The Amber Cole Hype

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Has anyone heard about Amber Cole yet?? Shes the 14-yr old who got caught caught on camera giving favors behind a school. What are your thought on it?? I honestly don’t see why everyone is bullying this chick. Kids growing up fast nowadays

My opinion, I care nothing about her being a slut, that’s everyday behavior where I’m from. So I see no need for everyone to hate the girl. If they wanna hate someone, hate the guys that recorded Amber and showed everyone. Those boys are probably gonna get some time behind this tho. And I have not seen the vid or watched, just heard about it from my sister.

On a funny note, alot of women are real salty about this because apparently, this 14-year gives better blowjobs than women twice her age. lol

A year ago I would’ve been outraged. Things have obviously changed. I’ve head plenty of stories of kids younger than that. Plus you know most women complaining have taken their fair share of shots in the mouth.

Nothing wrong with 14 year old giving head. Was she giving head to a 14 year old?

If I was 14, I’d be trying to get in that pussy too. Kids need to be taught with the dam Hormonal Barrage they’re going to get and it is better they get a good education on everything than to haphazardly learn it through the internet.

Edit: Forgot to add that recording and putting youtube though, hella stupid. Honeslty though its not like its something that out of the ordinary; pretty sure that if 10 years ago we could have recorded and easily uploaded such things, we would have done them too. Super fucked up but whatever; people are going to do some insanely stupid shit at that age.

I am DTF

Teen pregnancies and STDs are a bad thing. Everyones in such a rush to grow up these days, I disapprove. I feel sorry for the girl more than anything. She’ll end up in porn where she’ll be used up. And isn’t recording it technically child porn? Shit is shady.

Yes it is. Kids today are DTF at middle school and they aren’t going to get legit information at that age. Talking about this whole thing is talking about a combination of issues that all met together to create this. Either way the discussion will end up retarded and nothing productive will come from it.

It makes me think about my daughter. She was talking to The Wife a week or two ago and she asked her “what would you do if I got pregnant right now?”, and she’s only fucking 12 years old. The Wife was…stunned I suppose and didnt really know what to say to her. She asked her why she would ask her something like that and my daughter said she didnt know. But we know, she’s been watching these shows on Netflix about teen moms (one is called Teen Mom I think). We asked her not to watch those shows anymore and had a talk with her. A little girl her age shouldnt even be thinking about getting pregnant or even having sex. She shouldnt even be thinking about that shit 2 years from now, when she’s 14 years old. Maybe kissing a boy but not having sex and getting pregnant/having a baby.

To me the shit with this 14 year old girl giving BJ’s is just sad. Its scary too…

Hate to sound like a dick on this but, some of her friends are already fucking. That’s most likely where it came from. My girlfriend a good friend of mine are both Middle School teachers and they hear a bunch of shit that people either wouldn’t believe or would think came out from the mouth of older people. Kiddie gloves need to come off already when it comes to stuff like this because its obvious the people that age already took them off.

At what age would it be “okay” for her to be sucking dick?

As a man who lost his virginity at 14 I don’t think boys or girls should even be thinking of sex until at least 16. Dumb girl did a dumb thing I’m sure she’s regretting it and hopefully she learns a valuable lesson from this shit.

A few years ago I saw a documentary on middle school kids and how early sex ed should be taught, the main girls said no one had sex but “handies” were normal shudders.

In all honesty that type of stuff happens all the time in school with teenagers. I know it happened in our high school. The only difference is that she was dumb enough to let people record it.

It’s kinda fucked up that they recorded it, but I can’t be mad at them for being sexually active at such a young age. I got top for the first time when I was 15, so I’m really not in a position to start judging people.

I got head damn near every day in the band room during lunch in jr high.

Who gives a shit?

I know that I am not the best example but I had sex at 15. The Girl was 14 and she never ended up in porn. No one else I know became degenerates for having sex early in life. Those things that you mentioned happen because the kids are not educated on risks and are being smart. They are not happening simply because the kids are deciding to use their genitals. Something tells me that this girl has other issues if she was willing to do that in public. That is the problem that needs to be addressed.

Blame puritan values over common sense.

Fishje, I think that it’s your low opinion of women talking.

There’s nothing wrong with this situation except for the fact that it got blown out of proportion and most people have some sort of interest in such a situation. She didn’t do anything wrong or abnormal (other than perhaps perform such an act in a not so private area) so no one needs to treat it as such. Kids her age can make a big deal out of it but by the end of the day, it’s just high school drama that could take the rest of the school year (or more) for people to shut up about it. Hopefully no one continues to keep throwing this shit into the fan over the simple fact that she was caught but kids think they can do anything and this is already bad enough. No need for to cause insult to injury.

At least she’s sucking off her boyfriend and not the entire football team. Respect her for that.

Why do you say she’ll end up in porn for giving oral sex to her boyfriend? It’s common for girls her age to experiment with sex and it’s been like that forever. (The only thing that hasn’t been around forever are these ninja ass recording devices anyone can get their hands on - case in point, this wouldn’t be a public situation if she never got recorded. She does have to take some responsibility for not being discreet enough.) You shouldn’t look down on her like she’s headed down the wrong path for simply being a girlfriend at the wrong place & time. Technically “child porn” involves a child under the age of 13.

I think its wrong for kids to be having sex so young. They’re gonna get pregnant, they’re gonna get infected, and they’re gonna get hurt. Society these days places such a premium on sleeping with lots of people because that makes you cool, and you end up with all these guys and girls drinking heavily, partying hard, doing drugs, and having lots of wild crazy sex. shit like that has far reaching negative consequences. just because it happens all the time now in middle school does not mean its normal or even a good idea.

and I say she’s going to end up doing porn because she’s already being video taped. she’s damaged goods, and as we all know, lots of girls who are damaged goods end up as strippers, hookers, or porn stars. i should know because i’ve talked to many such girls before in my misguided adventures in the past.

I’m not a Puritan, I’m an atheist who has fucked hookers. I now deeply regret that, as well as a lot of the other stupid crap I did when I was drunk or high or what have you. Guess that’s just because I’m older now and can look back on my life more objectively. At the risk of sounding like a preachy evangelical, I strongly disagree with these kids’ lifestyle.

this really isnt a big deal, kids were sexually active when i was in middle school. Hell, in other cultures girls can be taken as wives at younger ages than 14. I dont condone the shit but at the same time its not unheard of. The best option is to have comprehensive, in-depth sex ed classes for kids around the beginning of puberty. I remember we had Health class back in middle school but it was real basic and didnt really talk about sex besides abstinence and condoms. When you have to rely on porn and your peers stories to learn about sex in depth, this is what happens.

But really, the people who keep bringing it up are the ones who make the situation more fucked up. I mean besides the point that the vid is technically child porn ( which makes it even more crazy that it became trending topic on twitter), the girl will probably have to deal with the shit being brought up for the rest of her grade school career.

Like how on the first day of each school year when they go around the room saying their name and something interesting about themselves, lol its gonna be murder for this girl.

I think what fishjie is trying to say is-

Asian girlfriends can change your life.

mhmm, apparently uncle Willis been teaching her some tricks. I’m just suprised that they didn’t get caught, and the school system is probably gonna get in trouble for it. Rumor has it that it happened down here in Bama but I dunno, niggas talk out their ass a lot… but amber talks with mouth.