The 949: we don't even live there anymore

Wes is in YL, JustinK is in Mountainview and I’m stuck in Fullerton.

Tim is the only one left :shake:

i live in 949!!! BOOYAH!!!

Tim is the strongest member of the 949 and is also the best at marvel. Irvine is in good hands.

cody from seattle landed a job in irvine but is having some trouble finding a place to stay. where should he be looking for cheap housing?


A good distance away from UCI.

Everywhere in Irvine is pretty expensive.

If he doesn’t mind rooming with UCI students, he could check out; there’s a subforum for housing there.

Anyone been to the Zot Zone yet? Does it have MvC2? :3

6 out of 9 machines at the new zot zone are fighting games.

3s, mvc2(sticks suck), soul caliber, tekken(I think), ALPHA 2, and MVC1. No love for CvS.

A new Zot Zone? I might head down to Irvine this week to welcome some new friends to the dorms. Get at me if you guys are going to be around.

lol the ZZ only has 9 games?

MvC1, MvC2 (characters yet to be unlocked), 3s, A2, GGXX (midnight carnival), T5 (5.0 i think), some other shits, and 423412123123 pool tables.

i think it’s all 50 cents. old ZZ >>>>>>> new ZZ.

who wants to play 3s?

blah blah zz is open…
more importantly: is the pub open? ill stop by tomorrow after work to get some games(beers) in.

Is it just me, or did Marvel and GGXX require 4 quarters instead of 2???

Pub doesn’t open till November

Yeah, ZotZone has 3rd strike, mvc2, mvc1, alpha2, tekken5, ggxx, time crisis 3, DDR, Initial D v3, and a shitload of pool tables. wtf @ no cvs2.

They also have stuff like Raiden II and other crap that no one will probably play.

I’ll probably be mostly playing 3rd strike and DDR, hopefully I’ll be able to meet some of you guys there throughout this year. :tup:

I helped with getting MvC2 and GGXX to .50 today, so it should be back to .50 now.

Does anyone happen to know if the arcade manager is a fighting game fan? It seems like it since 6 out of like 9 machines are fighting games. If he is, it might be easier to convince him to add cvs2. Or atleast tell him that those random fighting games arent going to make him money.

3s has no sound…i already told them to fix it. i forgot to mention cvs2 today but i’ll tell them tomorrow.

I just discovered one of the most bullshit things in Zot Zone: They can’t break your 5 dollar bills. Maybe it’s just the one girl that was there, but if not, make sure you bring your own quarters and dollar bills.

sound works on 3s now, was there today
t5 buttons are fucking wack
all concave buttons on all machines + 8ways (competitions i think)

they need cvs2 and stools