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Greetings, gents (and possible ladies) to yet another installment of the Anime and Manga thread! Feel free to discuss about the newest and oldest animated series and comics that hails from the Land of the Rising Sun.

But first! A FAQ for you newcomers and people who want to look for something different to watch.


Hey, where do you guys download your anime?

Tokyotosho is a good place to start with. It has a really simple search engine and covers almost all of the torrent releases when it comes to both anime and manga, be it subtitled or without.

You may want to get a Bittorrent client such as Utorrent to download any of the files there.

I got no time to download! I wanna watch my anime NOW!

No problem, sir. You’ve got streaming sites such as or that could help you out on that.

How about manga?

You’ve got separate sites for this too. Try Mangastream, [OneManga/url] and [url=]MangaFox]( which may satisfy your manga cravings.

You’ve told me where to get the anime and manga, but what shows should I watch or read?!

This all depends on the genre you’re interested in. Obviously, a lot of shows tend to combine a number of them, but in general, these shows are usually enjoyed by the anime populace, so do give them a try.

This list will probably not cover everything, but mostly the major (and some minor ones). If there’s anything major missing, do tell.

Many of these shows and manga are already licensed outside of Japan, so if you want to support them, buy their DVDs or books from you local or online retailer whenever you have the chance!

? Akira (movie)
? Baccano!
? Berserk
? [Black Lagoon]( Lagoon)
? [Blade of the Immortal]( of the Immortal)
? Bleach Recent official Thread on SRK
? [Blood: The Last Vampire (movie)]( The Last Vampire)
? [Busou Renkin]( Renkin)
? [Casshern SINS]( SINS)
? Claymore
? [Cowboy Bebop]( Bebop)
? D.Grayman
? [Dragonball Z]( Z)? Recent official thread on SRK
? [Full Metal Alchemist]( Metal Alchemist)-Recent official thread on SRK
? GantZ ? Recent official thread on SRK
? Hellsing
? [Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star]( no Ken)
? [Hunter x Hunter]( x Hunter)
? Inuyasha
? [Jojo?s Bizarre Adventure]( Bizarre Adventure)
? [Kara no Kyoukai (movies)]( no Kyoukai)
? Kekkaishi
? Kurozuka
? [Lupin III]( III)
? Naruto? Recent official thread on SRK
? [Negima! Master Negi Magi](! Master Negi Magi)
? [Ninja Scroll (movie)]( Scroll)
? [One Piece]( Piece) - Recent official thread on SRK
? Reborn!
? [Rurouni Kenshin]( Kenshin)
? [Samurai Champloo]( Champloo)
? Shamo
? Shigurui
? [Sword of the Stranger (movie)]( of the Stranger)
? Trigun
? Vagabond
? Xam’d: Lost Memories
? [Yuyu Hakusho]( Hakusho)

Fantasy Adventure
? The Twelve Kingdoms
? [Kiki?s Delivery Service (movie)]( Delivery Service)
? Laputa: Castle in the Sky (movie)
? [Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water]( The Secret of Blue Water)
? Naucissa of the Valley of the Wind
? Record of Lodoss War
? [Princess Mononoke (movie)]( Mononoke)
? [Seirei no Moribito]( no Moribito)
? Slayers (series)
? [Spirited Away (movie)]( Away)
? [Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee]( Bachi)
? Toriko
? [Vision of Escaflowne]( of Escaflowne)

Comedy - Romance
? Kannagi
? [Kimagure Orange Road]( Orange Road)
? [Love Hina]( Hina)
? [Lovely Complex]( Complex)
? [Marmalade Boy]( Boy)
? [Midori no Hibi]( no Hibi)
? [Nodame Cantabile]( Cantabile)
? [Ranma 1/2]( 1/2)
? [Ouran High School Host Club]( High School Host Club)
? [Skip Beat]( Beat)
? [The World God Only Knows]( World God Only Knows)
? [Urusei Yatsura]( Yatsura)

