The 6 questions people seem to be forgetting about this game

Who decided it was a better idea to find random matches? I’d rather search for someone then wait. If two people are waiting for a game, that’s two times the wait.
What is the problem with ranked? I honestly don’t know how some people have such high LP. Whenever I search for ranked, it takes 2-5 minutes. When I do actually find an opponent, 8/10 times it disconnects.
Where are the 8 player lobbies? Why 1v1 from the start!?
When are they going to fix the in game lag? I really have to turn my PS4 offline, seriously? That’s perpostrous.
Why did they even change the netcode from Ultra? That was probably the most perfect netplay experience for any FG, although I dislike that game, I was able to play it without bitching about the network connectivity.
How could Capcom fuck up this much?


They can all be answered just like all of Killer Instinct’s answers.

Stay tuned.

My living room holds 8 people just fine.


Did you only play one fighting game last gen? Easily one of the more ridiculous things said in this subforum so far.

I played Cyberbots on Fightcade a lot, and Xrd, but Xrd is only good on a console since it has a real lobby and not that crappy Steam text only lobby. I have it on PS3 and PC but obviously PC is masterace omg grafx increase

Netcode and lobbies aren’t the same thing. SF4, in all its iterations, was nowhere near the top of netcodes for last gen releases. For the little bit of SF5 that I’ve played, the netcode is way better than what SF4 offered.

It is missing a lot of stuff that was in the later releases of SF4 though.

Yea SFIVs netcode was.shit, but new SF is out so time to hate the new one and praise the older one. You know how it rolls Pertho.

Old was shitty. New one is pretty shitty and…really random and strange in a lot of ways.

Old one, however, did have MUCH better online architecture for re-matching, friending and the like. Also…I feel like the banner-tags were a lot better though I haven’t really looked much into it in SFV because it isn’t unlocking stuff like in SF4 as I go. Which is weird…

Other stuff in OP is fairly spot-on.

idk, SFIV netcode wasn’t good but SFV netcode can be just straight up evil with really weird problems. for example if i play with my friend a state away, he’ll get horrible rollback but for me it’s 100% perfect connection. it isn’t him having a bad connection either, it just randomly off-and-on causes him to get bad rollback.

Yeah that’s definitely what I’m talking about. I think it has to do with the way SFV is contacting the server in the background. That’s the only thing I can imagine barring just really shitty coding. The shear randomness is bizarre even from round to round and match to match with someone I know is nearby with a great connection between us. When it’s good, it’s solid…but it seems to have conniption fits and strange behavior that I can’t put a cause to.