The Akuma Thread

Official Bio

Gouhadouken :qcf: :p:
Zankuu Hadouken :qcf: :p: (Air)
Shoryuken :dp: :p:
Shakunetsu Hadouken :hcb: :p:
Hurricane Kick :qcb: :k:
(S) Demon Flip Dive Kick :dp: :k: > :k:
Demon Flip Palm :dp: :k: > :p:
Demon Flip Throw :dp: :k: > :k: + :p:
Ashura Senkuu (Teleport) :dp: or :rdp: + :3k: / :3p:

Super Arts
Misogi :d::d::d::3k:
Raging Demon :lp::lp::f::lk::hp:

Prologue Video

Super Art (Raging Demon/Shun Goku Satsu)

Cross Counter Asia: Akuma Trials
Basics Guide
Raging Demon Corner Setup
Corner Combo
Combo Compilation
Akuma x Heihachi Combo Compilation

Akuma is gonna be better in this game. He can probably get extra damage of a :lk: tatsu. Instead of immediately going in to DP he can probably sneak two cr.:mp:in there

Calling it now.

LK Tatsu -> -> c.hp -> HK Tatsu corner carry combo.

After reviewing the trailer, also calling:

jump-in/divekick -> -> -> xx s.HK -> -> LK Tatsu -> -> -> SRK (or super).

Does any one know if misogi is two bars or 3 bars?
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I wonder if the jab, loop is in.

Probably not. It’s too easy to combo into far s.HK, it would create very easy infinites for Akuma, or at least insane loops. I don’t think you’ll be able to link of off far s.HK in this.

Maybe it’ll be char-specific. I’m just thinking of it in terms of gem activation. It could be an easy way to activate +20% and +10% strength gems. He’d lose out on speed though, but you can rectify that by adding a Level 1 speed gem which would also activate during the loop. So if you end the loop with a sweep, you could potentially +30% damage off your next Oki setup.

I just can’t see how they would be able to do it without risking 70-hit combos and stuff. Far s.HK is already good enough by being easily switch cancelled. And it might be special cancellable too.

It would be interesting if the pushback is such that the only way to do the loop would be to equip a speed gem and then walk forward after every iteration.

…Well then gentlemen it has been settled. The rest of the cast is now officially screwed.

Can we still tatsu-SRK? I assume yes since that’s one of his trademark setups.

Yeah, I never play as Akuma before (I was playing SF games just a little), but after seeing his trailer I think about maining him. Cause he is total, undeniable badass! I have a question for you guys, what do you think about teaming Akuma with Steve, where Steve will be core character and battery, and Akuma, as secondary character, will use the meter? Will it work?

It looks like we can because I saw akuma doing lk tatsu sweep on bison in this stream. Go to 1:06:00.

Misogi is enough to sell me on him in this game. Assuming Sakura/Karin isn’t in the game, he’s filled on of my slots.

He also does tatsu-SRK around the same time period, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed you can do EX zanku out of non-EX demon flip now. Wonder if you could do something like: “Cross rush, c.HP xx DF xx EX Zanku, Misogi”

Owwww, from the looks of it this may be possible: LP xx MP xx FP xx LK Tatsu xx SRK. Of course, you could substitute the tatsu for another FP to launch. This is all speculation but it makes sense.

EDIT: I’m assuming Akuma has low health as usual. So…defense gem or extra damage gem would definitely put him way over the top.

Yupp if i was a akuma player. I would put both vitality gems and the nulify 100 damage akuma usually has 800hp right.
100 fortitude lvl1 damage reduction
80 life force
60 Harmonizer
extra 240 HP technically. Both Vitality gems will activate at the same time

Or we could put in extra damage gems and make him an all-out powerhouse. He’d be the absolute definition of a run-'n-gun. I find it ironic that M. Bison can be tatsu-swept, lol. I could’ve used that help in AE.

Not sure what you guys are foaming about. Akuma looks worryingly gimped.

His jump looks slower; his moves still do ass damage; cr.MK retracts early; EX air fireball looks nerfed: fierce DP appears to be nerfed to 130 damage; both his supers are 300 damage; Demon Flip definately looks slower; the Demon Flip Dive Kick damage was nerfed to 50 and doesn’t seem to give any combos anymore. (will have to use it for an SGS tick instead)

His combos look antsy; espcially off tag launchers. It’s hard to see where some decent combo ability is going to come from his new moveset. He has neither a wall bounce move nor something that looks mean off a wallbounce. Landing a super from combos looks like it’ll be situational unless it’s the team super (the damage is generic regardless). There’s no FADCs for high damage, and burning an EX for respectable damage isn’t worth a 3rd of your meter; especially compared to what other characters can do with an EX.

Rumour has it there are no untechable knockdowns in this game, though I can’t be sure; but it badly hurts Akuma if that’s the case. In SF4 he could use the tip of his sweep for footsie control, but that’s not going to be particularly useful anymore unless you can special cancel off it and Demon Flip works well, or something.

At least his dash looks good?

Compare that to Ryu in this game. Who can cross air tatsu into sweep now. EX SRK is a sick tool alongside EX Donkey Kick. Where is all the juice that’s supposed to justify the glass jaw?