The 6 worst comic book super-husbands

here we goooo :amazed:

Henry Pym not #1 = Instafail.

After OMD/BND I can’t argue that Spider-Man is a good husband. :mad:

Well pre OMD/BND he was a good husband and he’s still a good husband in Stan Lee’s strip and Spider-Girl, there’s that I guess. :wonder:

yeah Henry Pym is a pretty bad husband. that man has some mental issues.

Even tho his pimp hand will thwart the Invasion.

What about Wolverine? His marriage to Viper is full of LOLs. He didn’t even sleep with her while they were married, DAMN! Even Hawkeye said he would sleep with Viper if he had the chance. :rofl:

I believe in Henry Pym.

EDIT - In some countries, it’s spelled Pymp Hand. Just sayin’.

Mr. Fantastic = Abusive husband. I guess Sue Richards still stayed because his dong can be the longest thing in the world.

What about the dad from Invincible?

Loving, caring, superhero husband, only to find out he’s actually just waiting to take over the earth, and killed the entire equivalent of the Justice League.

But wait, he reforms!

…only to marry and have kids with…an insect.

Nah, he just ignores the bitch.

I hate Cracked so very much. Are they even capable of producing anything that isn’t some shitty list?

What, Spiderman married Mary Jane?? Um, spoiler warning please!

lol why because he turns out to be vegeta…nah he turned good in the end.

the father from wanted as bad ass father of the year award imo.

Cracked is almost like a poor, crippled, third world country man’s Mad. Only not as well-produced.

pym should be #1.

Gave me the experience of seeing Pym back hand Janet, and really, was it all that bad? Put that bitch in her place Pym!

He’s a man’s man that Pym.

did norman off his wife or have anything to do with her death…if so he would def be #1.

no. he just got the girl pregnant, then broke her neck. it smells like blondes, death and victory


lol he broke her neck? my man norman is numba 1.

not his wife. i was talking about gwen stacy. read tbolts 120

Viltrumites in general have issues. And are sexually compatible with damn near EVERYTHING…that’s not a good combo.

Holy shit, Hulk married Freeza’s sister?!