Comedy - General
? [Astro Fighter Sunred]( Senshi Sunred)
? Bobobo Bobobo
? [Sakigake! Cromartie High School]( High School)
? Detroit Metal City
? Dr.Slump
? [Excel Saga]( Saga)
? [Full Metal Panic ? Fumoffu!]( Metal Panic Fumoffu!)
? [Galaxy Angel]( Angel)
? Gintama
? [Hayate the Combat Butler]( the Combat Butler)
? [Hetalia Axis Powers]( Axis Powers)
? [Keroro Gunsou]( Gunsou)
? [Muteki Kanban Musume/Ramen Fighter Miki]( Fighter Miki)
? [2 x2 Shinobuden]( Shinobuden)
? [Ping Pong Club]( Pong Club)
? Potemayo
? [Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar]( to Fuku! Jaguar)
? [Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei]( Zetsubou Sensei)
? [School Rumble]( Rumble)
? [Seto no Hanayome]( no Hanayome)
? [Sexy Commando Gaiden]( Commando Gaiden)
? [Yakitate Japan!]( Japan!)

? [Code Geass]( Code Geass)
? [Big O]( O)
? [Eureka 7]( 7)
? [Full Metal Panic ? 1st and 2nd Raid]( Metal Panic)
? GaoGaiGar
? Gasaraki ? just for you, man.
? [Getter Robo]( Robo)
? Gundam (series)
? Mazinger
? [Neon Genesis Evangelion]( Genesis Evangelion)
? [Tekkaman Blade]( Blade)
? [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]( Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Slice of Life
? Aria
? [Azumanga Daioh]( Daioh)
? Bakemonogatari
? Bakuman
? [Chi’s Sweet Home](’s Sweet Home)
? GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class
? Genshiken
? [Hidamari Sketch]( Sketch)
? Hyakko
? [Kino?s Journey]( Journey)
? K-ON!
? [Lucky Star]( Star)
? Minami-ke
? Mushishi
? [Natsume Yuujinchou]( Yuujinchou)
? Natsu no Arashi!
? Sketchbook: Full Colors
? [Spice and Wolf]( and Wolf)
? [The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (movie)]( Girl Who Leapt Through Time)
? [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]( Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
? [Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou]( Kaidashi Kikou)
? Yotsuba &!

? Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales)
? Higurashi no naku Koro ni
? [Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo]( Shoujo)
? Mononoke
? Umineko no naku Koro ni

Drama and Mystery
? [20th Century Boys]( Century Boys)
? Air
? Alive
? Clannad
? [Daughter of Twenty Faces]( of Twenty Faces)
? [Death Note]( Note)
? [Detective Conan]( Conan)
? [Ghost Hunt]( Hunt)
? Kanon
? [Kimi ga Nozomu Eien]( ga Nozomu Eien)
? Kure-nai
? [Maria-sama ga Miteru]( ga Miteru)
? [Mirai Nikki]( Nikki)
? Monster
? Revolutionary Girl Utena
? Shuffle!
? [The Good Witch of the West]( Good Witch of the West)
? Toradora!)

Magical Girl
? [Card Captor Sakura]( Captor Sakura)
? [Magical Doremi]( Doremi)
? [Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha]( Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
? [Pretty Cure]( Cure)
? [Sailor Moon]( Moon)

? [Battle Angel Alita]( Angel Alita)
? Blame!
? [Ghost in the Shell]( in the Shell)
? [Legend of Galactic Heroes]( of Galactic Heroes)
? [Outlaw Star]( Star)
? [Real Drive]( Drive)

Sports & Martial Arts
? [Air Master]( Master)
? [Bamboo Blade]( Blade)
? [Cross Game]( Game)
? [Eyeshield #21]( 21)
? [Hajime no Ippo]( no Ippo) -Recent official thread on SRK
? [History?s Strongest Disciple Kenichi]( Strongest Disciple Kenichi)
? Major
? [One Outs]( Outs)
? [Ookiku Furikabutte]( Furikabutte)
? [Slam Dunk]( Dunk (manga))
? [Tenjou Tenge]( Tenge)
? Yawara!

