Ken’s special intro in 3S), since Cable would obviously be his best rival.

Merc With A Mouth can be a crazy version of Rolento(grenades) but with Swords and Guns!! I also do get the comparison of Dan and Deadpool but no I don’t like it one bit if they make Deadpool a joke in the MVC3 coming from a guy that has all the 1997 Deadpool comics. If they only would add Frank Castle :] and still keep Cable my “Mercenary Squad” :looney: as for his Special with the life bar does sound funny they should add a couple more serious specials with his teleports and gun blazin sword slashin opponents left and right:nunchuck: I can’t wait to see which Deadpool costume they are going to give him?!? He should get the “Classic” and the latest versions and X-men as alts. Leave you guys with a classic moment in Deadpool History.