The 949

THATS US, those four guys who completely missed Evo West because they slept in.

Wes- Let’s go to DnB tonight =D

Mods: This is completely separate from that other 949 matchmaking thread. Plz don’t delete.

vg WIZRD: someone was actually talking about us?

lol i like your gameplan

626 dnb ftw though =D

Where you at, El Monte?

Why’d you leave Irvine? You could be getting drunk and almost arrested with us =]

hoes on my dick cuz they know i’m the mang

pick doom and win

April 18th, I’m dropping the American Dream

Hack weekend starts now! Have fun in Vegas, Wes. If you see a hot bride’s maid, rtsd.

Tim- I’m making you a new avatar today. That one hurts my eyes.

I’ll bring the 949 back a 6 pack of hoes. Sucks I can’t make hack weekend.

Jay- When I come back, I want to see Metal Slug: The World Warrior finished

JustinK - Get dem hoes, remember, your wedding Sep 2007

Tim - Your avatar is plain outrageous, you should just have a picture of you crossing your arms

Damn you guys are straight


jay, i live at potter’s now

give me a call we can play

justink beasting =[

I’ll be in Irvine tomorrow. Let’s marvel and work out(need to get the biceps strong for the chicas). Hajime no Ippo is pretty good.

Vegas was good: private room at Seamless, drunk the whole time and up $300.

if i got drank, imma po’ it up

Blockable Laser… destroyed!


I hate justink:annoy:

JustinK… eliminated!! We were trading games, and then I won 20 in a row haha

jay make me a magneto avatar! gay it up too! haha


People were mistaking you for a girl at evo. You have no right to call anyone a bitch.