Board Games and Gambling
? Akagi
? [Hikaru no Go]( no Go)
? Kaiji
? [Shion no Ou]( no Ou)
? Saki

Where can I find news about upcoming shows and other related stuff?

You’ve got Sankaku Complex (NSFW!), Anime News Network and Canned Dogs that you’d might want to check often.

So a new anime season starts and I want see the latest pics and info for each week’s episode. Where should I check, outside of SRK?

The Animeblogger Antenna covers a lot of the bigger anime blogs and has frequent posts by the hour.

Fuck today’s anime and manga! It’s nothing compared to the greats in the past!

That’s a rather limited viewpoint you got there.

Fuck anime and manga in general! It’s for fat and slobbery otaku! Comics, cartoons, movies and everything else is where it’s at!

Then why are you reading the thread in the first place?



Miyazaki is making a new movie with a fish girl.

I can’t wait till there is magic, flying, finding yourself, and a climbing scene of some sorts.

Perhaps a lesson will even be learned.

call it v.3, not season 3, sounds cooler.

Sure thing. :smile:

Also, seems like we’ll get a new Haruhi episode (?!) next week after rebroadcasting the 1st season. I dunno if this’ll be true or not, but who knows with Kadokawa.

This basquash has made me laugh unintenionally with every episode, I like how it caters to all the fetishes it can think of and still tries to pretend to have a plot. Its sad that this is the only other show I can watch that isn’t a remake like dbz and FMA

2 kyoani shows airing at once? nowai.

Well it happened with Clannad After Story and Munto last season.

Speaking of Munto, did anyone even bother checking out the TV series? I heard nobody talking about it like, ever.

Argh, I was so close to reaching 800 posts in the old topic.


The old thread, if this follows through, needs to be archived for awesomeness.

You sir put far too much time into the opening post. :razz:

I talked about the Munto TV series but it seemed like no one was watching it at the time. I enjoyed it but that ending was kind of meh…

As for new Haruhi episode you can find the article on ANN.

The episode title wasn’t suppose to be posted and since has been removed so no idea if they are going to change the episode order or if it will be indeed a new episode. Worst things happened in terms of leaking with Code Geass R2 so I doubt this will have much of an impact on their plans. Here’s hoping people starting posting Haruhi eps in something better than a 720 resolution. It’s been annoying trying to find re-aired episodes in a 1280 resolution. Not like it matters too much since I have the DVD’s.

Good list. There’s a bunch more you can add though but, that’s to be expected.

lack of school rumble makes me sad : ( i am so checking out Detroit metal city like right now.

mugi for best kon character.

Mugi is way good. She actually gets screentime too, which made me mad when they dissed Miyuki in Lucky Star and barely put her on the damn show when she was so much more entertaining to me than Kagami.

You were never gonna catch me, Gas, or Chibi. :lol: I don’t even remember posting in that thread that much, but the numbers don’t lie.

she already has more character development than miyuki ever did. needs more yuri goggles.

No, I didn’t think so either. But Top 4 would’ve been nice. :tup:

Ahh, but you weren’t gonna pass Ken and SJ either! 6th was your best bet.

Seeing that I had 1922 posts in the last thread blew my mind. I’m not doing math to see where I post the most.

Wow, I had 153 posts in the first anime thread. :lol:

Yeah, I had those times where I disappeared from the thread entirely because I wasn’t watching anime. Oh well. I suppose this a new chance for GLORY.


i cant beleive i had 1453 posts in the v.2 thread, that shit boggles me, it didnt feel like i posted that much.

also, lovin the Av.

Regios 19


I still don’t get how shit like this happens. So why does Layfon like Nina so much and vice versa? This shit was only briefly looked upon throughout the entire series and its all like BAM they need each other. Fuck. I hate when shows pull this shit.

It’s okay Felli, I got you. :shake:

True, I also think Ramen Fighter Miki deserves some love on that list. If you could raise a Japanese girl with her initial main social interactions being some of the posters on SRK, she’d probably wind up being like Miki.