The 408 thread

sounds good

I don’t know if you guys know Sleazoid but he tried doing this on a weekly basis in San Jose and little to no one showed up… I hope it works the opposite this time and maybe we can hold stuff where he is located for now (if he wants of course) until SCU opens up. I’ll have class by then as well so I hope this works well in my favor.

starting this aswell hope it gets local gamers together

dont worry i dont care if theres little people as long as people wanna play im down to play and have weekly sessions. =)

btw is sleazoid still doing these sesssions. i live in the bay and cant really find anything. the only place I go in svgl

I guess we just need a place to do this in san jose before sept. Unless people want to wait that long and don’t want drive two hours to the
Nearest place to play.

stream is up, lots of people showed up tonight

I hang out with Sleazoid outside of fighting games, and last time I checked, he stopped playing MvC3 and convinced me to stop playing too. I’m starting to have some cravings though. Down to play some AE and MvC3, and I live in the Milpitas area.

I live around the San Jose/Milpitas area. Me and my friends usually head over to San Mateo for playing, so it’d be nice if there’d be some sessions around the area. We’d definitely go.

Down to carpool to GameCenter on Wednesday as long as we get home on time.

if its anywhere close to milpitas/san jose i’d be ecstatic and will show.

So when will these SCU sesh start??

September 26 is when it should start. If you guys want to do it earlier we gotta find a place here…

i was in san jose today but not long enough to see what anyone was doing we will be back up there in 2 weeks if anyone is setting anything up

If anybody is having sessions in the 408 or 650, please feel free to PM/Conversation me. I have a lot of extra sticks and can even bring a 2 player stick. I play SSFIV:AE and MvC3. I’m looking more to play MvC3 offline.

Can’t on Wednesday. I usually head to over there just a few times a month, usually on a Saturday or Monday.

Okay, my bad. It was a typo - I was drunk as shit when I posted that message and I misread “We’d” as Wed for Wednesday. We should meet at MGL first to get acquainted with each other before we decide to carpool anywhere.

if you guys meet at a golfland or anything let me know. I would like to meet some of you guys before I have you over at my place. I go to svgl every wednsday so yea. I can probably also head over to mgl but only on weekends

yeah i haven’t touched a fighting game since summer supremacy lol. 3soe should change that

I hosted my very first session in my garage last week on thursday with about 7 people total from MGL. It was really fun as we had a random tournament and just ran sets throughout the day. Had two setups total and it was definitely a good experience. If this turns out to be something I’ll start allowing more people to come through and have more setups overall but as we all know school is starting but that is still no excuse to not level up. So if all goes well I’ll hopefully be able to do weeklys for those that want to play in the 408 area. I live around story rd. btw.

Sounds awesome. Hope you can do this again. I have a group of friends that want to join in on this.